Doll Collector (Prologue)

Pairing: Jin/JungKook
Rating: PG-13
Genre: romance
Summary: the collector saw him, bought him, ...loves him? is he a part of the collection or something more?
Are they ready to face the troubles ahead with a string of doubts and an image to break?


"I'm bored... What should we do Taehyung?" JungKook whined as he rolled around his soft mattress that he is at the moment sharing with his best friend who haven't taken his eyes off a magazine.

It irritates JungKook when people don't pay attention to him while he give them his precious own. If Taehyung isn't his best friend he had long been thrown out of the country. Like literally deported and banned from korea even when he's a Korean citizen. That's how powerful JungKook's family is. So Taehyung must be thankful and shouldn't take it for granted.

"I don't know. Let's make out? It's your call to think of something fun. " Taehyung's nonchalance made Jungkook want to know what's so fun about the magazine so he squirmed his way to a peek, totally ignoring Taehyung's inappropriate sexual suggestion. The first thing he saw made him halt breathing for a few seconds.

"Wow! He's pretty!! " Jungkook's face lit up after he got his composure back. The younger 's delight brought horror to Taehyung.

"No! No! He's not pretty! Not at all. No you don't like him, please tell me he's not your type. Oh please.. " he was seriously pleading even with his over the top reaction

Jungkook grin widely as he took his phone

"Namjoon hyung could you please pick something up for me" Jungkook pleaded through the line in a sickly sweet tone and an angelic smile.

It made Taehyung shiver because in contrast with that smile is the devilish younger's intention.

Not later that afternoon Kim SeokJin, an amateur model, found himself in a mansion-like vicinity. He's curious to say the least. His manager said it's work so he's wondering if they are going to shoot here. They must have great budget to rent a place this big for a simple shoot. With only him as the model. Though the lack of staffs and stuffs makes him a bit suspicious. Before his mind wonder any further to dark conclusions, two males, boys, came walking towards him. One looked like that idol from a famous group. He couldn't tell if it's BaekHyun of EXO or Daehyun of BAP. Either didn't matter when his eyes set on the other one. He looked.. he looked pretty? Or manly? He can't decide all he could think about is that the kid is pure perfection. From his eyes, nose, lips. His body. His smile is exceptionally beautiful especially because it's directed to him. The one smiling brightly at him stopped just a few inches away from him and stared him in the face with still that blinding beam. His eyes crinkle in a way that it becomes infectious. The boy's lips curve in a pretty way that Jin for a moment wanted to touch them. In seconds the boy in front of him made jin's heart to pound hard and fast. He's ashamed to say he's flustered and he could already feel the heat rising on his cheeks.

"You look prettier up close" the young one said as he laid a hand against Jin's cheek.

SeokJin wants to pull away knowing that the other would surely feel his blush.

"You know me?" he asked instead of stumbling his way into an awkward pick up line.

He knew he'd be awkward, he's born that way. The boy smiled again, losing his eyes in his wide beam.

"I oath to. After all i just bought you" the cute boy proclaimed happily.


A/N: I wasn't planning on posting this till I'm done with what I was doing.. but it's my mommy Jin's birthday so I can't help it... #happyBTSjinday... I love you mom... yes I call him mom....because kookie calls him princess.. XD... hope someone enjoys this... purely self -indulgent but I'd be happy to hear everyone's thought... love lots!


The fall of the bubble tea brothers

Title: The fall of the bubble tea brothers
Pairing: Hunhan
Genre: Romance, drama
Short Oneshot
Word Count: 851
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters but I do own the plot and the story
Summary: They were close, so close. They are the definition of love. But where are they now? The ship that sailed itself is lost at sea. How did it happen? When did it begin?

        SeHun has been waiting , fidgeting while occasionally peeking at the hallways that lead to the bedrooms. He has been waiting for a particular member. They don't have anything to do for the day. He wants to spend a few moments with that person and he's getting impatient.

'Is he sleeping?' Sehun was about to stand up to check the room but then he walked in and was heading to the door

"LuHan hyung!" SeHun tried not to sound so enthusiastic but he couldn't and his lips spread into that smile which turns his eyes into crescents

"SeHunnie, what are you doing here alone?" LuHan asked with a curious beam

'Waiting for you' the younger biting back the slip "...ah, nothing... Hyung are you going out?" SeHun asked the obvious.

        This could be a chance for him. Exo-M nowadays are frequently out of the country so chances of time together are steep. And when they are around they always crowd around everyone. SeHun doesn't hate any member. He just feels more comfortable in small numbers, specifically just him and LuHan.

          The older boy has this unique effect on him. LuHan makes the maknae into someone else that SeHun himself sometimes doesn't recognize. The older boy makes him feel secure, feel warmth, feel selfish. LuHan makes SeHun FEEL, and the younger likes that.

           The numbness ate him away years ago. He thought he could never recover. His face was often blank but as time goes by he learned to act, to make it seem like everything is okay. But then he met LuHan the acts aren't needed anymore because the empty shell that he was, is filled again

"Yeah, Minseok is waiting outside, we'll have Bubble Tea. Wanna come?" LuHan asked quite sure he didn't even need to.

           Xiumin and himself actual planned on getting coffee but since they all know how much SeHun likes Bubble Tea... Loves Bubble Tea, he said it as an undeniable invite, he'd go out even when no one would go with him just to buy one. He missed bubble tea time with Sehun, he's sure Minseok would understand. He was surprised to say the least when the younger's smile faltered, bowing his head shook it with uttered refusal.

"Nah, I... I can't. Anyway enjoy" SeHun turned away not looking at him again but after a split second he spoke again... "On second thought, hyung, could you please buy me one on your way home?"
LuHan smiled even though the other couldn't see it

"Sure" the older boy stalked away without knowing that tears began to taint the other boy's cheeks

            When Luhan got back to the dorms he went to the kitchen to check if Sehun was there waiting for his bubble tea. The deer-eyed boy almost hopped his way to the kitchen. He likes making Sehun smile, and he's sure he'll see that bright beam once he give the drink to the younger. His stomach fell when he caught sight of tears running down Sehun's face.

            Sehun was sitting at the counter, staring at his phone while crying. He immediately wiped his tears away when he noticed the other's presence. Even when he was already caught, the younger still tried to force a smile


"Your bubble tea" Luhan placed the drink on the table; the cold drink touching the younger's knuckles. The older boy sat across Sehun with a contemplative gaze

"Do you want to talk?"

            Sehun is the kind who'll keep things that matters bottled up inside till someone or something reminds him and suddenly he'll get emotional. Him crying means there is something in his mind right now and Luhan wants to know. He wants to comfort the younger. Possible cuddling appeals to him even when he knows he shouldn't be thinking of his own endeavors when Sehun obviously needs him.

            Sehun quickly shook his head, taking the bubble tea in his hands as he stood up murmuring

"I should get back to the dorm. I don't feel good. I might catch something"

"Should I get you medicine?"

"No, I don't think anything would help right now"

       Sehun walked away, shoulders stiffed at the older. LuHan could only stare, cold biting his finger as he forgot the drink in his hand that the younger didn't notice. He meant to drink bubble tea with Sehun just like the old days when they would wait for each other after training just to do so. He wanted to talk because he could see how the younger is now distancing himself. He doesn't want to lose Sehun in anyway because he is special. Though he plays it like a joke, Luhan does care too much for the other. He likes the reserved boy who grew into the man he is now. Actually he loves him. Today when Sehun  left, his heart broke and the fall of the bubble tea brothers begun.

Authors Note: sooo this is just… I don’t know me being so emotional about the lost love… I love hunhan and I miss them… I don’t see much of them anymore in fanfics and it makes me sad… so yeah… might add some other short drabbles in this AU,, if I get lonely again.. comments??? Love lots~~

Third Law of Motion

Title: Third Law of Motion
Pairing: XiuHun, HunHan
Genre: Romance, Angst
Summary: Third Law of Motion: In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. A bad argument caused Sehun to lose Luhan but he got to know Minseok a little better. Could any law of physics explain their sudden chemistry? Or is it all an illusion of wary hearts?

For a few seconds that's all they did after MinSeok opened his door to answer the knocking at 7 or something at night. He was surprise to say the least. Oh Sehun aka his best friend LuHan's boyfriend never turned his way if not for a reluctant wave or anything that would acknowledge his existence. The dinners he had with the couple always turned awkward that he prefers to leave early. For two years of knowing the younger, MinSeok can't remember a single proper conversation between them so seeing the boy at his door step is near to impossible, how could he even know where he lives?
"Please" Sehun starts and MinSeok already knows.
"Come in" just for decency, the older let the other in though he knew that's all he could do for the younger
        Sehun sat at the couch, fidgeting for a few moments to try and get comfortable as MinSeok went straight to the kitchen to prepare coffee for his guest
It was a no-brainer to assume they were awkward. They were just sitting opposite each other occasionally sipping their drinks. The unsaid question hangs heavy in the air until MinSeok decided to break it as he heaved a sigh
"I don't know where he is"
"I know you do, please"
"Let me get this straight. I don't want to be mean but even if I do I won't tell you. You hurt him"
"I never did! He was thinking too much!.." SeHun started to fuss but immediately got his calm back
"...LuHan said you think I’m too young to be serious about him. If I need to ask you every day just to prove how serious I am, I would..." he bowed, looking the other straight in the eye "...Thanks for the coffee" he muttered before marching to the door
For the rest of the week days Sehun has, no miss, knocked on the older's door at exactly 7pm to ask where he'll find LuHan and MinSeok would just open the door to shut it close to his face. Some days MinSeok feels guilty treating the other like that, sometimes he use it to lash out his frustration that accumulated through the day. It was a routine for five days until Saturday came.
MinSeok was just a flight of stairs away from his abode when he saw the snickering Chen who gave him a clap on the back
"Your suitor's early today. Told him you're not home but he insisted on staying."
"Suitor?" the grin on Chen's lips didn't help for the information to click but MinSeok did notice it when he realized who the other was talking about. He walked fast and saw the young one stiffling a yawn, his back flat on the older's apartment door as he sat on the cold floor. He shuffled up once he noticed that MinSeok was there
"It's just 5pm"
"Night shift so I came early"
Minseok just walked past to open the door and beckons the other inside though with a bit annoyance. He thinks it's too much to wait for him since morning. SeHun should have listened to Chen not that MinSeok would ever admit on agreeing with his dinosaur neighbor, he just doesn’t want to be accountable to anything bad, not that he starts caring about the brat. SeHun's face might be perfect especially his aegyo but that doesn't mean he's growing a soft spot on MinSeok, no way. He just doesn't want to be responsible if the younger fall sick.
Sehun automatically sat on the couch as if he was programmed to do so. Minseok quickly went to the kitchen and tried to ignore the yawn he heard
"Milk tea?" Sehun was surprised to see what the older prepare
"I know you hate coffee, LuHan always says"
"Then why..." MinSeok smirked
"Just for kicks" suddenly the younger one cringed inwardly. Minseok look squishy and cuddly but base on what LuHan told him MinSeok is no one to mess with, Sehun is starting to believe him.
Two weeks isn't too fast for the progress that is MinSeok and Sehun. From mere strangers with choking awkward air around them they became a bit closer. Not really friendly close but at least civil and decent. Sehun even started calling MinSeok, hyung. MinSeok let him in for a few hours, drinking coffee and tea. Little talks come in handy that progress everyday to deeper topics. Now they talk freely but still with a bit of tension especially because most of it still revolves around LuHan, their common denominator. They discovered that though they don't speak or interact much they do know more things about each other than they ever imagined because of LuHan who constantly speaks about them to the other in their absence.
"LuHan likes eating but he can't cook shit" MinSeok laughed off
"Lulu baked a cake for our anniversary" SeHun defended his boyfriend with dignified pout
"10th of April? LuHan bribed me a ticket to lotte world just to get the best cake I could bake with his broken budget" the older said with a hint of smugness lingering on his lips
“I even…” stunned, Sehun uttered to himself with lost eyes as if remembering something
“I know” MinSeok smiled to his plate of food
“He tells you about…” now the younger’s shocked eyes focused on the older
“Don’t worry I make him stop when he becomes too detailed about your sex life” XiuMin assured which didn’t ease the younger a bit. He tried to look everywhere but the other’s eyes. His anxiety is getting on MinSeok so he tried to console again
“We’ve all been there no need to be shy”
“But hyung you…” Sehun muttered rubbing his nape, unsure if he should speak his mind
“What?” Minseok prod
“Luhan said you are… still… umh..” the younger can’t seem to say it. Sehun isn’t usually shy, quiet, yes but not a stuttering mess. But this is MinSeok, his boyfriend’s best friend who seems to be updated on his sexual affairs. He just got friendly with the older a few days ago. AND MinSeok is older than him so everything in this discussion feels off for him and he gets fidgety
“Don’t tell me he told you I’m still a virgin” MinSeok’s eyebrows are furrowed
Sehun only nods
“I’m not” the older said sounding almost like a petulant kid
Sehun isn’t looking at him but he could almost hear a pout
“Ah, ok”
“Really I’m not! Why doesn’t anyone believe me?” MinSeok insisted childishly, he so need to protect his masculinity and maturity right now, he’s desperate. Sehun tried for a glance and as he expected he could see a pout that he’s sure the other isn’t even aware of. Sehun thinks MinSeok looks really cute like this so he just smiled to himself and continued eating.
They were talking over dinner one time and suddenly Sehun bowed his head a bit as he muttered
"Could you teach me how to cook hyung?"
"I want to cook for LuHan when he gets back. I want to... I want to be a better boyfriend to him once he decided to comeback" Minseok smiled though he could feel something hurt on his chest. Maybe it's the laughing while they eat, he tried to convince himself
"Sure" he answered with utmost joy he could muster which was replied by a rare beam from the younger
MinSeok taught Sehun every dish he knows and he made sure that the other mastered the key dishes, the ones Luhan loves. They were closer in no time because of all the quality time they spend.
Unbelievably fast, the weeks turned to a month which turned to two and MinSeok even let Sehun know about his nicknames which are "Baozi" and "Xiumin"
Xiumin was teaching Sehun how to cut the vegetables for a specific dish when suddenly arms were wrapped around his waist and something weighs down his head. He tried to turn his head but a soft grunt of protest forbid him
"Just for a while"
And indeed for a few minutes they were in a stand still. Minseok feeling the warmth wrapped around him, waiting for anything from the younger as he stifle heavy breaths brought by the speeding of his heartbeat.
He didn't know when it started but he just now noticed that some intimate touch from Sehun makes his heart race. He never thought it was possible so he never watched out for it. He never thought that he'll ever feel this way toward the younger, feel something akin to love.
"You're small, smaller than Lulu" these words brought him back to reality with his glass of illusions shattered.
Sehun misses LuHan and is using MinSeok as a substitute. Now that explains a lot. For the past few days Sehun has been touchy to him. Single arm hug, holding his hands far too long than necessary, staring and smiling at him longing in his eyes, back hugs, bringing him homemade food as often as possible, all of these he wanted to do with Luhan but Luhan isn't there so he did them to Xiumin. Now MinSeok understands and now he wants to be out of it because if he goes with it, he might fall deeper and get hurt more. He gently pushed his way out of the younger's arms but didn't forget to display his ever genuine smile as he faced the other.
"We have a meal to finish"
For the next days, MinSeok tried to avoid any physical contact as subtle as possible and successfully Sehun didn't seem to notice.
Sehun has his rare day off and he planned on spending the night watching movies, but not alone. He brought the DVD's to Minseok's place and against the older's will he played a sappy movie. It’s one of XiuMin’s favorite movies but as expected his head is lolling back and forth even before half way. Sehun smiled as he witnessed this and remembered LuHan telling him that MinSeok can't ever properly finish a movie because of how fast he would fall asleep.
The next morning MinSeok woke up with a smile on his face even before his eyes opened because of the familiar warmth he feels. But when it finally clicked to him whose warmth it's coming from, his eyes immediately snapped open. What welcomed him was the face of Oh Sehun, all handsome and serene. Blood immediately rushed to the older's face as he noticed their position. One of Sehun's arms was wrapped around him while he pillows the other one. Their bodies almost conjoined on how much they were pressed against each other to fit themselves on the couch. With much effort both physically and mentally, because his mind keeps reminding him how invitingly warm the other was, he successfully got off the couch without waking the younger. He watched Sehun’s sleeping face for a while as he tried to contemplate how to deal with his fluttering heart and irrational want to cuddle and kiss LuHan’s boyfriend. Right, SeHun is LuHan’s boyfriend he bitterly reminds himself.
‘He just sticks with you to know where LuHan is. He’s trying to prove himself for you to give him information. Everything he does mean nothing to him like it means to you, you mean nothing to him, nothing but his boyfriend’s best friend’ he scolds inwardly trying to see if bitter thoughts of reality could make him stop feeling this way for the younger. But it doesn’t, it just leaves him pained, angry and wanting. He crouched down so he could stare closely at SeHun’s face, this could be his last chance to watch him this close. This could be his last chance so with all the courage in him he peck lightly on the younger’s forehead before he stood up and went to make a phone call. What he’ll do, he believes, is what’s best for everyone
A few hours later Sehun woke up because of eager loud knocking and he stood up reluctantly. All sleep left him when arms almost choke him as he was hugged around the neck by his one and only LuHan. He's still in shock but his arms automatically wrapped back around the smaller male. While still in the hug and listening to the voice he missed so much, Sehun's eyes interlocked with Xiumin's who was watching them by the kitchen door. The younger’s eyes only left MinSeok when he closed them to feel the kiss that’s suddenly initiated by LuHan who seemed to have missed him much. A few seconds watching the two kiss Minseok turned back to the kitchen. XiuMin was actually trying to see anything on the younger’s eyes, trying to figure out what he thinks, what he feels. But as usual he doesn’t get it; Sehun’s eyes were blank, void of any clue. He thinks he’ll never see what LuHan speaks as ‘the story in his eyes’.
MinSeok even had the front seat to the lovely reunion. They kissed like they haven’t seen each other for years. They kissed shamelessly in his living room. Sehun’s arms were so tight around LuHan that at one point MinSeok was even afraid LuHan would be crushed. They kissed, hugged and groped there and then, in front of him. They uttered words of love, apologies, forgiveness and promises. They spoke not knowing they are slowly crushing every piece of MinSeok, his heart, his illusions, his hopes… Bitterly he remembered his dream that morning, he dreamt that he was the one Sehun was holding, kissing, loving… but dreams would stay as dreams… unless acted upon.
That night MinSeok tried to rid his head of thoughts about the younger. He tried to convince himself that he should be happy now, now that the other won't bother him anymore because he has his boyfriend back. He should be at ease and sleeping well. Not trying to will tears not to fall as he lie awake in his bed imagining the warmth he had come to enjoy too much.
Knocking that came with a rhythm disturbed his reverie. He stood up and peek at the peephole. He shouldn't have twisted the knob; he should have pretended to be asleep or something. He knew that's what he should have done according to his instincts, but no. He did all he thinks that's wrong and as soon as the other set a foot inside, it's chaos.
Dripping wet with rain water Sehun pulled the older by the nape and crashes their lips harshly against each other. SeHun’s lips were cold but warmth that’s starting to set fire throughout MinSeok’s body is making up for it. It's their first kiss and Xiumin believes it would and it should be the last so maybe he could savor it. With that thought he brought himself to indulge and kiss back as his hands clutch at the younger's wet clothes, deepening the kiss with every movement.
Author’s note: so this is supposed to be a short oneshot but it turned out like this. Still short but I’m thinking of writing a sequel or something… what ya think? Do you want a sequel??? Comments are loved and needed.. love lots~

Big Bad Wolf (Chapter 3)

Title: Big Bad Wolf
Author: yuwe0819
Genre: Romance, Uni AU
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HunHan, TaoRis, SuKris, KaiSoo, BaekYeol, SuLay, XiuCHen (as per appearance in Chapter)
Summary: All Sehun wanted was to protect Luhan, protect his smile but it turns out that the older slowly becomes the unnecessary sacrifice. Or where Sehun joins a gang, Luhan seems to be the leader’s favorite target. TaoRis are brothers, not really. XiuChen are the Dragon and the Tamer. BaekYeol are…. Well BaekYeol. And Suho and Yixing haven’t even met. (Pairings aren’t final yet)

Chapter 3

“Luhannie hyung” the cheery voice was accompanied by a hand that grabbed his wrist as Luhan was getting a book out of his locker. Pulling his hand away was an unfortunate impulse Luhan had gotten. He turned around to see an immaculate face beaming at him
“Se- sehun” he stuttered because Sehun, standing so close with his beautiful smile out in the open , in the school’s hallway is an impossible sight
“Your next class is on the right wing, same as mine. Let’s walk” the younger said as he snatch his hyung’s book from weak hands
“Would this be ok?” Luhan asked/whispered with his head bowed. He looked uneasy in every way, unsure but still he walked beside the other
“Kris hyung isn’t in the mood. I’m acting leader today, no one would say a word” the younger happily announced which made Luhan’s stiffed shoulders slacked a little bit
“Well, this is good” the older murmured with a slight smile he tried to conceal
“Do you have soccer practice later?” Sehun asked after a few moments
“Nah, we don’t have them at Tuesdays, why?”
“I just thought I could watch you, it’s been a long time” the younger scratched the back of his neck as he hides his face by turning his head everywhere
“Well, maybe we could meet after my café shift? I mean since you’re quite free now” LuHan suggested
“Okay, I’ll be there” they exchanged knowing beams as they weaved their way through the mass of students who started whispering and looking their way but gets ignored by the two as they enjoy their quality time

      JongDae was almost out of breath when he reached ZiTao who was watching two people waltz out to the right wing of the school
“Tao isn’t that LuHan hyung and --” JongDae was a bit stupefy by the mere thought
“Sehun, yes, you just missed a miracle. Sehun actually talked to hyung, in public, about walking him to class and all” Tao’s eyes weren’t leaving the other two’s back as he spoke in restrained frown
“And they say they’re not dating” the older of the two smiled shaking his head
“Yeah, those two. I don’t know if they are joking or they’re just too stupid to know what they are doing” the tinge of disappointment in Tao’s tone made Jongdae chuckle. They all know that a reunion of the two is inevitable. And that would eventually, they can’t help but assume, would be followed by confession and announcement. They gathered their things before hurrying to their class rooms. They didn’t follow LuHan immediately to give them the decent space they so deserved after that long of a break from each other.
“Hey how is, what’s his name again? Min- min—MinSeok? Or is it something like XiuMin? Argh, you know the one with the min in his name, the soccer player/ex-wolf ”
“Ah. MinSeok hyung is doing fine. He’s stable though still unconscious. The doctors said his recovery rate is fast and we’re just waiting for him to open his eyes”
“Oh, hopes he gets back here soon. Bet he could beat the crap out of those wolves. He’s the dragon after all” Zitao tried to put humor in the conversation when he heard the descent of JongDae’s enthusiasm of the subject

‘Hyung, please don’t do this. For appa, can’t you stay and forget about your pride for a bit. It’s his birthday’ Tao was trying hard not to raise his voice because they are in public, much more in a classy restaurant. But unlike him, YiFan didn’t mind the audience as he kicked his chair down after getting up. He glared at Tao and in stance of launching toward the younger. YiFan’s eyes turned to his father who sighed and had the look of disappointment on his face.
Kris doesn’t like surprises. He should have known ZiTao was doing something he hates, that damn panda always does. But to set him up for a dinner with his dad for the old man’s birthday is something that just crosses the border of how much he could take. ZiTao knows too well that Kris just had an argument with his father a week ago so he is far from wanting to talk. He’s not one to act nice to someone he hates too, birthday or not. YiFan’s eyes found ZiTao’s again. He breathed out before speaking
“You suck up bastard. Damn you motherfucker! You even have the nerve to ask why we never get along. It’s because you’re a little shitty deceiving bastard! You’ll never be my brother and he’ll never be your dad. Dream on fucktard” YiFan’s voice was at minimum but he didn’t need to be loud to let out hurtful words that made the younger’s throat to constrict. The venomous hiss made ZiTao choke and speechless. YiFan could see the waterworks coming so before anything could fall or could be said he stormed out of the restaurant

“Damn it, that brat!” Kris can’t help but get pissed every time he remembers what happened the night before. He kicked imaginary trash by his feet just as JoonMyun successfully climbed the rusted iron stairs
“YiFan we still have half an hour before class but if you wanna go-” JoonMyun was just starting to say with his casual smile when the other decidedly cut in
“I’m not going to class” this brought an obvious frown at the class president who tried to interject
“But YiFan-”
“Call me Kris” the taller man sighed as he was bothered now how the other never calls him that
“Wu YiFan” JoonMyun reiterated like he was mocking a child
“Kim JoonMyun” Kris responded with the same childish tone but instead of annoyance that brought giggles to the other
“See, you’re getting the hang of it”
“I don’t” Yifan sternly stated
“You know you could always tell me anything. I might be able to help” JoonMyun suddenly said in a gentle tone. YiFan feels like he’s talking to a psychiatrist. Nevertheless, it’s JoonMyun. Psychiatrist or not, JoonMyun was the one who always listen to him; the one who hear him out and knock some sense to him when needed. JoonMyun have never judged him unfairly, he wouldn’t now, would he? Kris shook his head lightly. No matter how understanding the other is, he wouldn’t have any solutions to his problems so why still let the cat out of the box
“I don’t think so”
“Okay” was the plain reply. The nonchalance made Kris’ head to snap up and he looked at the shorter male funny
“I said okay. It’s fine if you don’t feel like telling me” JoonMyun said gently as he averted his eyes to the sky
“You are so impossible” Kris sighed but no real weight in his accusation as he followed the other’s gaze
      YiFan was anticipating one of their silent moments, when they would just look at nothing in particular and enjoy the breeze that drowns any other sound that could disturb the peace. But JoonMyun wasn’t in for that today
“Does that make me qualify to ask for a favor?”
“Could you please lay low as pack leader and focus on studies. We’re part of the graduating class it’s important you pass” the class president now focused on Kris’ face again, concern evidently genuine as his eyebrows furrowed
      YiFan hated how the moment was ruined so he scowled at the other as he answered
“I will pass”
“I know of privileges and all but you should be sure. I could help you. I’ll tutor you” JoonMyun’s hand rests on the taller boy’s shoulder as he beamed that annoyingly reassuring smile at the still irritated one
“I don’t need a tutor”
“I know what you need is motivation, we’ll find you one then”
Kris could only stare at JoonMyun’s positivity on the subject and he muttered silently
“Whatever you want” YiFan didn’t speak as SuHo kept his beam as bright as the sun glaring at them on its peak but he thought... maybe, just maybe he already found his motivation, right in front of him that very moment
      Yifan was staring at JoonMyun whose eyes were jovially transfixed to the clear sky when clatter of metals snapped their heads behind. Kris was sure someone must’ve been there for the pipe to fall. He was ready to stand up and find out who but JoonMyun grabbed his wrist and shoot him with a pleading look as he urged the wolf leader to sit back with a light tug

      JongIn was just about to snake his arm around his boyfriend when another body’s collision to his almost made him stumble back. His furrowed eyebrows were already set before he even laid eyes to the mutually hurt boy in front of him. When he recognized the kohl fed eyes of the rust-orange haired boy he’s been noticing for the past weeks, the itch to agitate the other suddenly appeared.
“If it isn’t our favorite singing pup…” JongIn stepped up and leveled eye with BaekHyun, who tried his best to avert his gaze because he knows he can never pick a fight with a wolf
“…I think you are short of one layer with your eyeliner that’s why I didn’t immediately recognize you…” JongIn kept on trying to catch the other’s eyes. KyungSoo’s eyebrows start to furrow, just waiting for the right moment to stop his boyfriend, his eyes occasionally drifting to BaekHyun who’s gaze was trained on the floor
“…heard you’ve been making yourself known to our leader. Piece of advice don’t. We don’t take in liabilities. Or maybe you should proceed. What about this, come with me and my Kyung’s place after school, play with us, if you make us happy we might get you a pass to meet with Kris hyung. What ya say?” JongIn was smirking and KyungSoo’s ethereal wide eyes seemed to have gotten wider.
BaekHyun’s eyes immediately darted to KyungSoo’s. Shock, anger, disgust are the emotions that KyungSoo could feel at the other’s glare. If there are any other feelings he couldn’t tell anymore because he himself is stunned with JongIn’s words.
“Hey!” ChanYeol who was standing by BaekHyun’s side all that time reprimanded Kai. ChanYeol with his eyebrow’s knit and lips pursed as his hand on BaekHyun’s shoulder pulled the shorter one back. JongIn leaned back, cooing
“Oh, so Park ChanYeol is your body guard. Maybe you should find another one, someone who won’t steal the stage from you. I mean a real friend not someone who’ll talk to Kris hyung behind your back” ChanYeol and BaekHyun has identical stunned faces while JongIn slyly beamed with satisfaction before he noticed that his boyfriend wasn’t behind him anymore. JongIn turned to every way possible until he got a glimpse of KyungSoo’s back then he ran and tried to catch up.
      BaekHyun and ChanYeol were frozen for a few moments before BaekHyun recovered and finally articulated
“What did he mean?”
“It’s not----” ChanYeol started to stutter his way to an excuse but BaekHyun knew him well enough not to let him
“Don’t you dare lie” it wasn’t an empty threat. Byun BaekHyun knows no empty threat when it comes to his best friend and ChanYeol isn’t really a convincing actor to start with
“I did talk to him but that’s not---” his explanation was blown by the outburst of the shorter male
“Stop it. I don’t want to hear it anymore. How could you?” before the question was even established as a proper one, BaekHyun already stormed out of the scene


“Hey, what’s with the long face? Just in case, it’s not Friday yet, your loving suitor haven’t missed” LuHan can’t help but comment when he saw JoonMyun’s troubled face as the said man was staring vehemently at his locker. JoonMyun turned to him with the crease on his forehead still present
“I’m not. I was just thinking. I mean, would it be weird if I want to see this ‘suitor?’” he inquired loosely. LuHan was his classmate last year and they were quite close back then, especially when the older was still an active member of the photography club which JoonMyun lead
“Not at all, I guess. Try leaving a note. YiXing said exchanging of notes is rather sweet than creepy. He is a romantic sod so I think we could take his word for it” LuHan said with a contemplative look as his gaze was up on the ceiling, convincingly thoughtful about it, which he actually was
“My cousin. You could trust him with these things” LuHan scratched the back of his head beaming as he realize how he mentioned someone his friend doesn’t know of without thinking
“Hmmh” JoonMyun let out in understanding as he start to consider the suggestion.
      Few minutes after LuHan pat his back as goodbye JoonMyun has finally convinced himself that it wouldn’t hurt to try. He took out a notepad and scribbled a quick message before tucking it back to his bag deciding to post it to his locker on Thursday.


“Hey KyungSoo” JongDae greeted the other with a bit surprise and obvious delight when he saw KyungSoo pacing restless outside the music club’s room
“Chen” KyungSoo reflexively replied
“Do you wanna go inside?”
“No, I was just passing by” KyungSoo felt uneasy to how welcoming JongDae was, after what he have done the other shouldn’t be so nice to him it makes him feel guiltier.
      JongDae easily noticed how KyungSoo’s eyebrows furrowed with hesitation and doubt to his decision of even walking by so he immediately tried to encourage the other
“Kyung, please remember that not everyone thinks the same way. You are still our friend. BaekHyun feels the same. He doesn’t hate you. You know how he is sometimes, outspoken without filter but he still cares for you.” JongDae softly spoke and was going to put a hand on the younger’s shoulder but KyungSoo took the precaution to dodge it with a step back
“Don’t try to sugarcoat things. I know how Baekhyun is. I know how he says what he feels. I know how he felt betrayed when I--” KyungSoo was disturbed by a voice behind him. He turned and who he saw put a lump on his throat that he couldn’t seem to get rid of
“Chen! What are you still--” BaekHyun halt speaking when he recognized who was talking to JongDae
“I’ll go first” KyungSoo muttered as he walked past JongDae as fast as he could before BaekHyun could reach them. BaekHyun is fuming in seconds by the looks of him and KyungSoo isn’t ready for any confrontations. But before he could take the turn to completely disappear on the two’s sight he heard the enrage yell
“Tell your boyfriend I won’t whore myself just to be a member. I’m not like you!”
When he was in the safety of the open gardens KyungSoo let himself sob in his hands. He couldn’t will the tears to stop flowing as BaekHyun’s words embed their venom in his guts. If only BaekHyun would believe him, if only he could explain himself properly. Maybe then they would understand.

JongDae has been comforted and lulled to sleep by quiet beeping for the past few days that he could almost say that he lived in the hospital. Everything is still in the room aside from the beeping of the heart monitor there is really nothing to hear. So when a rustling sound assaulted his ears with all gentleness while he was preparing to fall into the depths of sleep, he immediately quirk up. His eyes settled on the boy he’s been watching unconscious for almost a week. Said boy sat up as much as he could afford. His glassy, lidded eyes wondered around before meeting JongDae’s
“MinSeok-ah, you’re awake! What do you feel? Does anything hurt?” JongDae asked with rush excitement. MinSeok just stared at the jumpy boy blankly, almost as if he couldn’t recognize what’s happening. JongDae’s celebration came to a halt when he noticed the lack of response from the other and he leveled his eyes with MinSeok “What’s wrong? Ah! Yeah, I should call a doctor! I’d be back okay?” Jongdae rushed outside to call a doctor totally forgetting that he could just buzz the nurse’s station because of his wariness.
      JongDae was tapping away his anxiety on the tiled floor of the hallway. His foot stopped midway when he hear the door creaked open and he stood up abruptly, asking away the question that has been killing him since earlier
“Is he okay?”
“Well his vitals have long been stable. His wounds and bruises are healing fast. As for physical health his progress is amazing but I observed that he’s not speaking. I’m afraid to assume that he’s suffering aphasia, that’s still an assumption though. I’ll need a few days for more observation because he might just be having difficulties with muscle coordination because of the physical trauma he went through. Don’t worry I’ll send in a specialist so we could be certain” the doctor gave him an empathetic smile
“Thanks doctor. Can I…” JongDae left the question hanging but the doctor immediately gave him the confirming nod.
      JongDae almost dashed inside taking the seat that has been his throne for days. MinSeok’s parents were out of the country so no one really visits since the boy has few to no friends at all. JongDae sends a jovial beam that he can’t tone down even with the thought that the other isn’t speaking
“XiuMin-ah, do you remember me? You like being called Xiumin, right? I’m JongDae, Chen, you like to call me Chen you said it fits me better” the doctor didn’t say anything about memory lost but JongDae just wants to check. MinSeok raised an eyebrow, his expression spells out ‘you’re ridiculous’ as he nods a little. JongDae scratched the back of his head, bowing embarrassed at how rush he sounds
“Yeah, of course you remember. So do you need anything? I’ll get you food, you must be hungry” JongDae was to get up but Minseok grabbed his wrist and firmly pushed him back to his seat. MinSeok is strong, even in his current state, so Jongdae didn’t stand a chance in all the manhandling. He looked at Minseok who stared at him intently and shook his head. They shared gaze for a while before a curling smile blossomed from JongDae’s lips.


      LuHan has always been a happy deer but today he was especially jumpy and glowing after what happened earlier and knowing that he’ll eat out with SeHun after his shift. He knows deep down he shouldn’t feel extra heat on his cheeks or the stirring in his stomach whenever he thought of the younger but he can’t help it. It’s been a long time since they ate together. Tonight they might not go somewhere fancy but at least they’d go together to anywhere it is.
When their manager finally bid them the goodbye he’s been waiting for the whole time, he didn’t waste a second. LuHan immediately grabbed his things and pushed the door open. He was greeted by cold wind but his smile didn’t falter a bit. His head turned everywhere to find the familiar bleached-white hair. SeHun said he’ll wait outside. All that caught LuHan’s eyes was the boy who was sat on the bench, notebook covering his face, frail pale limbs hanging everywhere as he let his body sag on the cold seat. Rainbow colored locks peek behind a gray beanie… gray beanie that looks too familiar that LuHan tilt his head and he went for a once over. The boy’s long, gangly arms, legs that his tight jeans hugged in every way complimenting, his hands that were translucent white, almost feminine, the way his body is gracefully dangling at the too small bench for the stretch of him. LuHan walked forward and confidently picked the notebook that was getting to know the other a bit too intimately. He smiled down at the younger who greeted him with still sleepy eyes and almost dopey smile
“Hyung, I fell asleep” SeHun beamed at him rubbing sleep off of his eyes
“I could see that. Now up you go before you get cold. I don’t want to be at fault” LuHan coax as he pulled the younger
“You could take care of me if I get sick then”
“I won’t though” SeHun pouted. The action elicited soft laughter from the older who then flicked the younger’s nose playfully
“You are too cute sometimes” the mischievous remark brought heat on the younger’s cheeks that tainted them pink but LuHan doesn’t seem to notice or he didn’t make it obvious that he did
      They walked through the pavements with no real idea where they’re going but they were contented with each other’s presence. It was a cold night but they kept each other warm with their intertwined hands. It was a friendly gesture, have always been. But they can’t forever lie to themselves that their skin contact is starting to bring tingle, even jolt of electricity throughout their body that makes their every nerve sensitive. Sometimes the electricity makes the tip of LuHan’s ears go all red, sometimes it’d make SeHun feel feverish. But everything was welcomed by them, almost even craved.
      In the middle of their quiet walk, SeHun suddenly pulled his hand out of the older’s grip and immediately busied it with rubbing his own nape somewhat awkwardly. LuHan watched him fidget with such uncertainty as if he wanted to say something but at the same time he doesn’t want to.
“Hunnie, what’s wrong?”
“I don’t know where we should go” Sehun said with a sheepish smile
      For a few seconds LuHan was just looking at the younger’s face with frozen expression then burst of laughter were let out in the open
“I thought it was something else”
“Hyung! Don’t laugh at me! I’m already embarrassed because I invited you out yet I don’t have a plan. You are so mean to me today.” SeHun has his adorable pout plastered on his face again.
      Who in school would have thought that the wolf’s future leader would have a side like that? LuHan felt quite proud that he alone could make the usual poker face into something cute. Expressions were never SeHun’s forte, lots of people say but LuHan knew better. SeHun could totally rock it 180 degrees and back. He could have the coldest eyes and in matter of seconds change it to warm crescents of joy. SeHun is both night and day, moon and sun, LuHan’s moon and sun. LuHan smiled to himself as he took the younger’s hand to his again
“Sorry my Hunnie. Now let me make it up to you. I think I know what we should eat” the older beamed and SeHun didn’t had any chance for protest as he was suddenly dragged away

“It has been a long since I last ate Jjajjangmyeon!” SeHun exclaimed with a satisfied smile after finishing his bowl
“This is what we ate when we first met, remember?” LuHan reminisced fondly how a 6 year old SeHun offered him his bowl of Jjajjangmyeon after seeing him crying outside a convenience store. SeHun had innocence on his face but his eyes sparkled with concern for a stranger that made LuHan to immediately have a soft spot for the younger.
      While LuHan was still travelling the roads of memories, SeHun was busy studying the older boy’s face which was a habit that he haven’t done for a long time. Just seeing the other’s smiling face makes him feel contented with the world. He really likes LuHan’s smile. It’s all warm and genuine, infectious even. Problem is whenever he does watch the other the itch to touch him gets stronger. SeHun stared hard at LuHan’s face and his eyes immediately focused on the other’s lips. He stared hard as if he wanted to feel with just his eyes. But he can’t, it’s not enough. Instead of letting his urge win him over he sneaked his hand over the older’s disguising it as a gesture to get LuHan’s attention.
“Let’s go home?” LuHan smiled and agreed with a nod

++the next day++
      Even before LuHan reached the room for his first subject he noticed that everyone was a buzz and crowding by the door. He jogged his way in and was immediately greeted by the sight of his seat, fresh Jjajjangmyeon spilled all over the table and the chair and a card on top with scribbled words… BIG BAD WOLF


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Big BaD Wolf (Chapter 2)

+++The next day+++
“Last night dry days ended! Oh how I missed my KyungSoo. He took me to heaven several times” JongIn dreamily let out as he stretched on his seat. Sehun huffed, rolling his eyes at the other
“I really didn’t have to know”
“Aissh, you’re saying that because you never had any. With your face you could just grab anyone. You make me wonder why you’re still a virgin” Kai snorted
“That’s because I’m not you, lowly sex maniac that you are” Sehun grimaced
         KyungSoo suddenly peeked over Sehun
“Sehun-ah, could you please cover for me later. Just this once? I forgot to tell YunHo hyung the other day” KyungSoo pleaded
“Sure, I don’t have anything to do anyway”
         Kai watched as the two exchanged smiles of gratitude and welcome. It’s that time of the week again when D.O. would be M.I.A., location unbeknownst to anyone, even his own boyfriend. He stared at Kyungsoo that the other doesn’t seem to notice. KyungSoo never explained where he vanish to, never needed to because JongIn trusts him but nowadays JongIn seems to have reasons to do so
“Where are you going?” D.O. abruptly faced him
“You never asked” Kyungsoo stated still stunned at his boyfriend’s sudden interest. JongIn just shrugged not able to make up a quick excuse

         JoonMyun was in haste with excitement and nervous anticipation as he paced as fast as he could but not too obvious. His smile is wide on his face even before he could plucked off the single red rose taped on his locker. The roses that started coming since a couple of weeks ago make him kind of wish everyday is Friday because Friday is flower day. It’s not the first time anyone has professed their liking to him but this time; this method makes him feel like a teenage girl. The persistence and mystery thrills him.
“Oh~ your suitor would never miss, would he?” LuHan, whose locker was just a few meters away, said with a fond smile. JoonMyun did that weird suppression of delight where he would bite back the grin and his face would be contorted in a somewhat painfully awkward way.
         Getting down from the high of the blood rush to his face, JoonMyun noticed the gray beanie the other was wearing. It was familiar, he knows he have seen it worn by someone else. It could be a similar one but JoonMyun didn’t ask, didn’t need to because when he remembered who it was he knew it’s the same one. He just beamed at the clueless deer, tapping the other’s shoulder as he pass by, successfully pressing the rose in one of his book’s pages. His mind lost into the blissful thoughts that he totally missed the adoring smile on a stranger’s face, the boy who hid behind a post when he passed by but orbs twinkling with delight followed him till he took a turn.

         Sehun walked with his shoulders stiff, head up and forward. When he left the older that morning he decided. From now on he’ll just walk straight, no turning back, no wandering about and no looking for that beautiful smile that completes his every day. It’s the first time he appreciated that they have no class together because Luhan is like a magnet for him.  Once the older is within his radius of consciousness he’ll surely turn his head and follow like an enchanted puppy
‘You’re just his dongsaeng’ he repeats like a mantra every time his thoughts go astray to fantasies of him and Luhan being possible. Trying to not indulge his raging imagination may help him feel ease at avoiding the other. He is determined when he got to school but now as he was just about to give himself a pat in the shoulder for his effort, he caught glimpse of a familiar beanie atop the pretty face he’s pained to be graced by, now that his leader is walking beside him. He thought of looking elsewhere and pretending as if he never saw the older one. But Luhan already caught his gaze, beaming at him blindingly bright. For a second Sehun got into an internal panic but just looked down trying to calm himself, leaving his face blank as before. Warm hand weighs on his shoulder and he heard YiFan’s monotonous question
“Anything wrong?” as if he is taunting him more
“Nothing” he almost whispered before pacing faster than before, much to Kris’ delight when he noticed Luhan who was staring with his eyebrows furrowed and mouth tugged down in  obvious disappointment
         Luhan saw it, that flicker of fear and anxiety on Sehun before turning to walk to the opposite direction. What now? Sehun isn’t even allowed to look at him? Wu YiFan is starting to be really ridiculous, the deer-eyed boy thought as he pulled the beanie off his head and  slipped it into his bag, slightly smiling as muttered to himself ‘YiFan, it’ll soon be inevitable for Sehun to talk to me. You can’t imprison him into your ideals forever’

         Sehun usually doesn’t have Friday shifts in the café but D.O. suddenly asked for his help and he agreed without thinking. He knows at the back of his mind that Luhan also work part time at Cassieelf café but he never really got the same schedule with the older so he almost forgets. So today when he almost bumped to Luhan as he was to enter the kitchen and Luhan was just going out to man the counter, he was rendered speechless in shock. They were both surprise to see each other but Luhan immediately recovered and smile
“hey!” luhan greeted tiptoeing for he wasn’t sure on how the younger would react. They are not in school, Kris isn’t around but JongIn is and was watching them from where he was serving a table. Sehun licked his lower lip and breathed out slowly before returning the kind stare with his smiling crescents of eyes
         Luhan was to speak but then they heard Kim HeeChul call so the older just gave a meaningful smile and nod before walking to the counter where the cat princess was eager to leave so he could continue his flirting with YunHo inside the manager’s office. Luhan suppressed a chuckle when Heechul didn’t even paid him a look and just pulled Yunho’s necktie, their eyes lock as they talk their way to the closed doors. No one knows and no one really wants to know what happens behind those doors. Sometimes Luhan catches himself thinking, wandering ‘what if..’ then he’d have  trouble hiding his flush face as he silently eased himself with ‘Sehun is your dongsaeng’

         The day passed by with Sehun and Luhan not really having trouble of interactions, since they are in different work stations they barely have time to plan on walking into each other’s line of sight. It was smooth sailing, though quite depressing at some point, until it was time for closing. Friday night is a busy night for all crews should have thorough cleaning. Saturday is one of the busiest days so they tend to do general cleaning on Friday closing hours. Even resident Diva, HeeChul and their manager YunHo helps with the cleaning. They spent most of the cleaning in silence, aside from some easy banter here and there. It was when they were setting their cleaning materials into the closet that a topic was brought out by JongIn who was noticeably unease the whole day. He didn’t even chastise HunHan in eye-raping each other while claiming they are just Hyung and Dongsaeng, as if anyone would buy that in the way they stare each other down.
“Hyung, did you two date since your university days? You two graduated from XO university right?” the question was directed to HeeChul and YunHo who were spoon feeding each other on the couch when they both have their own plates of cake. They looked up at him and exclaimed in unison
“We’re not dating” everyone in the café dropped their task and heads turn to throw pointed looks at the two
“We’re past the point of labeling our relationship. There was a time we thought our feelings are just platonic, that we are just best friends. Then suddenly I found myself being a third party to a relationship. So yeah, we don’t claim of dating to be open to options, I think that’s a way to explain it” YunHo said calmly and HeeChul soon interjected “We are just two sexually driven individuals who have commitment phobia” three people metaphorically choked with different reasons but only one voiced out his concern
“HeeChul hyung cheated, and you were the third party YunHo hyung? How? Why?”
“I don’t really know. Hannie and I had a prefect relationship. He was perfect, nothing that anyone could ask for, then Yunnie seduced me and I started to drift away. I slowly push my own boyfriend away, saying excuses so I could be with Yun instead of with him. Then there comes a point when I don’t see him anymore that much because I just want to spend every second with Yunnie. I don’t know. YunHo must have enchanted me” HeeChul smirked easily
“Don’t make it so dramatic. We had a past, he just found me being too irresistibly sexy again and he run back to my arms. End of story”
         Others laughed but three faces didn’t because they were still thinking of the words that were said and how it applies with their own lives.

         Sehun has been wandering around the library waiting for the mystery tutor his math professor told him about
“Just be at the library on your free period, he said he’ll just find you”
         He huffed giving up on the book he randomly picked up and walked to the deserted aisle to look for something that could eat up the time and distract him from dying in boredom. He was just starting to get lost on the books’ titles when an arm encircled his waist. Warm breath hitting his nape gave him shivers of the good kind.
“Now be good dongsaeng or I’ll make math harder for you”
         When the arms around him loosened he turned to find himself pressed against the bookshelves by the slightly smaller boy with honey colored hair and those adorable eyes.
“Hyung…” he trailed off in wary as his eyes starts to scan the area
“No one go to this part, just you, you weird boy” LuHan flicked Sehun’s forehead and laughed as he slid down on the floor, his back against the shelves and he tapped the space beside him. Sehun sat down to the spot, eyes lingering real long on the older one’s smiling face. Luhan felt the heavy stare and asked
“What? Anything on my face?”
“You requested to be my tutor didn’t you” Sehun’s eyes shift to stare at his own lap, not ready to speak looking at those orbs
“What if I did?” Luhan sounded like a petulant kid
“You can’t do this hyung”
“Says who?” Luhan tries to peek at the younger’s face
“I’m trying to avoid you” Sehun just turned his head away a little bit more, huffing a bit
“You can’t do that Sehun”
“I’m trying”
“Then you’re doing a real awful job”
“I can’t let you get hurt” the younger whispered into the air
“We just need to be more careful. I like hanging out with you. You know that you’re my favorite dongsaeng, right?”
‘dongsaeng’ the word felt like a knife to Sehun’s chest. He wanted to curl down but instead he lowered his head a bit more, making sure his bangs covered his eyes. Of course Luhan just didn’t want to lose his younger brother, why else would he be like this? Sehun settled with resting his head on Luhan’s shoulder as the older started flipping his notebook, looking for the right lesson to teach. Luhan smiled and stroked Sehun’s hair a few times with his free hand before starting.
         In the isolation of that aisle they found their silent haven, even for just a few minutes. Far from the paradise anyone could imagine but the ease they felt knowing no glinting eyes could catch them made it feel better. Sehun wasn’t looking forward to passing his math but he listened intently for he never wanted to miss any sound those pretty lips would let loose. Luhan tried not to dwell on the fact that Sehun practically wanted to morph and be part of him with the way he was pressed against the older’s side. The last time they interacted was the single word exchange they had in the café last Friday. It wouldn’t be a surprise how he incredibly missed the younger.

         A few periods passed and the smile on Luhan’s face still didn’t falter a bit. He’s been skipping like a rainbow bunny around the campus since his tutorial session with Sehun ended. Nothing could ruin his day, or so he thought. His right eyebrow quirked up when he saw ZiTao standing by his locker, eyebrows knitted in frustration and gloom.
“Hey…” Luhan approached the younger and saw what Tao was holding; three dripping wet books, the three books for Luhan’s next three subjects “… what happened to your books?” Tao looked up to him and said
“These are your books, hyung. I saw them by the fountain” Zitao handed him the books. In front of each, words were written in big, bold letters. BIG BAD WOLF, it’ll read if arranged in sequence. The older’s eyes widened as his mouth was suddenly agape too. He felt some kind of coiling in his stomach, something that makes him feel sick. It’s happening again. He was once bullied this way before, when he just transferred to Korea. Face to face bullying is something he’s used to now but this. This is the kind of treatment that will keep the dread growing everyday because of not knowing what will happen next or when things would go bad or not having a clue if the bullies are just starting to enjoy. He could get use to beatings but not the fear and paranoia of having to always watch out for anything. Back stabbing bullies are the worst. It could push people to the edge of their sanity. He didn’t notice that his breathings came short and heavy that Tao got worried that he might have a panic attack. Just a heavy breath out and Luhan successfully calmed himself
“Don’t tell anyone, especially Sehun”
“Just don’t” Luhan muttered staring down at the books
         Zitao could only nod and help Luhan figure out how to save the books and erase the words.

         With the music blasting from his room, Tao knew that YiFan is already home. It’s rare that the older gets home first but it does happen and today that’s quite favorable. Kris who just got home from Uni is a ton more unapproachable than a well rested Kris. ZiTao ran to his own room to drop his bag and change into casual clothes. He checked himself a few times in the mirror and tried his practiced smile for YiFan, the one that wouldn’t falter even in the face of blackhole-starter-glare. And of course he took a selca before leaving his room. He breathed in and out a few times before finally knocking on the door. He stood there for a couple and tried knocking again. He figured the other couldn’t hear because of the music so he did the next best thing, he called. He knew Kris have this habit of using his phone rather than his iPod so he wouldn’t miss anyone who tries to contact him. The boy on the other side of the door didn’t even answered the call, he just opted into opening the door
“Let’s go out for dinner hyung” the younger of the two suggested in one breath with a bright beam and all Kris could do was stare at him like he just grew another head.
“What the hell?!” YiFan exclaimed when Tao forced his way in too happily, catwalking like a boss toward Kris’ closet. He was rummaging through, not paying any heed to YiFan’s jaw which dropped on the floor just a moment ago. This can’t be happening. Why is Tao so happy and acting like they go to each other’s room and touch each other’s things like this on a daily basis? Something is up the older is definite about it
“What the hell are you doing?” the older asked skeptically trying to pry ZiTao’s hands off his jackets. Because he could swear he saw a glint of fantasy in there while the younger is looking at his favorite one. No, he’s not ready to lose any of his clothes just because the other is being too weird and acting too close. If this is Tao’s way of getting clothes from him, he’ll make sure it won’t be happening
“I never knew you have good taste. Never thought I’d see designer clothes in here”
“Well excuse you, I only wear branded stuffs”
“Good, you like the Italian restaurant by the corner, right?” ZiTao trailed off from the topic of clothes and Kris finally got one of his shirts back from the younger’s grip
“What’s going on with you?” he asked with furrowed eyebrows and distaste after seeing his shirt is now wrinkled
“Too lazy to cook, besides I want to eat something fancy” the younger said it with that smile still, no twitch or anything. It wasn’t good though and Kris knew so he looked into the younger’s eyes with further suspicion but having no change whatsoever to Tao’s expression made him just agree, still quite reluctant
“Fine, just because I want something new too. But I’m warning you, no one must know I ate there with you, okay”
“As if anyone would ask, people in school doesn’t even know were brothers”

“Do you think I should be nicer to Sehun?” BaekHyun suddenly asked over his cup of ramyeon, quirking an eyebrow over Chanyeol who was staring weirdly at his noodles
         After playing at their favorite arcade the convenience store is their usual hang out. Sitting by the window, also the one nearest the counter and the glass door, it’s their spot
“What?” Chanyeol looked up
“I mean, if I won’t get into the wolves this year, maybe next year, when it’s Sehun’s term. It’s obvious that he is in training, maybe if I’m nicer to him…” Baekyun stated tapping his lips with the spoon while his eyes wander the white ceiling
“I believe that’s not the right motivation to be nice to others” ChanYeol exclaimed happily as he started slurping his noodles again. He was delighted to see that there are only noodles in there; he successfully ate everything else separately
“I wonder when you will ever be a real help to me” BaekHyun rolled his eyes and was about to get back to his food when he suddenly perked up. Chanyeol immediately noticed and was to speak but Baekhyun grabbed his free hand to signal him to keep quiet as he focused on that one conversation. Just a few moments of watching contemplative face of BaekHyun and the warmth atop his own, ChanYeol finally got something from the other
“The wolves are going down” BaekHyun muttered and sounded more of a question than anything else
         BaekHyun’s eyes are now back on focus with ChanYeol’s, wary etched on his furrowed eyebrows as he clarified
“Those guys who just left said ‘the wolves are going down’” then his eyes are once again wandering as he was thinking. All this curiosity and investigative impulse must have come from his dad, ChanYeol concluded because he knew that look on his best friend’s face. But ChanYeol knew better than linger on that thought since he has a better thing to focus on; BaekHyun’s hand is still on his.

It’s been a good few days since JongDae situated himself on the seat next to the bed. Yes; he came and go from school but he was never late a second every day. Something in him doesn’t want to miss the day MinSeok finally opens his eyes. It isn’t that strange for people who know the story, which is no one but JongDae. He needs to be there while the older recovers because he is the reason in the first place that MinSeok is in a state like this. Partially it’s his fault though it’s MinSeok’s free will that time. Now every day, every time he looks at the other he can’t help but feel the weight in his chest get heavier. He wants to see the older awake and healing. He wants to ask forgiveness. He wants to compensate.
JongDae let out a breath as he ran a hand across the other’s forehead, to brush away the locks of brown hair sticking caused by sweat beads.

A/N: i wrote this chap ages ago but sched forbids me to post it..  I heard the news about Kris that's why i did everything in my power to get my hands on a computer.. T.T

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Big Bad Wolf (Chapter 1)

Title:Big Bad Wolf (Chapter 1)
Author: yuwe0819
Genre: Romance, AU
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HunHan,KaiSoo, SuKris, BaekYeol, XiuChen(As per appearance in fic and may change in accordance to plot)
Summary: All Sehun wanted was to protect Luhan, protect his smile but it turns out that the older slowly becomes the unnecessary sacrifice.
Warning: Unbeta-ed. implied sex. bullying. crude language

                Bodies crashing hard against the lockers are now norm at mornings in XO University’s hallways. Students don’t crowd around anymore, though others still gawk just to double check if the prey has already changed. Everyone seems to be numb of the painful mornings for the targets but some of the unfortunate souls still feel tortured, especially when the one hurting them is their supposed best friend. And that is exactly the reason why LuHan's eyes still water every time. If it was just physical pain he could take it but it's the look on Sehun's face he couldn't stand. Any other person may see nothing because they don't know SeHun like Luhan does. He always looks blatant and bored but he's not. LuHan could always see the flicker of emotions on Sehun's face. The younger boy seemed more tortured than he is every time but none of the two could do anything because the pack leader is always watching. Wu YiFan's day always start with a good show from the neophytes. Nowadays he frequently fancies seeing Oh Sehun conjure tears to the eyes of his senior LuHan. Sehun does it with such a blank face that makes YiFan smirk, he could smell the strong potential to the kid, and all he needs to do is harden him more. This is his way of sharpening his prodigy to perfection. Make him start his best friend’s day a hell.
"Hit him" YiFan ordered. Sehun perked up looking at him with his eyebrows furrowed, his hands fisted but staying down. YiFan huffed knowing the younger won’t heed. He just walked away and every member followed silently, Sehun was the last to do so. He was to reach out for Luhan's cheek but withdraw his hands and turned away quickly. Luhan just let out a breath and tried to compose himself as he picked up his books. Another pair of hands started picking up with him
"I think this is too much" the other spoke
"Sehun couldn't do anything" LuHan defended
"Because Kris is watching? I still think this is going too far"
"What could we do Tao?" the older boy said with resigned tone as he stood up and put the books he doesn't need for the next class back to his locker. His younger friend Huang ZiTao scowled but followed him quietly to the class they share together. He doesn't know what to say, he himself doesn't know what to do with YiFan even if he knows this is all wrong. He always saw YiFan's behavior as his fault; Kris also clarified this to him lots of time in the past.

"Sooner or later you'll need to land a punch or two on LuHan hyung, you know that right? Kris hyung might be tolerating your refusal now but one day he'll decide you have no excuse" Kim JongIn sat beside SeHun in class muttering this but didn't forget to drag his boyfriend to the seat next to him
"I won't hit LuHan hyung. I've been hurting him enough with how i act; I don't want to actually hurt him. I joined the wolves because I want to protect him, not otherwise" SeHun said with obvious frown of indignant reasoning
"You should have just asked him to join us. Look at me and my Kyungsoo" JongIn pointed out squeezing his boyfriend's hand he never let go of since they entered the room. Sehun stared at his desk, a pink shade tinting his cheeks a bit with the subtle implication
"LuHan hyung and I aren't... I'm just his dongsaeng. And- and he wouldn't want to"
"Whatever, deny all you want" JongIn gave up and just turned to nuzzle Kyungsoo's neck and he started kissing and nipping the area but Kyungsoo pulled away rather uneasy. His ethereal look of shock plastered on his face as his eyes wandered around and said in a hush
"No Kai"
            That made JongIn frown at the other but didn't try again anyway. He respects Kyungsoo so he just pulled away, even letting go of the other's hand and tried to look in front as their professor enter the room. KyungSoo has been doing this lately, pulling away, refusing intimate moments with him; JongIn is starting to get worried.

"Wu YiFan, get down here this instance and get to class now or we'll be late" the shorter male with dark hair and kind smile called out to Kris who was resting on the rooftop
"If you keep doing this, you'll be late in class one of these days" Kris retorted but started standing up
"Not if you could just go to class on time on your own" their class president flashes him that smile that never fails to look the same every day.
            YiFan always wonders how Kim JoonMyun not give up on him when everybody seems to do so. The teachers, his supposed friends, his classmates, even his members gave up calling him for class but JoonMyun is always there, consistent, everyday; few minutes before class JoonMyun would always find him and walk with him to class.
            JoonMyun put his hands on either of Kris' shoulder and his eyes wonder on the older's whole being. He always does that too. Like a mother sending her son to school, checking that everything is clean and perfect. JoonMyun reached over to fix the other boy's tie. He also plucked the hat off Kris' head and tried to tame the unruly blond locks. At times like this, when it's just the two of them, YiFan let SuHo care for him. Despite of his cold guy image, Kris really likes being cared of like a little child but he only shows his tamed self around people he likes.
            Like usual, they walked through hallways with silence, sometimes filled by JoonMyun’s reminders of socializing, class importance and the likes. JoonMyun stopped mid the stairs and turned back, his eyes searching with uncertain concern
"What?" YiFan involuntarily asked
"I just...nothing" JoonMyun just shook his head trying not to think of how he felt that someone was watching them. But he could swear he saw shadows move not too far.

            Pack is what they call a group of wolves that come around to hunt. WOLF is the name of XO University’s notorious group who lurks around and prey for targets that the leader chose. There are no trend, targets get pick at random or so people say. But members of the pack exactly knows who were picked and why. WOLF has been in XO University’s history as long as anyone in school could remember; it’s like a fraternity but goes deeper
            No one could and have ever gone against the group, no teachers, and no students. Even the board has no power to stop the group from going because everyone also knows the Wolves are necessary evils. They cause fear, fear of getting noticed so no one really wants to be trouble makers unless they are members. Other schools never tried bothering any students of the university too, because anyone could be a wolf, no one wants to make a mistake. Other schools also know wolves are territorial, no one touch their members or their food.
            WOLF is a constant. If you can’t be a part of it, then pray hard you won’t get scented. Members are hand-picked by the leader; believed to be the reason why they only accommodate the best. If anyone comes up, one glance from the pack leader and you could be a wolf or the meal. Being a part of the pack is a privilege that could last for a lifetime. But it especially works during university days. They get around easily, no one tells them no, they get away with some sanctions, and they usually get away from bullying or beating up other students
            Pack leaders usually starts at freshman, former leaders chose their heirs and nurture them till they graduate. Current leader, Wu YiFan or Kris for others, thinks he already have his heir in training. The moment Oh SeHun fought his way to the WOLF pack’s hallway, yelling as he declared his desire to become a member with mixed blood and sweat running against his cheeks along unrivaled determination burning too bright in his eyes, Kris knew he is the one.
            When the pack walks in, everyone would be silent but eyes fixed on the group, because that’s how Kris likes it. There was a talk going round saying Wu YiFan is the scariest leader the WOLF have had yet. Past pack leaders were loved. They were thought of as protectors, guardians. But Kris’ generation of wolves is considered as university version of mafia or yakuza. YiFan said that wolves are supposed to be fierce not cuddly idols so he constantly shows off his prowess through public humiliation and torment of targets at lunch time. But that’s when he’s in the mood and in particular days he just feels more childish and just eats other students’ foods. Today is one of those rare lucky days
            Kris’ head turns every now and then, trying to spot something of interest. After a little while he saw them, his favorite herd of sheep. The one Sehun formerly belonged to. When they were about to pass the table he turned to the younger to catch him, as expected, looking at Luhan. Kris smirked inwardly. Things that he asks of Sehun might seem petty but he does it to prod the younger into giving up the friendship. Kris isn’t really interested in tormenting LuHan. The deer-eyed boy doesn’t strike any of his nerves, good or bad. He has no other reasons but the relationship HunHan have.
“Do you want it?” Kris asked as he slung his arm around the other’s shoulder
“What?” Sehun asked, trying to hide his inner panic. Everyone was watching them, even Luhan is looking. Kris whispered words that made Sehun’s eyes to widen, his breathing threatening to go erratic, his mouth open and stare not leaving LuHan. Kris’ grin widened evilly as he pulled away and asked
“Are you hungry, Sehun? We don’t like starving our members. Why don’t you grab what you want? You seem like you could use a bite” every wolf let out affirmative response and only Sehun knew the real malice in the words because only him heard the whispers of their leader earlier ‘I know you want to fuck him on the table right now, but I’m actually asking about the food. Don’t fret kiddo’. It makes him shiver inwardly.
“I don’t---”
“Nah-uh, we should really have a talk about how you openly refuse me in public nowadays. Maybe you deserve a bit of whipping if you continue this” Kris’ expression doesn’t leave a trail of any mirth. “Take it” direct order and Sehun must follow. Sehun walked over to LuHan who’s already anticipating what would happen. It’s just food; it doesn’t really matter to LuHan so he just pushed his plate toward the younger once he’s close by. They thought that was it but then leader Kris added “You know what? Just take all foods in this table. Lots of our members are hungry” all occupants of the table stared up at Kris. YiFan knows that giving his food away wouldn’t be much for LuHan so he would make the other boy carry the burden of making his friends hungry too. Everyone on the table looked dejected as they saw their food being taken away, everyone except from one who was beaming brightly at him offering his food to no other but Kris himself
“My mom prepared this. This is her specialty.” Kris doesn’t look amuse, once in a while idiots like this comes by. Those who try to get on his good side, offering him whatever they got hoping that Kris would let them into the pack just like that. He was about to ward off the boy with a glare but someone pulled the annoying kid
“Baekhyun!” the lanky tall boy with fairy ears who was sat beside the irritating one (Baekhyun as he heard) stood up and tried to pull his friend down. Kris’ eyes lingered over the boy, he’s got good built, YiFan noted, then they met gaze. Unlike other student’s, this boy didn’t turn away even when Kris threw daggers with his glare. The boy just kept pulling his friend down and sat back to his seat himself once he succeeded.
“What’s your name?” Kris asked
“Byun Baekhyun! I’m Byun Baekhyun!” the irritatingly smiling boy jumped in
“Not you..” Kris brushed him off and gave a pointed look to the real one in question
“Park Chanyeol” said boy stiffly answered
“Park Chanyeol, okay. Leave Park Chanyeol’s food with him” Kris said smirking as he saw everyone else’s reactions. They were all frozen in surprise, they must be wondering what the hell is going on in his mind “Park Chanyeol, I’ll remember that name” Kris said as he turned away. He sure heard Chanyeol utter “I would rather if you don’t” and the other’s on the table hushing him but he didn’t care as he just continued walking away. He wants to think so he’ll just go to his own sanctuary; the rooftop.
“Why did you do that Yeol?!? That was my chance!” Baekhyun scowled at Chanyeol who frowned back at him
“What chance are you going about? He looked like he’d chop your head off if you uttered another word! And why would you want to be a part of them anyway? It’s awful” Chanyeol reasoned
“It’s not!” Baekhyun bit back
“It is” it wasn’t Chanyeol who answered but Sehun who sat beside Luhan
“I’m sorry if you guys get pestered because of me. I’d understand if you hate me” he said with his head bowed as his hands found Luhan’s under the table
“It’s okay” Luhan coaxed but then Baekhyun interrupted
“No it’s not! Yah! Sehun-ah you owe all of us here a meal!” someone hit the back of his head and he rubs it as he turned to the instigator
“Here have half of mine if that would shut you up for a moment” Chanyeol handed the other his food and send an apologetic look to Sehun. Sehun would have wanted to speak, to explain himself, to apologize more but someone called him and he needed to attend to them if he didn’t want words of him being all ‘lovey-dovey’ with Luhan again reach their leader. He only bid them all ‘goodbye’ and a lingering stare at Luhan who didn’t let go of the gaze too.

“Anyway, have anyone seen JongDae?” Tao said after a while of silence, minutes after Sehun’s departure. Everyone threw questioning glances, made the answer easy
“I could only bet he’s in the hospital again” Baekhyun stated shrugging. He couldn’t think of any better reason why their diligent friend suddenly didn’t attend class
“Oh isn’t that one severely smitten” Chanyeol commented with a fond smile that everyone agreed with


              JongDae decided to skip school for the day, not his usual but MinSeok’s parents just took off to New York for work. It’s not like they are giving up on MinSeok after just a week of stability but indefinite unconsciousness, no, it’s not that. It just dawned to them that since the boy is vitally stable, it’s okay for them to leave and just wait for news. JongDae thought it’ll be a cruel joke of fate if MinSeok awakes alone today so he rooted himself on the seat at the side.
            To compensate, he read through the lesson he’s sure they’ll be coping for the day, every once in a while he bats an eyelash to the unmoving figure. MinSeok have a few bruises on his face that are just starting to darken in color. JongDae didn’t like it but it’s better than the purplish green raw colors a few days ago. He would also take time gawking at the other’s bandage head, thinking if anything went wrong up there. The doctors said they would only be sure after MinSeok awakes. Jongdae would sometimes get caught in the heaving motion of the other boy’s chest as he breathes, seemingly normal. He would catch himself with a little smile as he imagines that MinSeok is just in slumber and soft snores resonate through silent white walls. He often catch his own hands too reaching out to flatten an unruly lock of hair that seems to be obstructing the perfect view or maybe even tickling the slightly older but obliviously cuter one. At those occasions JongDae would just pull away and let out a breath while trying to get back into reading

+++that night+++
“Food?” Kris quietly muttered as he entered the kitchen seeing Tao sitting with two bowls on the table, food still untouched. As usual, the younger waited for him to get home.
“Kimchi jiggae” Tao said with nonchalance, deciding to start digging on his food now
“Not my style” the older stated but sat on the table looking at the bowl, starting to sniff. He is really hungry if he’d be honest anything would be good at the moment. He just don’t want to look enthusiastic about what the other prepared
“Not my style~ whatever. Just like the chicken the other day wasn’t your style or the cheese sticks but you left none for me. Just sit down and eat, you don’t always need to act cool” Tao can’t help but mock because it’s all true anyway
“I’m not acting and if you really are inviting me to eat your food you don’t have to be so pissy about it” Kris started to raise his voice as he looked up to the younger’s face
“I wouldn’t be so ‘pissy’ if you just stop trying to say something snarky but end up eating everything afterwards. If you’re hungry just sit and eat.” Tao air quotes finding it hard to keep his calm tone as their eyes met in a deadly glare battle
“Why do you even prepare food and wait for me if you’d just turn it into an argument every time? I get tired of fighting with you too you know” YiFan pointed out with furrowed eyebrows
“Well sorry for going through the efforts and making sure you do eat proper food. I apologize for my concern, hyung” Tao stood up fuming and walked out of the kitchen. Kris stared at the table for a few minutes until Tao walked in again, going straight to grabbing his bowl and uttering silent ‘I just forgot my food’ trying to cover his embarrassment with irritated tone. YiFan watched him come and go, following the younger’s back.
            He would have been touched, even just a bit with ZiTao’s effort every time, if only Huang ZiTao isn’t who he is. If only ZiTao has been his real brother or at least his father’s blood and not the mistress’ son to her real husband, the mistress who caused YiFan’s mother’s heart attack which killed her. If ZiTao hasn’t been so perfect that Kris’ own father favors him more than his real son then maybe, maybe they could have had a better relationship. If only…


“Come in mom”
            LuHan reflexively said when he heard knocks on his bedroom door. He heard it creak open and the person closed it immediately afterwards. Luhan thought it was strange so he stood up. He turned to see the boy he longed to talk to the whole day. The younger didn’t waste any time and lunged toward Luhan. They ended up on the bed with the older squirming for a little more comfort under the other who settled in encircling his arms around Luhan’s waist and burying his face on the older’s chest. Luhan sat up a bit and started stroking Sehun’s bleached white hair as the younger started muttering a non ending string of apology. Luhan would continuously hush him saying ‘it’s okay’ and that he understood. Sehun nuzzled the expose neck which gave shiver to LuHan but made sure it wasn’t noticed by the younger.
“Can I stay here tonight?” Sehun asked in a whisper that almost didn’t reached Luhan’s ear
“Of course Hunnie, of course”
“I’m sorry hyung. I just want to be stronger.” Sehun was holding his other thoughts back because he doesn’t want to cry.
             He thought once he joins the wolves he and LuHan would be free of the bullying but at the end it seems to him that he was the only one freed and now he’s even the one to torment that person he wants to protect the most. He joined for the both of them but it’s like Luhan has become the unnecessary sacrifice. Sehun hates himself over anyone because he feels so selfish. He has a choice, JongIn has been pointing it out since the start but he chose his own happiness, he chose to keep Luhan by his side.
“It’s okay Hunnie. Don’t worry. I’m even willing to take a punch if you ever need to do so” Luhan said with an easy laugh
“Don’t joke about it hyung. I’ll never do that to you” Sehun pouted
“All I’m saying is, I completely understand you. You’ve explained this to me for like the hundredth time. I’m not mad; I’ll never get mad at you”
“That makes me guiltier” Sehun slid beside the other so he’s not crushing down the smaller boy anymore but his head still rest on Luhan’s arm
“Pouty Sehunnie is a cute Sehunnie” Luhan smiled and tweaked the younger’s nose who just pouted more prominently that elicited laughters from the older
“Let’s just sleep then” Luhan pats the younger’s head which was burrowed further to his chest. Luhan have always considered         Sehun as his real younger brother. Though Sehun grew to be taller and lots says he looks more mature than Luhan, when they are alone Sehun always transforms into this cuddly kid and Luhan knew he’ll never get tired of that. Even for few moments, out of school, out of the Wolf’s grasp they could be themselves, just like this.
            Luhan slept soundly but Sehun didn’t. He woke up in the middle of the night. He had a nightmare but maybe he didn’t make that much noise because Luhan was still asleep. Sehun stared up at the older’s face which is only visible because of the moon’s beam through the window. His finger’s ghosted against the other boy’s cheeks. He trailed the older’s face with his fingertips as he replayed the conversation he had with Kris before he went home earlier that day

“About earlier, hyung I--”
“What? Did I get it wrong? Do you take it up the ass instead?” Kris said tilting his head a bit. Sehun’s attention snapped back to his leader’s face but before he could speak Kris continued
“Sorry, I completely threw that possibility once I saw how feminine he looked. But hey I could make mistakes. He plays football right?” YiFan just confirmed with a daze nod from Sehun who still hasn’t recovered from the sexual assumption earlier “You know I heard that they get lots of accident in practice. Some members of the pack in the football team gets bored often and well bullying could happen anywhere right? I mean, I heard someone was beaten up just a week ago and is still in the hospital. That sport is dangerously violent. You must remind your friend to always be careful” Sehun gasped as quiet as he could, who wouldn’t hear the threat in that? Kris is pointing out that he could hurt Luhan anywhere anytime if Sehun won’t be willing to do it himself. That’s giving him the ultimatum Sehun never wanted to arrive to.

            Sehun drew his face closer to the other as he tried to contemplate. What should he do? He can’t hurt Luhan with his own hands and he couldn’t let anything bad happen to Luhan because of his stubbornness too. He bumped his nose against the older’s, the sensation made a smile creep up to the sleeping one’s lips. The younger watched Luhan’s serene expression for a while before closing his eyes. He needs to decide, and fast


            Do Kyungsoo was just drifting to dreamland when he felt warm arms latched around his waist and pull him closer to the body behind  as he is lying on his side. He welcomed the arm of his boyfriend but then it started snaking under his shirt
“No Kai” he croaked with sleep laced voice
“We’re not in school anymore” JongIn maliciously uttered as his hand trailed down south to palm Kyungsoo through his boxers
“I’m tired. If you don’t stop I’ll go somewhere where I could rest” KyungSoo reprimanded as he grabbed the other’s wrist and pushed it away from himself.
“Ok” JongIn’s choked response caused immediate change of heart for Kyungsoo
            After moments of silence and a few inch of distance that JongIn created, Kyungsoo rolled to lie on his belly so he could try and peep to see the other’s face. Kyungsoo squirmed his way nearer until his face is just a few breaths away from his boyfriend’s neck
“Sorry?” he uttered unsure if the other would accept
“Sorry” JongIn confirmed
            Kyungsoo pulled himself up so he could kiss JongIn full on the lips and pulled away quickly to murmur his sincerest ‘sorry’. JongIn pulled him for another kissed that didn’t turn out to be as swift as the first one. They begun exploring each other’s mouth eagerly like it’s new land as well as their hands travelling familiar curves of each other’s body. Things always, just always, turns hot like this for them.
            A few round of orgasms later and they were both panting, sore, tangled limbs under the blanket.
“Thought you said you’re tired?” JongIn said with a tint of smugness
“I guess I’m never tired for you” KyungSoo replied as cheesy as he could allow himself to be. Which cause him to be pulled and spooned by his boyfriend who has the sweetest sleepy smile plastered on his face as he closed his eyes.
“I like the sound of that” was Kai’s last response, before he could even hear the other say
“I love you” and much to Kyungsoo’s disappointment, he didn’t get a reply. Minutes of contemplation before he finally let sleep take over, he told himself
“Do Kyungsoo, you should really learn how to say no”

Author's Note: my first ever exo fic. posted at 1, almost 2 am and i'm quite sleepy so i'm hoping there are no typos.. I love all, please leave a comment. I would love to know what you think.. love lots~



Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: HanChul, KyuMin, KiHae, KangTeuk, YeWon (side pairings: 2min)
Summary: A teenager's feelings aren't stable. In love there are lots of circumstances. Life itself don't focus in love. There are a lot of variables to be considered. To reach your happy ending you must fight against rivals, friends even family, fate, the past and most of all yourself. If you are not sure even with your own feelings how would you make things work?


7 years later........
Monday, it's a hectic day for the cafe crews. The cafe was full and a few are starting to flee. Heenim was just freed by another costumer when their cashier guy went up to him saying
"Hyung, my shift is over but LuHan isn't around yet" the younger said anxiously and with obvious urgency
"Can't you stay for a little while Kai?" the cat tried his luck but
"I'm sorry hyung. I really need to go. My project is due today and I still need to go get it back home. Mr. Park would behead me if I won't pass it today. Mian hyung" the younger confessed as his eyes plead for understanding
"Is there nobody to take over?" the Diva inquired, not really liking his growing assumption in why he is the one approached by the younger
"D.O. and SeHun are busy in the kitchen, Baekho is supervising Ren as he himself serves. What will we do hyung? I really need to go"
The cat hates being the cashier personnel but what else could he do? He forced a smile as he dismissed the boy and walked to the counter to wait for orders. He was fixing his apron when someone's shadow casts over him making him greet automatically without looking up when he noticed through his peripherals that it's not one of the waiters
"Your order?"
"Can you get me the most beautiful person here?" the broken Korean was disregarded because of the request. Heenim quirked an eyebrow. He slowly looked up as he spoke
"Excuse me but..." he was cut off to his upcoming bitching by the sight which made his eyes widen in recognition of that smiling face he longed for
"I just want to make him smile. That's all" HanKyung coed to his question at the start
Fortunately, right on that moment a teen approached the counter, panting, as he put on his apron and said
"Hyung, I'm here. I’m sorry something occurred on my way here"
The band-aid on the younger's cheek explained everything to the princess. Worry immediately crept up to him
"Really, LuHan, keep away from fights, okay?" LuHan just smiled scratching the back of his head. Heenim cast him a smile as he left the post to the younger.
The Diva took his apron off as he led HanKyung to a seat near the door. They sat and for a moment China man just stared at the princess. His hair is still black but he's guessing the Diva had change it a few times before getting it back to black. The primadonna can't stay in one color for long. It is pony tailed but a few bits are falling to the side giving frame to his still beautiful face. Nothing had change about the cat's features since the Chinese has last seen him Still the most gorgeous in his eyes. After a few minute of wordless accompaniment Heenim quirked an eyebrow questioningly
"What?" the goofy smile of the China man looked so fond
"Nothing, so how are you?" HanKyung started the conversation. He never thought he could sound so casual as if they've seen each other last week
"Really? That's--" the princess was cut off of his supposed protest when the door opened and someone called for him
"Chullie-ah" the man was looking for him and HeeChul immediately ran to the man's side. HanKyung's eyes following him at the moment
"Hey Yunnie" he smiled at the seemingly troubled guy. YunHo wrapped his right arm around Heehul's waist and pulled the pretty boy against his body before placing a kiss on the cat's forehead. They stayed in that close proximity position as they spoke
"Princess, the fresh supplies are at the backdoor, just get someone to carry them inside, neh? I'm sorry I can't stay long. I have to get home immediately" YunHo said warily with a hint of apology in his tone
"Is there any problem?" Heenim inquired with much concern
"Mom is getting giddy about the wedding again and she's talking about gowns for the bride and other pretty boy guests" YunHo rolled his eyes and Heenim giggled a bit as he said
"Well, I don't mind wearing a gown"
"Chullie-ah, I know you'll like it but I don't like the idea of concealing genders in my wedding. I'm taking the Jung-Kim nuptial seriously and I won't hide to anyone that I'm marrying a beautiful man and the fact that I have lots of guy/gay friends who are way prettier than girls" HeeChul gave a gentle smile at that statement
"Aww, I'm so touched. Ok, go and fight for the Tux" Heenim said cheerily with a wink as he step away from YunHo
The conversation could be heard clearly at HanKyung's seat and as it proceeds the Chinaman's eyes widen with surprise and pain is starting to spread in his chest as his system absorbs the realization.
"I would. Thanks for understanding. I'll get back as soon as I could" YunHo pecked the pretty boy's forehead one last time before he turned back to leave. HeeChul heaved a sigh before walking back to the seat infront of the still shock-stricken man who is staring at his lap contemplating how stupid he is to think HeeChul is actually waiting for him all those years.
"He wasn't even able to say hi. He's so busy, everyone is. Because of the wedding and all. Well, really, is that how you talk to me after years of your disappearance without any contact?? You really suck at greeting a friend." the Diva started blabbering incredulously the time he hit the chair, totally ignoring the lost look on the other's eyes. Luckily HanGeng came back to Earth in time to react to Heenim's questioning gaze
"Umh. well then, will you kindly fill me in about the fun I've missed? What happened to LeeTeuk and the kids(their Juniors)?" he asked with an awkward smile that HeeChul decided to look over as he let out a breath before settling himself more comfortably in his seat as if ready to tell a really long story

++Seoul University++
"Mr. Park, he's here again and he asked about your appointments today" Sunny fidgeted as LeeTeuk rub his temples for composure
"Why would he ask?" the now school owner, Park JungSoo, questioned in a restrained tone, not wanting to scare his secretary
"Because I'm going to cancel them and tell them it's our D-Day." KangIn, who just waltz inside the office, proclaimed earning a glare from the angel. Eeteuk dismissed Sunny with a wave of his hand. When the girl left, LeeTeuk let out a breath and sagged down in his seat
"Don't play around Mr. Kim YoungWoon. My meetings later are with important sponsors of the upcoming school festival" Eeteuk stated with a resigned tone
"Then why don't you set the date? I'm free any day for you. And don't dare to refuse or else I'd really call those sponsors of yours to tell them you can't come to the appointment because you are heading to a hotel with your boyfriend" he smirked and EeTeuk knew the younger would seriously do what he had said
"Saturday. This Saturday. If you could hold yourself from bugging me for the rest of the weekdays then I'll go out with you on Saturday. Deal? Then leave me alone" LeeTek said in one go not even waiting for a response
"Sure, my angel. See you then. I love you" KangIn smiled sweetly before he happily walked out of the room. When the coast is clear, JungSoo let an endearing beam to graze his face as he thought of how persistent YoungWoon is in pursuing him. It's been 7 years but their feelings for one another haven't change, instead it gets stronger. 3 years ago HyoJin gave KangIn the rights over the company and the freedom to swoon the person he loves, freely. LeeTeuk doesn't feel it's the right time yet but he is happy that KangIn haven't given up. One of this days the angel knew he'll tell YoungWoon everything he wanted to hear, but for now, he is still enjoying the thrill of the chase.

==present: Cassieelf cafe
"Eh? They are still at that stage? LeeTeuk is being difficult huh" HanKyung stated with stifled laughter finding the 'no progress situation' funny but then he realized, he had not progress in his love life either.
"Funny, right? KiBum had it better" HeeChul smirked and continued his story

4 months ago
KiBum just finished putting the new arrivals on their right corner in the 'quite' huge bookstore. He sat at his chair where he could have a good sight of the front door. A lot of students often go there after school hours(often just to steal glances at the handsome owner and then giggle while acting as if they are actually looking through the books). As he was going through some paperwork the chime jingled and he looked up at the potential customer. It surprised him when what he saw was a dog making his way toward his desk. KiBum stood up and walked over to the dog. He crouched down to have a better look. The dog was a cute Chihuahua biting on a red rose. The dog dropped the rose at KiBum's foot. Snow white watched in awe as the dog walked away from him to settle on the side as another dog approached him and did the same to a rose. About 10 dogs of different breeds and sizes came in to give him a rose in a variety if colors too. An eleventh visitor came in, this one he knew, 'Bada'. Bada carries a small basket full of rose petals with a small box in the middle. Bada put down the basket in front of the surprised KiBum who absent mindedly picked it up. A figure who picked up the roses on the floor and gave a heart warming brought snow white back into the world.
" I. LOVE. YOU. VERY. MUCH. WILL. YOU. MARRY. ME. KIBUMMIE..." a rose is handed to KiBum as each word were spoken
".....and my question mark is this" DongHae snatched the box from the basket and opened it as he knelt and silver band with sprinkles of nano diamonds winked at Snow White. A hand covered his open mouthed as reflex as he mused at the beauty, not only of the ring but also of the moment. The love of his life is kneeling in front of him asking him to be his, forever. He blinked away the tears threatening to stream down with over joy. He knelt by DongHae's side to level with him and give him a hug with muttered.
"Yes! Yes!Oh My God! I love you"

=present at the cafe
"Oh. So they are engage now? I thought KiBum would be the one to propose in their relationship" HanKyung said honestly
"I thought so too. Anyway, Hae is a bold and brave guy, he even told KiBum about our 'almost' incident back then. EVERYONE thought it's KiBum who will ask, because most of the time he leads and the fish just cling to him. Even our Bummie thought that way. It turned out the fish is faster than him" HeeChul added
"What about YeSung? Where is he now?"
"In Paris. With his husband."
"HUSBAND?!?" HanGeng almost shouted in bafflement

"That's Hyung!" YeSung almost run to the painting on the wall entitled 'Beauty of First Love'. It is indeed a painting of his dear hyung, Kim HeeChul: looking far to his left side with a slight smile which perfected the seemingly shimmering depiction on the canvas of the actual beauty. Just staring at the painting makes YeSung's heart thump with mixed feelings. Longing for his brother, love that's multiplied by the over flowing feelings coming out of the work of art, and maybe a little jealousy, knowing too well his husband painted it with his whole heart and love for his first love.
"Umh. Yes. I want you to see that too. But what I want to show for our anniversary is over there. Let's go, we could get back to hyung's painting later" SiWon pulled JongWoon to the other corner of the gallery where just a few painting's were hanged. The turtle's eyes widened as they reached the center canvas. The frame alone is worth the cancellation of his mini concert for the night. He saw SiWon sculpt every detail of that frame so he knew how much dedication his husband has given the work. Then the painting comes. It was astounding in all aspects. There is no crazy spectrum of colors, mostly it's ivory and ebony themed. Entitled as 'My Eternal Angel', JongWoon can't even believe that the beautiful angel on the painting is actually him, while he is singing. It is literally flashing with specks of what seems beautifully mixed silvery paint. It shines like the sun and warm his heart. He turned to the favorite son of God, who is also musing with satisfaction at his work, and gave him a tight hug
"Happy Anniversary, baby" SiWon muttered at the crook of the turtle's neck
"Happy Anniversary, my love"

"They are married for 4 years now. It's funny that it is SiWon's dad who persisted about the wedding as soon as SiWon is out of the hospital 7 years ago. But of course, wanting to be reasonable, they waited for more years before actually getting married." Heenim said with a fond smile. The look on the princess' face suddenly made HanKyung forget that the love of his life is engage to be married any day soon and the China man couldn't help but smile and fall in love harder.
"Oh! Another funny story? SungMin calls me, like everyday, since they moved to KyuHyun's hometown. SungMin is always whining, asking me what's the problem with him why couldn't the Cho accept him."
"What's funny about that?" HanKyung asked pouting at the dark humor of the Diva
"KyuHyun would call me afterwards and ask what SungMin told me and then he'll say 'It's the drama he wanted. Let him have a load of it. It would be no fun to tell him this early that my parents already approved of us. I like comforting him. You know.'. I just know what he meant by that and he'll laugh that naughty laugh before hanging"
"He's evil. I pity our Minnie" HanKyung said shaking his head
"I know. But he loves Ming so I trust him. And I'm not sure if you'd like to hear this, but since you visited him in your last day here, maybe you care a bit. YunHo's wedding is on Saturday, you might want to come."
When HanKyung thought the atmosphere is getting lighter that topic just must be brought up. He lowered his gaze and a sullen smile accompanied his nod and a silent 'yes'.
"Are you envious?" the Diva said nonchalantly with hint of heavy humor in his tone
'Of course I am! He got you as his bride, why wouldn't I?' HanKyung wanted to retort but held it inside and stayed silent. Instead, HeeChul's words filled his ears
"I'm envious too. My first love and supposed best friend is getting married while here I am still waiting for my Chinaman to have the courage to propose. Must I propose first? What do you think?" the Diva said which snapped HanKyung's head up. The princess quirked his eyebrow to the staring man
"Kiss me now or I'll forget about giving you a chance" the princess said with authority and without any second thought HanGeng leaned forward as he craned the other's neck for their lips to meet. Both smiled at the kiss and forgot the years that passed by. All they care about is now and how they'll live it up till tomorrow in each other's arm. Even without a lot of words, everything is clear to them. Their feelings are mutual, they love each other and wants to be in each other's side till the end. No matter how the tables turned they know their's would be back to each other.

Author's Note: Jung-Kim nuptial... It's Jung YunHo and Kim JaeJoong.. Everyone knows, right? :D
QUICK END. I know. Something is still missing at the end. Well, I don't want to add another chappie. XD sorry. Oh check this out. While taking my break(because as I said I need to learn how to be a better writer) I'll work in one of this... You chose... Pls.?
Fic Teasers
Mission: Heart Beat
"For years I've been yearning to hear you say you love me and not her. Why now? Why when it's too late? Why now that I've healed and learned to love someone else?"

Our Love: My Last Gift
"Going against the world is tiring. All I want is to love you. Is that such a crime?"

"Born to despise each other they say. I would change destiny if need be, just let me love you"

Soul and Body Collection: Different Worlds(Risk)
"When our worlds collide I knew I fell and I'm ready to risk, but, are you?"

Weeh!! I wouldn't say what pairing is to what fic teaser. But I have HoRella, YeChul, YeWon and SiChul!!!!! but I assure something.. In all of those HeeChul and SiWon would appear but not necessarily to get hooked up as SiChul.. Please tell me which fic teaser intrigued you the most. I hope my next fic won't suck that much. I think I'm a little better when I write a single pairing fic,, or two the most. There are a lot more plots but these are what I feel writing nowadays.


Tables are Turned (25/26)

Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: KangTeuk, YeWon, HoRella, KyuMin, HanChul
Summary: A teenager's feelings aren't stable. In love there are lots of circumstances. Life itself don't focus in love. There are a lot of variables to be considered. To reach your happy ending you must fight against rivals, friends even family, fate, the past and most of all yourself. If you are not sure even with your own feelings how would you make things work?


            After the coveted reunion and the tension passed, the group gathered around and waited for a few minutes for SiWon's dad before JunSu started explaining the cause of commotions earlier. And so he retold the story starting off with the Choi. JinHo, SiWon's father only got married to SiWon's mom through an arranged marriage for merging companies. JinHo didn't break up with his true love, MinAh, even after the marriage. MinAh got pregnant before JinHo was forced to go to U.S. to start anew. He have no choice but to learn how to love his wife. After almost 3 years, JinHo got the news about his son to MinAh, his parents also knew. JinHo decided to outrun his parents to his baby's side because he knew his parents would think of doing some awful things so he himself decided to hide his son. He left the baby with the bracelet  on the doorstep of an orphanage. JunSu explained that YeSung got the bracelet when turtle's run away mom, who is also the best friend of the one taking care of MinHo, borrowed the bracelet to mark her child for the time she return for him, but the woman never showed up  before MinAh got MinHo again and JongWoon was adopted, so the bracelet was left forgotten on YeSung's wrist. MinHo was found through TaeMin who is the other side of the story.  Baby Kim TaeMin was lost when he was just 2 years old in an avalanche in a mountain ski resort in Japan, Christmas night of that year. Mrs. Kim looked for him but they needed to go back to Korea and they need the youngest of the Kim brothers or else they'd be on the front page in being such irresponsible parents. Mrs. Kim decided to adopt a child as they search for their son. TaeMin was fortunately found by a Japanese couple but their poor status in life made them incapable of taking care of him. They decided to hand him to the government but their childless Korean relative asked custody instead. The Japanese couple thought TaeMin was an abandoned baby so in the end giving him a family is a better choice for them.

            JunSu said that it was touch of luck when TaeMin served him at the cafe and dropped his necklace on the floor. The necklace was one like HeeNim's. From that point on JunSu investigated on him, since there are no legal documents about the two missing child, it would be really hard to find them even with lots of funds. It's all luck that JunSu thanks for. He begun befriending TaeMin and getting to know him. TaeMin introduced MinHo and MinHo's mother as well, who became the key to the discovery to the missing Choi. The DNA tests then followed.

            After hearing the whole story everyone was in awe. YeSung looked up to Mr. Choi who is exactly opposite him. JinHo is quite dazed as he stare at the floor and mindlessly stood up and went to his  son's room without a single word. JongWoon felt depressed. The cold act just got through him and he feels so down. He felt like he somewhat disappointed or deceived JinHo though in reality none of it is his fault, directly. YeSung stared at his lap with gloom. A light tap disturbed his drowning thoughts

"It will all pass soon. Everything would get better, don't worry too much" the bunny boy's smile and calmness made a light curving up of the turtle's lips to happen.

            In a corner, KyuHyun is standing with a cup of coffee in hand as he watch his boyfriend comfort YeSung. Nothing unnecessary for the situation passed his mind. It's true that he became close to YeSung, but everything 2sung has gone through together all those years is something that cannot be surpassed by a new guy. He smiled to himself and just walked off to look for something to do. He sighed as he almost smacked his own forehead when he realized he forgot his psp, now he's gonna get bored as hell. He knew it's a serious time but for someone like him, his psp is the stress reliever he needs the most at times like this, well that is if his boyfriend isn't there to be his best 'stress reliever'.

++Room 102++

            First thing Park JungSoo did the moment he woke up is check out the weight pinning his right arm on the bed. He wasn't able to stop the smile from spreading when he gaze upon an innocently sleeping Kim YoungWoon clinging on his arm for his dear life. The door creaked and who he saw just made his smile get tender. KiBum walked to his brother's side as quietly as possible

"Since the doctor said we could see you he haven't left your side, not even to look at the mirror" snow white remarked lightly and they chuckled in forced silence with their little joke about KangIn's slight vanity. Though they tried their best, the other still woke up and blinked at the angel gazing down on him with a smile. As his brain absorbs the realization, his eyes gradually widen and he hugged the man who worried him like hell.

"Don't do that to me again! The next time you get hit I'll run to you and make sure we end up on the same place in the same condition so that you won't scare me like that again" KangIn scolded, his arms still so tight around the other who giggled and said tenderly

"Pabo! Next time you should just save me, not die with me"

"Sheesh! Don't speak about dying you- AiSHH!!" YoungWoon chided

"I guess I need to go and give you some time" KiBum stated as he made his way to the door. Eeteuk pulled away from the hug and bid his brother goodbye with a grateful beam

++Hospital Hallway++

            HanKyung finally got to the hospital. He came into an abrupt halt when he saw a familiar face sitting on one of the benches in the hallway.

"YeSung!" the Chinaman called as he stopped infront of the turtle and started trying to catch his breath. HanGeng sat beside him

"HeeChul hyung is in YunHo hyung's room" JongWoon muttered in a low voice the other almost didn't caught but he did. They were quiet for a few moments then a weak smile appeared on the older one's face

"Then I should give them some time alone I guess" he remarked trying to sound playful, then silence overcome again. HanKyung was the one who broke the ice

"I know HeeChul isn't in the mood to tell me about stuffs I want to know and you too are not much into it because of the situation but I really need someone to help me. A few days from now I have to make a decision and I want to get stuffs clear in my mind before asking HeeChul. YeSung, will you please tell me about HeeChul and YunHo? I know nothing about them but I get the hint that they have a past. I just want to know how they are like" the Chinaman inquired in an almost pleading way reminiscing the so called 'HoRella Love Blog' and Jessica's words while being taken by the police


            Jessica's hands were bound by handcuffs behind her and she is almost carried off the ground just to get her to the police car. She saw HanKyung and she started to struggle more, jerking the men who held her while she spoke loudly, almost sounds like she's scolding the China man



            JongWoon thought about it for a moment before he let out a breath and started to take mercy on the clueless man

"The time you begun showing interest to hyung I've been telling SungMin that I like you as a friend but not as boyfriend for my brother. That's because I've always have a feeling that something like this would happen. Those two knew each other since they are in diapers and their attraction started at first sight. They couldn't be separated since childhood and they are together since they knew about love and relationships. They love each other and their parents approved to it but HeeChul hyung's mom have other reasons. She wanted to use that relationship to get the two engaged and get a contract for the Jung Corp. to be under the Kim Corp. She wants the Jung family's wealth. HeeChul hyung wanted them to break up because he doesn't want YunHo hyung to think that money is all he wants. One day hyung had a fight with his mom, he took his dad's car key and I heard him call YunHo hyung. I really thought they'll elope, but the next minute we are at the hospital waiting for news about the two of them. HeeChul hyung damaged his legs in the car accident. He's able to walk again but they prohibited him to do extremes or even dance which shattered his dream of being a dancer. YunHo hyung protected HeeChul hyung from the windshield and till now he bear the scars on his back. HeeChul hyung hated himself for getting YunHo hyung hurt because of him and YunHo hyung blamed himself for hyung's ruined dreams as he always say that he wasn't able to protect his princess. They eventually broke up, all because they love one another too much. HeeChul hyung acted cold wanting YunHo hyung to hate him. YunHo hyung stayed by his side no matter what. I know they still care and they will forever do. We can't just tell them to stop loving each other because you are hyung's boyfriend now. The heart doesn't always follows the mind. HanKyung hyung, I hope what I told you won't make you hate them, instead please just understand how hard it is for them to forget what they were" JongWoon turned to HanKyung with tenderness in his eyes, asking for understanding about his brother's actions.

            HanGeng smiled weakly as he stared at his own palm contemplating his future plans, weighing his feelings and the situations all together. He needs to decide or all of them would just end up on the same circle. The cycle would just appear again and they would hurt each other more.

++Room 102++

            KangTeuk were having the talk of their lives as if they've missed each other for years. The topics were turning serious till they ended up in questions the younger uttered with such seriousness that startled and left the angel dumbfounded for awhile

"What do you feel for me now? Can you already say you love me too? Are you ready to admit your feelings now?" the older one thought hard how he would answer. Is it the right time? Is he ready for possible consequences? He needs something to help him decide. He just experienced a brain-whacking, nerve-wrecking, life threatening accident and now he is getting pressured about his feelings, how is he suppose to be composed?

"KangIn, I--" he didn't know if he should be relieved or scared that one Kim HyoJin came in suddenly, making both their head turn to the newcomer. He's eyeing them like a hawk and Eeteuk noticed why so he immediately pulled his hand away from YoungWoon's. HyoJin(KangIn's dad)  cleared his throat and the two regained normal stance, the ever tame and  formal Park JungSoo and the fierce and territorial Kim YoungWoon.

"I'm visiting as a good friend and for your parents' favor. They said they can't come because of some business problem." this made the angel to look down.

            Mr. Kim turned his gaze to his glaring son

"YoungWoon, leave us for a moment. I need to talk to JungSoo-sshi for a minute"

            Hearing the request from the older, Eeteuk stared at HyoJin questioningly. HyoJin gave him the 'look' and LeeTeuk got it. He gazed at the unmoving younger and saw the determination to stay at KangIn's blazing eyes. The angel tapped KangIn's shoulder and whispered

"It's gonna be okay. We'll just talk, neh" this with his bright smile made the other go, hesitantly though. When they were alone, HyoJin sat at a chair and faced LeeTeuk wearing his business expression

"JungSoo-sshi, you should know what I want to talk about privately. I know you are a smart kid. Ask for anything in exchange of giving back my son"

"Mr. Kim, I knew this would come and from the start there is only one thing I want in exchange of letting him go. I just want to ask you to love him" LeeTeuk spoke with such serious expression but the older chuckled, amused by his words

"Love him? JungSoo-sshi, I never lack on giving YoungWoon love. I give him everything he wants. Why are you still asking me to give something I've already given?" HyoJin asked

"Spoiling him with material things doesn't mean you love him. Not declining in his every request, even if it's so ridiculous, could mean you just want to easily brush him off. Didn't you think that maybe he is doing such absurd things because he wants you to complain? To scold him? To give him attention? I know I'm not in place to lecture about being a parent but I'm a son too. I know how it feels I think of doing such things too sometimes, I just have a better temper than KangIn. When was the last time you brought up family matters with him? The last time you scolded him as your son? Is it the time he said he love me?.."

            Eeteuk waited for a response but all HyoJin did was look at the ground. The expression on the older's face was taken as a yes by the younger so the angel continued

"..When someone gets the outcome they want it's instinctive to continue using the method which made him succeed" LeeTeuk ended with an indirect conclusion

"So you think YoungWoon is after you just because it's what makes me care about him? I must admit, my method of love isn't likable but it's the same method I'm raised with and I totally understood my father. Maybe YoungWoon and I are different..." HyoJin finally raised his gaze to the younger

".. I accept the deal. Leave my son and I promise to alter my way of giving him parental love."

"I'll have a way to make him go back to you" Eeteuk said firmly

            HyoJin stood up to leave. When he's at the door and was about to touch the knob, he added something without turning back

"Though I'm not that close to my son, I'm also a man in love with my wife. I can see that YoungWoon isn't after you just because of his nonsense tantrums. I don't want him to get hurt. When I see that he's mature enough for serious relationships I'll let him choose whoever he loves. I mean 'whoever'....., even you" the silence assured HyoJin that he left an indeed stunned young man still contemplating in his words. The thought made him smirked as he made his way out and walk past his son who gave him a quizzical glare.

++Outside Room 110++

            YeSung was still waiting for JinHo to come out of SiWon's room. HanKyung already left his side to find somewhere else where he could sort his thoughts. JongWoon doesn't want to face the older Choi, he couldn't. He's scared of JinHo's reaction to the news. All he wants is to be beside SiWon. He blames himself for what happened to the other and it turned out Christian boy got hurt for nothing. The break up wasn't needed at all. How could he say sorry?? It was such a big damage. SiWon was saved after the blood transfusion but still under observations. His car was thoroughly smashed by the full force impact of the speeding car and the fact that it was hit directly at the driver's side where SiWon sat makes the damage almost imaginable.

            The door of the Christian boy's room was opened and the expressionless Choi JinHo's appearance made YeSung to stand up automatically, as if it's his obligation to give respect. As the turtle stood, it was not his intention but, his head snapped up to look at the older but then again when JinHo returned the gaze JongWoon felt his nerves and he chose to stare at the floor instead. YeSung decided to just let the older one past but JinHo walked toward him. When JinHo stopped infront of him, YeSung had no choice but to greet him

"Mr. Choi.." JongWoon presumed he have no right to call the man in front of him 'appa' since the truth is out already. Before he could even think of a proper greeting the older slightly protested with the tone of his voice.

"Mr. Choi? Where did the 'appa' go? Isn't it inappropriate calling me Mr. Choi?"

            YeSung looked up at the man who wore a serious face

"But.." once again he was cut off

"If you'll marry my son you must call me appa" as turtle's eyes begun to widen, the curving of the older one's lips also got higher and he continued with his hand resting on the younger's shoulder

"Take care of my son. He told me some things and I know his feelings for you are clear in his heart and mind. Go on and stay beside him. I now give my permission to the two of you" an angelic smile, almost identical to SiWon's dimpled smile made YeSung blink a few times before he was able to respond

"but why??" it almost sounded dumb but no one could blame the turtle for the reaction considering his greatly stunned state

"The time you spent with us made me see how good a person you truly are. I've always been afraid that everyone wants to be close to my son to take advantage of him but now I know you and I know you are not like that. I know you'll take good care of him, make him happy and love him truly. I'm sorry if I was so against it before. Maybe meeting my love again made my belief of true love to come back. And I just know that's the kind of love you have. Take care of him for me, okay?" YeSung tried his best to hold back his tears of joy. He was hesitant but due to impulse he just did it and hugged JinHo as he said

"Yes Appa! I'll take care of him, promise! I will love him with all my heart. Whatever happens!"

            Just a few meters away, in a corner, a couple watched the scene as the smaller one was wrapped with his lover's warm arms from behind. KyuHyun rests his chin on SungMin's shoulder as they watch. They both smiled seeing that it's a happy ending. But then the aegyo prince suddenly let out a sigh which caught his boyfriend's attention

"Why?" the younger one asked at the peculiar act in such lovely view

"I'm a bit envious of their drama. I mean they could talk about their struggles in the future as they cuddle. Then they would be so proud and happy how they won the fight for love. I just... you know" another sigh and Kyu was amused by the silly reason. He chuckled a bit before nuzzling the pink prince's neck and muttered

"You want drama? Wait till I introduce you to my family. When that comes I'm sure you'll be calling your friends everyday, crying, telling them how cruel fate is when it comes to love."

"Eh?" SungMin was beyond surprised by the idea of meeting Kyu's family

"Don't worry. I'll assure you we'll win our own fight and we will be laughing about it while cuddling someday" the younger said as he tightened his hold of his lover who smiled and closed his eyes, savoring more of the body heat his love is willingly sharing with him,,, in the middle of a hospital hallway... how romantic huh.,.-_-''..,,

            A lot of things happened all at once. Tables are turning too fast. Life changing events due to fast paced change of views. Happy endings reached and promises of bright futures are made. But there is one which seems to be turning to a different direction.....

++Room 112++

            HeeChul sat at the chair beside the patient's bed and started staring at YunHo's face again. He's been doing the same thing since he was allowed inside. No one else came in. Heenim called his parents and closest friends. YunHo's parents are just on the way to their flight back to Korea and JaeJoong, the pretty boy was just informed, is in Paris and there is no way of telling him for he left no contact number or address. The Diva is known for his impatience but marvelously he never got bored as he watched the unconscious boy. As he stare everything in their past hit him like ocean waves. So strong it takes him away from the incredulous white, square, boring and sickening room to a splash down slide of memory. Every moment he spent with YunHo, every memory they made. The love he felt back then felt so raw at the moment as he refresh everything not only in his mind's eye but also in his heart. He knew he shouldn't. They already talked that morning. They planned to clear things.

**Flashback of that morning**

            Before they could get out of he room, YunHo pulled HeeChul to sit with him on the bed to talk. The stern look on his ex-lover's face made him curious

"Princess, I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. I'll study in states" the bluntness almost cut through heenim whose eyes widened with the surprise goodbye

"Huh? But uncle never said you need to. He never demanded you to do so if you don't want to" he suddenly panicked at the thought of losing the one who had always stood beside him through everything

"I want to.." YunHo muttered softly tearing his gaze away from the Diva who opened his mouth to speak again but YunHo spoke before he could even attempt to

".. I want to because I have to. You are confuse about me and HanKyung. Someone has to leave for you to clear your feelings. You can't love the two of us at the same time in the same way. There must be a difference of how you want us in your life. There is a difference, there would always be. I've been with you for far too long and I think it's me who must be oblige to give space. When I return I'll be expecting that you have decided."

            HeeChul suddenly engulfed him in his embraced and started sobbing

"No! I don't want you to leave!" YunHo returned the hug with much intensity for the fear to not be able to have the chance again

"This is for all of us. If we won't do this, we would just keep hurting. I know it hurts you the most. I hate seeing you suffering"

.....*End of flashback*

            The reminiscence was disturbed by the knocking at the door. HeeChul managed to get the door in time the visitor is about to leave

"HanKyung..." he muttered with absolute surprise. Of all people, HanGeng is the last person in HeeChul's list who would likely visit YunHo..,, or is the Chinaman knocking for another reason.. Ah,., perhaps he came to have a glimpse of HIS boyfriend who's neglecting him for days and is now tending for an ex-lover. Heenim almost slapped himself in front of the other as the thought passed by. He made way for the Chinaman to get in before he shut the door behind him. HanKyung walked beside the bed and gazed at the unconscious one. He got a chance for a brief head-to-toe look before Heenim reached his side. The man who is in this state to save somebody else's boyfriend. HanKyung honestly doesn't know how to feel. If YunHo is just a stranger saving the love of his life he'd be forever thankful..,, but no. This Jung YunHo is the man Kim HeeChul loved and loves like no other. That thought alone makes this pinching feeling in his chest almost unbearable.

"It'll be an understatement for me to say that I'm shock  you visited YunHo.. Or is this for some other reason? Geng, I know I owe you a hell lot of explanations big time but please not now. And---" the break of the ice from the cat was cut off by the boyfriend  who found his voice in the middle of his horrible self-consoling

"I'm here to visit.. and maybe a word or two for you.." Heechul was about to say that he's not in the mode for some words but HanKyung immediately pacified the upcoming excuse

"..I just want to say goodbye. I'm leaving on Sunday. It'll take years for me to get back because I was given a scholarship in a med school there."

            HeeChul was left dazed and dumbfounded as he stare at the Chinaman who turned to him with sullen eyes staring back

"But.." before another word that could immediately change HanKyung's mind the other decided to speak again

"This is for all of us. If I won't do this, we would just keep hurting. I know it hurts you the most. I hate seeing you suffering"

             A bitter smirk graze the Diva's lips as he looked down on the floor and uttered

"It's funny to see how different the two of you are but you still say the same things" his eyes went to the tanned hand out of the covers. He took YunHo's hands in his and squeezed it, giving the cold hand a bit of his warmth. HanKyung's eyes followed and understood who the 'two of you' Heenim just spoke of. A small smile also made it's way to the China man's face but his was a gentle one

"We are different in a lot of things. But we have you as our common denominator. We both love you"

            HanKyung's eyes looked up to the tilted head of his boyfriend. He put his hand against the other's cheek but the princess wouldn't spare him a look and he understood why and just gave the pretty boy a kiss on the forehead before he made his way out of the room. The silent goodbye was clear to the both of them. They knew the parting would be inevitable and that drama would rise if their eyes connected at that last moment. Heenim closed his eyes and slumped down on the chair without letting go of YunHo's hand

'I'm sorry Hannie. YunHo needs me now. And I know we need to say this goodbye somehow. To ease your pain. Heal and comeback. The next time we meet I promise not to hurt you again like this'

Author's note:...THE END???? ARE YOU SATISFIED? NO? Then I would give an extra chap for a better ending... hoho! Sorry talking to myself again.. but I think this needs one last chappie... Em sorry for the long wait and all I got is this.. T^T .. I really don't know how to say sorry. Especially to those who stayed with me from start till end.. I'm sorry if all I have given you is disappointment. I'm taking a vacation after the last chap of this coz I really need a lecture on how to write a better fic.... All I've given everyone is disappointment... T.T .. I really feel bad... But comments are of course always welcome than anything...  I'm really sorry for such a sucky story and thank you for everyone who reads and tried to cheer me with their comments.. Love lots. thanks.. <3


tables are turned (24/?)

Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: KangTeuk, YeWon, KiHae, HoRella, KyuMin..,(no HanChul for this chap)
Other Characters: TaeMin, MinHo(Shinee).. JunSu, ChangMin (DBSK)

Summary: A teenager's feelings aren't stable. In love there are lots of circumstances. Life itself don't focus in love. There are a lot of variables to be considered. To reach your happy ending you must fight against rivals, friends even family, fate, the past and most of all yourself. If you are not sure even with your own feelings how would you make things work?


            Everyone is feeling the tension in the waiting room with their three friends simultaneously fighting for their lives inside the operating room. One soul is suffering the most in the middle of it all. His best friend was hit by the car which also endangered the life of his ex who is his dongsaeng's boyfriend and his eternal sweetheart took a bullet for him. The 3 are so close to his heart . The weight of guilt just adds to his heavy grieving heart whenever he remembers the smile on YunHo's face before he collapsed and to think that the crazy girl who kidnapped him is also at fault for his friends' accident. He feels like he is the root of every unfortunate events that day. KyuHyun and SungMin sat on either side of the Diva offering all the comfort they could afford. Both doesn't know what treatment to give the now soulless body infront of them. KangIn is about to create a pit with his fast-paced back and forth nervous walk in front of the sobbing KiBum, getting held by DongHae who is trying so hard not to cry. Even with his hard work, tears still made it's way to streak down his face as he hear his lover cry in his arms, blaming himself for what happened to his hyung.

            A few moments later, another wary guy came running to the pack of melancholic being. Welcomed by the heavy atmosphere he decided to just sit silently and pray to whoever is listening. KyuHyun gave way for YeSung to be beside his hyung. YeSung's lost state isn't too far from HeeChul's as he sat absent-mindedly in there, staring in space. KyuHyun met gaze with SungMin. They intertwined their hands and excused themselves to get some drinks for everyone. They both know that out of all the people in there, the two of them are the most rational at the moment. None of them is too close to the three whose lives were at stake. Even with these circumstances they seem like carrying the heaviest weight. They feel dejected not knowing how to comfort their friends. They are not lost in the clouds of distress so they should at least assist those who are. But there they are, buying drinks for everyone.. nothing else they can do because everything they say just past through empty bodies whose soul has long eloped with one called melancholy. They sighed in unison as they think of the pain their friends feel. They kinda wish they feel the same so to at least say they share the misery. Seeing his lover's expression and knowing far too well what is playing on the pink prince's mind, KyuHyun put his arm around bunny boy's shoulder and pulled him to his body.

"This is all we could do. Believe me this is better than not caring" Kyu whispered into SungMin's ear

"I wish we could do something else for them" aegyo master's sad face didn't change

'...I hope too..' Kyu just kept that last one in his mind as he squeezed his boyfriend a bit more and continued their walk.

            DongHae is walking back to his seat when a vibration in his pocket made him stop for a second. He fished the phone out and realized that it's his boyfriend's phone, he remember KiBum asking him to hold it for him. He was about to rush to snow white to give the phone when he noticed the caller ID and he decided to  pick it up himself

"KiBummie, where are you?" the worried tone of the caller is too much that it became suspicious to the fish's ear

"I'm Lee DongHae. Is this ChangMin I'm talking to?" DongHae spoke in a firm tone

            ChangMin was quiet for a while then he finally spoke

"Yes, where is KiBum? As I know I dialled his number not yours" ChangMin snapped back sharply. The two were silently gritting their teeths to each other with their sassy conversation. One minute and they feel like their gonna snap at the other though they never truly met each other yet.

"I'm his boyfriend.." the fish was cut off

"I know. But I could care one bit about you so let me talk to him. Where is he?" ChangMin's irritation is getting obvious. Before the other could throw another snarky comment the announcement in the intercom about a patient got through the phone and made ChangMin's mind to go haywire with apprehension. Anxiety laced his tone again as he spoke

"Are you at the hospital?? What happened to KiBum?? Did you trigger it again?? What the hell did you do this time??!!?" the food monster could care less about his harsh tone to a stranger

            Everything said made Hae to quirked an eyebrow as he asked in a low voice

"Trigger it? Again? Mr. ChangMin do I need to know something about my boyfriend? What would I trigger? Again? We are at the Seoul Hospital, we need to talk. I need to know before you accuse me again senselessly" the fish's dead serious tone made ChangMin to think if it's right to tell. He sighed and just agreed to see the other.

            After hours, one doctor is finally out for some news. The group crowd around him immediately. Their faces are all intense that it made the doctor gulped and sweatdropped. They look like hungry hyenas.

"Who is the relative of Mr. Park JungSoo?" KiBum immediately walk through everyone to face the doctor with anticipation, KangIn following suit.

"I'm his brother" The doctor gave a small smile

"Seems like Mr. Park is okay. Just a few bruises and a shoulder wound we have to stitch. No internal bleeding. It looks like the impact isn't so direct to cause such damage, the car might have curved at the last minute. Mr. Park is lucky. We just need to wait for him to wake up and he'll just stay for his body to recover. You can go to his room, he's tranferred to room 102 but don't wake him up, he needs rest"  Snow White let out the breath he held. He felt like some restraints were cut off. But he wasn't completely relieved, he still have a friend inside. KangIn was eager to see his beloved and he was about to drag KiBum but the other pulled away when he noticed some people at the corner.

"You go first. I'll have a talk with someone." KiBum told KangIn and the older one just shrugged and run to his beloved's room.

            KiBum focused staring at the two who are just few meters away, they both look serious and with ChangMin's expression he could guess their topic. ChangMin is only that serious when he talks about KiBum's condition and the left over food on one's plate(IT IS IMPORTANT. FOR SOMEONE WHO IS MARRIED TO FOOD, WASTING A SPOONFULL IS A BIG ISSUE).  However he just let the two to talk. If ChangMin thinks DongHae should know then maybe he must.


            They sat at the bench for visitor's at the hall

"Tell me what I should know and I'll let you see him" Hae made a deal

            Even without that, the food monster is willing to talk for he thinks it's the right time. He  took  a deep breath before speaking

"You know that KiBum was sent to Paris for treatment a few months ago, right?"

"Yeah, and that's where you met"  the venom on Fish's tone is trying to surface but the other don't want to argue anymore so he just continued

"That sickness wasn't really healed..."

"Eh?!?" Hae looked terrified at the discovery. All those time he acted so normal with KiBum, he should have been a little careful if he just knew.

"... it can never be healed anyway" with this ChangMin's collar was grabbed by DongHae worry concealed in depths of fire in his eyes

"What do you mean it can't be healed?? What would happen to KiBum?? What's wrong with him??"

"He can't be healed because the pain is all just his logic. You see people have their way of relieving stresses. They are irritated of thinking about stresses in life that they tend to look for some activities but KiBum is special. It's like his body work on his own. Because KiBum is someone who keeps it all bottled up inside, his brain found a way of relieving this stress by creating imaginary pain. But because the signal is sent by nerves he could feel pain for real. You must not upset him. Depression and stress do trigger his pain."

            DongHae looked down letting go of the other

"Am I the reason why he is so stressed out?"

"When he first came to Paris, yes. He's frustrated because his mom wouldn't want to accept you. But a few days after that he misses you so much. I thought sending him here would help because he once said just seeing your smile makes his day light. But this morning you did something, didn't you? You upset him"

            Hae remembered how he 'accused' KiBum of cheating, though indirectly.

"You mean he's in pain this morning and that's why you came to his house?" his tone was forlorn and he couldn't even looked up anymore. Now knowing that he is the one who actually caused KiBum's sickness made him feel terrible. A hand rests on his shoulder and the fish looked up to be greeted by his lover's shining smile

"Baby don't blame yourself. It's my fault for not looking after my health"

            Teary-eyed, DongHae stood up and engulfed his boyfriend in his arms as he whispered all the 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you' he could say. ChangMin just turned away not knowing if he could handle the scene.

--Waiting room--

            Another doctor came out an hour after the first one. Like before the crowd circled him. Everyone looked at his wary face as he announced in a loud voice

"Mr. Choi needs blood transfusion. We ran out of blood type B supply and we need it immediately. Who's his relative here?" YeSung wasn't speaking not knowing what exactly to say. He's not sure if they are really blood related and as he know he himself is type AB.

"Me! I'm type B. I'm willing to donate. I'm scheduled to do a blood donation today anyway" everyone turned their heads to the new comer. They saw three people standing there, two of them looks like teenagers and another one looks more mature but have a cute, slightly chubby cheeks.

"Oh. Are you a relative?" the doctor asked. It's rare for someone to just raise their hands and do blood donation just because they heard their blood type is the same as what is needed. The cute older one answered for the kid

"He is Mr. Choi's brother"

"Huh???!!?" everyone except the doctor asked with dropped jaw. The two young ones just stared at their current guardian. The older smiled and pushed the donor to the doctor

"His name is Choi MinHo. Go on and take his blood. He'll be more than willing to save his brother"

            The doctor immediately pulled MinHo to a room to take his blood. The waiting room was left silent as everyone looked at the guy who came with MinHo. HeeChul stepped up and spoke with the mysterious guy

"JunSu-sshi, what's the meaning of this? Is he really the one??" Heenim asked in disbelief. JunSu is the investigator he and YunHo hired to look for his and SiWon's brother. JunSu just smiled and nodded. The Diva was spechless for a moment but then his eyes turned to the younger one who is a colleague quizzically

"TaeMinnie, what are you doing here??"  Taemin stared at him with complete innocence. JunSu's smile widen. He put his arm on TaeMin's shoulder and said

"Well, he is MinHo's friend and he is the other key. It seems that we tend to over look things which are near us. Let me introduce to you Lee TaeMin or formerly known as Kim TaeMin" HeeChul's eyes widened as he averted his gaze from JunSu to TaeMin and then back to JunSu again. Everything seems to happen so fast. A while ago they are losing 3 important friends, now his brother and SiWon's brother are suddenly found and popped up in such a situation. He doesn't know anymore what kind of luck they have today.

"TaeMin, she told me my brother's name is TaeMin but I never expected that my brother is this TaeMin." He pointed to the younger one who seems to be still puzzled by everything. The princess smiled warmly and enveloped the younger in his arms shamelessly. His friends just watch in awe, partly happy for their hyung and partly still in disbelief of the turn of events. YeSung is the one who is shocked the most. He stepped to HeeChul's side when the older finally let go of his new found sibling

"Chul hyung, what does this mean? That MinHo, he is SiWon's brother??"

            HeeChul hugged him and jovially stated

"Yes! Yes! Sungie, you are not SiWon's brother. There is no need to worry now. You are not blood related!"

"We've done DNA test and I assure you, Choi MinHo is the real one." JunSu cooed with a smile

            Cloud didn't expect but tears suddenly flowed from his eyes due to the happiness and relief he felt. When he told SiWon to break up, his heart died as his words escape his mouth. That time he felt like drowning himself or to just disappear. He really thought he have to let go of his only love because of the taboo affair he thought they were having. Now he wants to hold SiWon in his arms an tell him how much he really loves him. That moment the turtle also promised never to let go anymore. Never.

            The elated atmosphere was disturbed by the poignant aura the third doctor held. Everyone stood up when he called for Jung YunHo's relative but Heenim signaled them to just sit down. He went to talk to the doctor alone.

"What happend doc? How is YunHo?" Chullie's heart can't stop beating so hard. He's dead worried about the other

"Well, the operation is a success though we had a hard time because the bullet is too close to grazing the patient's heart. But we don't know when he'll wake up or if he'll ever do"

            Heenim looked up to him with utter shock

"What? Why?? What's wrong?" the doctor let out a breath before speaking

"Through out the operation we have to revive him a few times. We believe he's given some drug which weakened him in all aspects that's why all his body's capacity are downgraded. He is still weak and fighting hard for his breath. You have to encourage him to keep going. He is in room 112"


Author's Note: Ok... That's fast but I must admit..It's too short and lacking. The next chap might be the last or second to the last... If you have questions feel free to ask.. I know there are alot of things that are unexplained yet.. that would be on the last chap or maybe I forgot to write about it so just ask to remind me.. Thanks for those who reads and leave comments... Keep them coming, pls. THANK YOU!!


tables are turned (23/?)

Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: HanChul, KangTeuk, YeWon, KiHae, HoRella, KiMin, JongKey..,(no KyuMin for this chap)
Other Characters: TaeYeon, SooYoung, Jessica (SNSD), JongHyun, Key(Shinee)

Summary: A teenager's feelings aren't stable. In love there are lots of circumstances. Life itself don't focus in love. There are a lot of variables to be considered. To reach your happy ending you must fight against rivals, friends even family, fate, the past and most of all yourself. If you are not sure even with your own feelings how would you make things work?


~~At the restaurant~~

            It's past lunch time and it's almost an hour that LeeTeuk has been pacing back and forth which makes KangIn dizzy. YoungWoon can't take it anymore so he pulled the angel to sit beside him

"Stop walking back and forth!!" the younger growled

"I can't help it I'm worried!!" Teukie snapped back with the same annoyance

"Why?" KangIn's irritation change to a puzzled expression

"I can't reach Heenim, same with YunHo. I know he's not with HanKyung right now who is probably in an immigration office. I can't help but worry. I think something bad happened." the angel's tone dropped. His anxiety turning obvious

            KangIn put his arms at the back of his head for support as he relaxed and leaned back on his chair.

"Maybe they are busy. You know, while the boyfriend is away they must make use of their time wisely." he said simply

            Eeteuk gawked at him with absolute shock. With the silence he received, YoungWoon knew that the other hasn't recovered from his, now beknownst, knowledge about the situation so he decide to explain

".. I'm not blind. They are too obvious. The affectionate stares they give each other, their under the table holding hands, their 'accidental' alone time in secluded places. Everything, even just the atmosphere around them is too suspicious. I'm in love too so I know." KangIn ended softly with a gaze to the angel which somehow woke Eeteuk up. The initial shock now leaving LeeTeuk, he sighed and ran his hand through his hair as he muttered

"Well, even the boyfriend knew so maybe it isn't really a shocker after all. But that's not the problem. No matter how busy they are they won't turn off their phone till this hour of the day. I think something bad happened but I’m hoping I'm wrong." without any hint of calmness to rise, KangIn run his hand to the angel's back for comfort.

"If afternoon comes and you still couldn't reach them, we're heading out to find them. Try to calm down for a few more hours"

++EeTeuk and KiBum's house++

==KiBum's room==

            Snow white is working on DongHae's hair when Hae suddenly took a hold of his wrist. KiBum looked at his boyfriend's face through the mirror in front of them. Hae have a serious almost sullen expression. Snow white could feel the upcoming tension so he dropped his hand to rest on his boyfriend's shoulder as they kept each other's gaze through the mirror.

"Bummie, will you tell me who is ChangMin? That SooYoung girl's boyfriend. Who is he?.."

            For a moment surprise flash on KiBum's face. Is DongHae doubting him?

".. Is ChangMin that guy you were with last week in the restaurant where hyungs will celebrate their birthday? Is he that guy who hugged you that time?"

            KiBum sat beside DongHae and they face each other. Snow white took his boyfriend's hands in his, his head hung low as he spoke in a low tone

"You think I'm cheating, don't you? You ask me because you believe SooYoung-sshi's words, isn't it?" as he go on asking his voice begins to shake as if he's starting to cry. DongHae immediately hugged KiBum and burried his head to the other's neck. He beat KiBum into shedding tears

"I'm sorry. I won't ask again. I'm just afraid you'll leave me. I don't know how I'll live if you leave me again. I'm just afraid you won't love me anymore. I don't know how to live without you anymore. I'm so sorry. Don't leave me." Hae held onto him and cried like a child who is pleading his parents to stay. The action once again melt snow white's heart. He smiled and tears of happiness slid down his cheek as he hugged back. His beloved loves him as much or far more than how he loves hae himself. He is so happy to know that their love to each other is that much

"I won't leave you. I'll always love only you."


            The very moment he opened his eyes all Kim HeeChul wants is to massage the back of his head which feels like it was hit by a brick and stretch his seemingly stiff body, but he's restrained by the weight against him. He blink a lot of times to clear his vision and have enough time to clear his mind.

"YunHo!" he worriedly gasped as he saw the unconscious boy lying on his lap. He shook the gang leader slightly till YunHo was able to give him a half-lidded unfocused gaze. HeeChul slapped his face slightly but it doesn't seem to work

"Don't try. We drugged him. It's too dangerous if he recovers his strength"

            The Diva looked up to find the source to be a smirking Jung Jessica with a single gunman accompanying her. The princess pulled YunHo into him and envelope him as if to protect him with his arms as he gave Jessica fierce, piercing glare.

"Damn it! Jessica! stop this, this instance. CRAZICA!! What the hell is wrong with you??" Jessica just smirked a little more teasingly

"You just said it! I'm Crazy Jessica in your eyes, then I'd act as CRAZICA all the way!" the girl growled

"What do you want? Release us! Look at what you've done to your own cousin! This is insane. You need help. Let us go and we would help you" Heenim slowly recovered his composure and is currently trying to talk his way out of the situation.

"It doesn't matter that he's my cousin. He stole you from me and that fact would never change!" she is losing her cool thinking that her own cousin, who is a man, stole his dream guy!

"Doing this to us won't make me love you. And besides, YunHo isn't even my boyfriend anymore!" Chullie spoke loud but he kept his tone in an understanding level.

            Jessica chuckled, almost considerably, crazily before stating

"He is still your boyfriend. You even gave him your body last night. I wouldn't plead for you to have feelings for me in exchange of his life. YOU WILL MARRY ME IN EXCHANGE OF HIS LIFE! JONGHYUN!" as the name was called, her gunman pointed his caliber .45 toward the half conscious man cradled into the arms of another.

++Eeteuk and KiBum's doorway++

            The fish said he needed to go to practice before attending the party so he headed out. When he was out of sight KiBum called ChangMin

"Minnie, do you have some of those medicines with you? The one you gave me in Paris?" snow white spoke as he refrained his voice from faltering. He's trying to massage the pain away in his head. He closed his eyes trying to picture happy things to relax as he was told to do whenever he feels that way.

"Bummie?? What happened? Did you have a fight with anyone?" the guy on the other line warily asked

"Just.. please! I can't speak right now. Just... argh!" and the call ended

            ChangMin stared at the phone with creases of worry deepening on his forehead. KiBum sounded harsh at the end of the conversation but ChangMin knew why and he understood the situation completely. He isn't a bit mad or irritated by the other's attitude for he could just imagine snow white's pain that moment. He immediately drove to KiBum's home. KiBum was waiting at the gates with an exhausted look. ChangMin rushed toward him

"Bummie! Aissh! What have you been doing? You look tired!" Min scolded concern, checking the other like a kid


            Just when he was at the bus stop DongHae realized that he left his wallet at his boyfriend's. Now he'll totally be late for the practice. When Hae was in front of the house next to KiBum's he stopped on his tracks when he saw a quiet familiar guy in front of his bummie's gates. He watched as the man's hand caressed KiBum's cheek, both guys wearing that same wary expression as they did at the restaurant. Fishy clenched his fist when the man landed a kiss on his beloved's forehead before holding snow white's hands for a while before kissing KiBum's cheek goodbye.

++KiBum's P.O.V.++

            I looked down to my hands clutching my medicines. ChangMin is such a good friend. To think that I'm even rude when we first met. It makes me feel bad thinking of all the times I treated him with bitch mode. I took hold of his wrist before he walked farther to give him one last smile. I'm thankful that he's always there to help me. He returned the smile and pulled me in a hug. He squeezed me a bit before he totally said his last goodbyes and drove away.

++END OF P.O.V.++

            DongHae held himself from storming to the scene. Instead he gulped and leaned against the wall with his hand on his chest while muttering

"Trust him. He loves you. He said so. He wouldn't lie. He wouldn't." in repeat as his mantra to calm his burning chest

++Choi Mansion++

            SiWon waited for YeSung that morning. Everything the turtle does seems normal EXCEPT the 'distance' he's been keeping. He talks to SiWon, yes, but he never let even the slightest physical contact to occur. When they were preparing for the party the Christian boy trapped the other in their room for interrogation.

"What is wrong with you?" SiWon asked. JongWoon is currently underneath him with Simba's muscled arms barricading him from escaping. Cloud tries to push him off but as expected the bigger man didn't budge. As he stare at SiWon's determined eyes he figured out that getting straight to the point is the best way so he took a deep breath gathering all his courage to stay calm as he said

"What is wrong? What we are doing, that's wrong! SiWon, let's stop this. I'd do anything for this love and if it means being incest is the only way to keep this love then I would. I don't care what other people would think or say about me but what worry me is you. Others will talk behind your back. I make you commit this sin when I know how much you love your religion. I can't confuse you anymore. Let's stop this. I'll be your brother and you'd be the good Christian that you are."

            The words stiffened SiWon he became dazed and murmured

"What-" but before he could come back to his senses, he was push aside for cloud to get on his feet

"Let's just break up" YeSung announced bluntly as he stride to the door, this left the other totally dumbfounded. For a few moments of contemplation, SiWon just stared blankly in space. When it sinked into him he rushed to his car and drove off without any real destination. His eyes are blurred with tears he's trying to refrain falling.


            Heechul tightened his hold onto YunHo as he eyed in shock the girl smirking in front of him. The loud sound of the slamming of the door caught their attentions

"Drop that or I'll kill him" there stood at the door a determined Chinese man pointing a knife to an unknown pretty boy in his arms

"Key!!" JongHyun lost focus on his prey as his scared eyes watch his lover getting held hostage.

"I'm sorry JongHyun, I didn't know the guy knew martial arts. I'm sorry" the guy named Key stammered almost in tears

"Drop your gun or my hand might slip and cut your boyfriend's throat" HanGeng threatened as he press the blade to Key's cheek

            JongHyun's eyes widen but immediately turned to slits as spoke with his gun now adjusted a bit to point at the pretty boy holding onto his ex for his dear life

"I'm a sharp shooter and a professional hired killer. While you are just a student messing around with a sharp object. I know the place to hit to kill right at this moment and I know I could pull this trigger faster than you could decide for your conscience."

            HanKyung knew that JongHyun's words were true but before his nerves could even surfaced a commotion started when Jessica turned berserk as she tried to get the gun from JongHyun

"You stupid man! Don't point the gun to my love!! I pay you to assist me not threaten the life of my man!!" Jessica fought for the gun and as they battled for possession of the weapon a gunshot resounded through out the place and paralyzed every breathing soul. They all turned to the hugging couple on the floor. JongHyun dropped the gun as he stared, Jessica's eyes widened and she started shaking in fear, HanKyung's mind got blank and mindlessly let go of his hostage who also froze watching

"HeeChul.." the pretty boy lying on the floor on his back opened his eyes to look at the source of the weak call on top of him. YunHo stared at him with half-lidded eyes and smiled sweetly

"..are you hurt?.." YunHo asked with a husky low voice

"..A..aniyo." Heenim answered stuttering as he is slowly getting where the scene would lead

"..Ummh, I'm happy to hear that..." after those words from the gang leader he collapsed. The Diva sat up and gathered his ex in his arms. Blood came out from YunHo's mouth, it flowed like the tears escaping Cinderella's eyes.

"YunHo!!" HeeChul cried his heart out as he rocked back and forth with the still warm body craddled in his arms.

            Jessica and HanKyung were too shock while JongHyun run to his lover and made their escape as the people left try to sink in their mind the first killing they ever witness in front of their eyes.

"Jessica, the cops are coming!" Taeyon and SooYoung who rashly came in from the back door dragged their still motionless friend to the get away car and drove off from the scene. HanKyung run to HeeChul and YunHo. Just a minute after that police swarmed the place and the medics took the wounded to the ambulance. HeeChul went with the ambulance, his mind just filled with YunHo and his hands not leaving his savior's own. The princess couldn't stop shedding tears

"Jung YunHo, I know you said you can't stay beside me forever. But you can't leave me now! Not like this! Don't dare! Damn it!! Wake up!!" Heenim held YunHo's hand with both of his and bury his tear stained face in it.

            HanKyung was left to tell the police everything that happened but of course a patrol car is already chasing the three girls. SooYoung is driving the car as fast as she could. Seeing the police car tailing them like mad makes her mind go blank with nervousness and she blindly drove fast as a drag racer.

            While the commotion is going on, a group of people is already searching the streets of Seoul for the missing pair. Eeteuk decided to get moving when the clock strike 4pm without any call from the cat. Now it's 6pm, LeeTeuk's group haven't heard anything from anyone yet. The police chase is already taking place. They were about to cross the street when the angel's phone rung. KiBum, who is at the lead, stop on his track to watch the wary expression on his hyung's face. After hearing from HanKyung, blood was drained from the angel's face. He put the phone back to his pocket and was about to fill the other's with the news but blinding lights caught his attention first. Without even consulting his brain his body moved in impulse. He pushed snow white away and felt great impact hit him before losing consciousness. SooYoung, who is driving the car which hit LeeTeuk, panic a notch higher and totally lost it. She stepped on the gas harder making the tires screech in it's speed. She suddenly made a sharp turn not aware that there's a car ahead. She hit the driver's seat side of a car parked next to the restaurant the group must meet in. Inside the black Porsche, is a severely bleeding gentleman with a phone ringing in his right hand. The caller ID reads "YeSung<3"

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