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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned(1/?)

November 29th, 2010 (03:49 am)


Genre: romance, angst, drama

Rating: PG13 and may go higher in further chapters (depends on my mood XD )

Disclaimer: I don’t really understand why we need to put disclaimers when it is obvious that none of us own them… and neither are we getting money from this…

Pairings: SiHanChul, YeWon, KyuMin, KangTeuk, KiHae, CinHae, YeMin (YeSung/SungMin)

Other characters: EunHyuk, YunHo

Author’s note: It’s my first post here so please be nice…. But I’m gonna say this now.. I think comments are desperately needed or I couldn’t continue coz I’m having this severe attacks of Author’s block even in my fics in anime fandom. And I hate it as hell…

Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren’t as stable as they expected them to be. It’s not always you’ll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end with who when every one is getting into each other’s business?

….High school AU…


“Next time you mess up with my brother, you’ll regret it, painfully” HeeChul put emphasis in the last word he just said

SiWon along with DongHae and KiBum just stood there staring at the older male. SiWon just huffed, took a good look at his wrist watch, looking really bored. HeeChul smirked and said as he walked pass the other

“Be careful kid”

“You’re just a year older than me, don’t call me kid” SiWon said annoyed as he turned to the other who also paid his comment a look and another evil smirk before he made his way out of Wonnie’s sight for good.

DongHae nudged SiWon when he’s sure that there’s not a trace of HeeChul’s shadow at sight and said

“You shouldn’t piss him off. You know how dangerous he is, right?”

“I don’t care. I don’t give a damn if his best friend is the student council’s president or that he is always accompanied by that black belter Taekwondo club president or even to the fact that he is the top student in his year level and almost every one in this school is under him” SiWon said obviously aggravated

“And you just told me why he is so dangerous” DongHae rolled his eyes with that.

“I didn’t even do anything wrong and he’s threatening me like that” SiWon said exasperated by the mere thought

“But you know the rumors going round, right? Everyone is talking about you bullying his brother, YeSung. It’s because of that day that you glared at him and he was so taken aback that he shivered then everyone who saw it thought that you are scaring the hell out of him.” DongHae stated pouting

It’s SiWon’s turn to roll his eyes “Is it my fault that the guy is such a scaredy cat? I don’t think so. He just looked up to me at the wrong time. I was so frustrated that day”

Suddenly a playful grin tugged into the corners of DonHae’s lips as he said “Bad first impression then”

Even KiBum, who wasn’t participating in that senseless (for him) conversation, turned to throw a puzzled look at the other. Realizing that he made the two other crave for explanation the fish continued

“Didn’t you tell us that you like Kim HeeChul the moment you saw him in our first day in this school. Remember when he did that speech to welcome the freshmen?”

The Christian boy’s eyes widened a bit. ‘He still remembers that?’

“I just liked him because i was so amazed how he stood there at the stage with pure confidence and how beautiful he is. And it’s because my heart beat faster as I looked at him there and coz I felt warmth because of the cozy, shining aura his mere presence gives off” his anger trailed off. He looked down trying to hide the blushed forming in his cheeks and the smile which suddenly crept up to his face.

“See! You still like him even after you saw his dark side!” DongHae almost yelled excitedly

Hearing this, KiBum can’t help but smile for his friend’s… what should he call it?? Martyrdom? Naivety? Or…. Love?

Wanting the conversation to end SiWon finally said “Aisshh!! Let’s not talk about that!! I have to go. As the class president (I hate this work ~_~) I need to submit this papers to the student council president”

“Then you’ll see the princess again!” EunHyuk , who suddenly appeared, said joyfully

“Oh Gosh! Why do you suddenly pop out of nowhere?!”

“Don’t mind me. I’m just passing by” he said as he walked away leaving the three others staring at him


SiWon knocked at the door while balancing a pile of papers in his hand. The angelic voice of the student council president, Park Jung-soo or also known as EeTeuk, almost made him jump

“Come in”

As he entered the room he was immediately greeted by hands who took the load he’s carrying from him and placed it at the table.

“You are that Junior president of class A right?? Take a seat first.” EeTeuk asked with a warm smile

SiWon just nod. EeTeuk excused himself and told SiWon to wait for him. He said that the principal wants them to give out pamphlets of some kind and he’ll just look for the copy for SiWon’s class. While Teukie was searching for the pamphlet the other took the glory to sit in one of the chair in there and that was the time he noticed that there’s another person aside from Teukie and himself. He couldn’t resist but walk toward the sleeping figure on the couch. From afar the girl on the couch seemed really pretty with her curls gathered in a ponytail and an undeniably gorgeous figure. SiWon isn’t thinking of doing anything to the girl especially not taking advantage of a sleeping person, he is a good Christian after all. He’s just curious who it was. As he got closer he noticed that he know the girl and it wasn’t actually a girl but it is none other than HeeChul (I tried to describe his looks in their MV of ‘Twins’(knock out)). SiWon can’t help but smile at himself. How silly of him to think that there will be a girl in the student council’s room when he is attending an all boys’ school.

“Ah… SiWon-sshi”

SiWon shivered as he felt the other speak so near to his ear.

“He looks like an angel when he’s asleep, right? I apologize for what he did earlier. He’s just an over protective brother. Be a bitch toward him and he’ll forgive you but never raise your voice to his brother or he’ll be ready to kill you there and then”

Simba looked up to Teukie who have this smile in his face that tells everyone that they couldn’t argue with anything he said. Suddenly the door opened and both of them looked up to see who it was. They were greeted by a friendly smile and a ‘Hi!’ from the Chinese man. EeTeuk smiled back at his friend and said

“HanKyung! Good that you’re here. Will you take our princess somewhere else for him to sleep? He couldn’t stay here any longer cause there’ll be a meeting here later.”

“Do I need to attend that meeting too?” it sounded more like a plea than a question

“Nah, I know you wouldn’t want to anyway and you need to accompany HeeChul or else he’s gonna bother me all day long”

*SiWon’s P.O.V.*

They talk about HeeChul like he’s some kind of kid to be taken care of. All that time that they were talking I took the chance to watch the sleeping princess. Yes, they are all right. LeeTeuk hyung is right, HeeChul looks like an angel. And, yeah, DongHae is so damn right, I like HeeChul, A LOT. It could even be more than admiration. My heart beats faster when I see him walking around campus and it skips a beat whenever I hear his voice. I didn’t notice that the two just finish talking and I was a bit startled when I saw HanKyung hyung scoop HeeChul out of the couch and took him out of the room. I took the papers from LeeTeuk Hyung and bid him goodbye. I really need fresh air right now. After seeing what just happened I’m a bit irritated by how close that China man is to HeeChul. I’m not really the possessive type or anything but I think I just couldn’t take seeing the person I like in someone else’s arms. I hate what I’m feeling coz it’s not right. Yeah, I like him… or even love him if it’s that so but we are not committed, he doesn’t even like me back so I don’t have the right to feel like this. Oh God, please help me to fight these feelings. I don’t like it. It hurts even though it shouldn’t.

*End of P.O.V.*

=== At the cafeteria ===

YeSung was trying to digest the food he just took in. He really couldn’t stand the food in the cafeteria. He really thinks they should change the menu. How could grass be as healthy as they say it is? Suddenly a bright SungMin sat beside him

“Sungie~~” the pink prince said in a sing sang tone

“How are we suppose to think and concentrate in our studies when we’re only eating grass for lunch?” YeSung said, disgusted with the food in his plate

SungMin just smiled widely as he said

“Sungie, that’s vegetable not grass. And it’s healthy.”

YeSung just rolled his eyes thinking how on earth other people could say that grass..err.. vegetable is good for them

“I wish HeeChul hyung would just cook for me everyday so I won’t have to suffer like this”

“Why won’t you just ask HanKyung hyung to cook for you? We both know that he’ll do anything for the brother of his love interest”

YeSung glared at his friend

“You know? I like HanKyung hyung, but not for my brother”

“Ah.. yeah.. I remembered, you just want your brother all for yourself. YeSungie doesn’t want to share what is his~~” Minnie chimed teasing the other and not failing.

Cloud looked down trying to hide the blood rush forming in his cheeks

“Wh..wha..what are you talking about! It’s not like that! I just don’t want him to get hurt! I’m just protecting him!”

Hearing this, SungMin’s smile dropped for a moment and he turned to serious mode as he said

“Speaking of protecting, have you heard what happened this morning?”

The other just shook his head and looked at him intently and he continued

“Your brother confronted SiWon-sshi this morning regarding that issue that our class president is bullying you.”

The other’s right eye twitched and as his mind sipped in the news that was just said, worry started tainting his face. Unconsciously his mouth hung open for a moment before he spoke

“SiWon-sshi isn’t bullying me! It was just a misunderstanding”

That silly grin was there again as the pink prince teased his friend a bit more

“~~oh!!~~ YeSungie is defending Mr. Class President. I almost forgot that you have a crush on him.. hehe.”

This earned him another flushed face from cloud. SungMin tried to display his sweetest smile though his heart is breaking at that moment. He’s happy that his friend is finally in love. Before, YeSung was the type of nerd who just knew books and not aware of other people’s existence (other than his brother). SungMin befriended him and tried his best to introduce the geek to exciting things and feelings a normal teenager should undergo and enjoy being young. He always teases the turtle to handsome guys in their classroom and even to his own brother because Minnie just knows how YeSung idolized HeeChul. It came a bit of a surprise for SungMin when he found out that his best friend likes SiWon. SiWon is every woman’s dream guy and in their school the Christian boy is one of the most wanted guys. If half of the student body in their school likes the cute, feminine, fragile-looking HeeChul, then half of them are after the oh-so-dependable, kind-hearted SiWon. Yes, he is one desirable man but it’s just that SungMin never thought that YeSung’s type is like that. From the day he discovered Sungie’s unrequited feelings for their class president he stopped planning on how to confess to his best friend, because he just knew that he doesn’t stand a chance to that guy.

For a brief moment SungMin’s eyes were averted from his friend to the guy who just entered the cafeteria. Speaking of the devil. He wiggled his eyebrows and smirked to YeSung. Cloud looked back as Minnie mouthed ‘turn around’. Yesung felt everything around him fade as he focused on one person. Chatting with his friends while going around looking for seats, their class president is undeniably recognizable even from afar not just because of his looks but also because of his signature animated hand gestures. He was so dazed that he could have stared at the guy for the whole day if his train of thoughts wasn’t disturbed by a hand which pushed him that made him turn to whoever dare did that just to see SungMin smiling and said

“Go and talk to him. Clear out everything or else you wouldn’t stand a chance anymore.”

YeSung couldn’t do anything else but to smile back and he walked toward SiWon even though inside he’s still asking himself what the hell is he exactly thinking of saying to the guy. He stopped just as SiWon looked up to see who cast a shadow before him and he smiled

“Do you need anything?” SiWon asked in his friendliest tone as he showed his dimpled smile to the stunned turtle

“Ah..I ..I.. ju..just.umhh..uh.. ” he stuttered and the other can’t help but raise an eyebrow and he stood up. SiWon tried to calm the other by putting a hand on YeSung’s shoulder because he thought that the action always works with his friends. Instead of helping, the contact made YeSung almost literally melt. He was frozen and he almost fell backwards if SungMin wasn’t behind him to catch him. Suddenly everyone around them started murmuring things and before YeSung could grasp the situation, SiWon sighed and said

“Oh my God, now I’m into a bigger problem. Am I that scary YeSung-sshi? I think this isn’t the best time to talk about what you were about to say a while ago. Bye.”

SiWon sighed once again and walked away with a lot of weight in his shoulder. Before he could go further YeSung stop him in his tracks as he said

“You’re not scary SiWon-sshi, you’re actually..” SiWon cut him by saying

“Thanks for trying but even though you’re saying that your body says otherwise”

SiWon walked out problematic knowing that there’ll be something big that would happen. He left YeSung cursing himself for his freaking body’s uncontrollable reactions.

*SiWon’s P.O.V.*

Now I’m sure I’ll be dead as hell. He just confronted me this morning and now new rumors are coming out. I’m sure that people are fueling the fire and saying that I bullied him again. What is better to gossip about than a loved, famous (not being haughty *,*) class president with the reputation as a good Christian bullying the frail brother of the school’s influential princess? It’s like going against the world. No one knows (since no one have guts to try bullying the princess’ brother) but it could be worse than receiving a red card from the F4 (JanDi? Not really). I have lots of problems already at hand because of my position and here comes another one. I really need fresh air now, seriously. I went out to enjoy the shades of the trees around campus but as I was about to cross the fence I saw him. He’s lying there, under the comfortable, cool shade of the big cinnamon tree(?). He’s peacefully having the time of his life and I’m having my time watching him. But as I move forward (I’m going to the council’s office, darn work, I’m really hating this ~_~) I noticed that he isn’t alone and I really don’t like the person he is with and their position is nothing better. HeeChul’s head rest on the Chinaman’s lap. Chullie is sleeping and the damn Chinese is running his fingers through his hair(guess it’s so soft, I’m jealous…oh my that’s one capital sin) while reading a book (I don’t care a bit to what book was that). I tried to not stomp my way to the office. Why are they so close? What’s between them? This is darn frustrating! I said a while ago that I should drop these thoughts and this feeling should be stopped but it is so damn hard. I need to forget this feeling or else I’ll have no choice and I’ll have to…pursue it, pursue him.


As soon as he woke up, HeeChul stretched his arms not caring if he hit the person nestling him. He opened his eyes not surprise to be welcomed by a radiant smile from the Chinaman he got use to seeing.he flashed a smile as a greeting then HanKyung’s eyes soften a bit more and his radiant smile turned into a wary one as he said

“Why don’t you get back to sleep? You look so tired”

HeeChul took a deep breath before speaking; making sure HanKyung wouldn’t notice anything

“Yah!! I’m okay, don’t look so worried. I just need to do a bit of extra work to improve my grades”

HanKyung sighed knowing HeeChul too well; he’s lying

“Yeah? Tons of extra projects and unnecessary extra curricular activities are a bit huh? Improve your grades? My gosh Chullie, you’re on top of our year level and there’s no way anyone could beat you. And even with school loads you still work on weekends. Do you really need that scholarship grant that bad?”

The pretty boy sat upright, resting his back against the tree, answer evident on his face. He reached for his phone in his pocket. His eyes widened and started scolding HanKyung as he saw 25 missed calls and tons of text messages

“Why didn’t you wake me up? You even turned my phone’s setting to silent!!”

The Chinese guy looked up to him with thoughtful eyes

“I just want you to get more sleep”

HeeChul read the messages, each one containing the same thing. His expression hardened as he put his phone back to his pocket and he was about to stand up when HanKyung grabbed his wrist and said with worry written all over his face

“Where are you going? You should rest for a bit more”

He’s almost pleading for the other to stay. The tight expression on HeeChul’s face loosened as he put his hand against HanKyung’s cheek and he smiled at his friend

“Hannie, I’m just going to see that guy. I’ll just ask for something”

The Chinese guy’s eyebrow twitched

“That guy? The guy in the rooftop??”

When HeeChul nods the Chinaman’s grip tightened and his worry just worsened.

“Hannie, don’t worry. I’m just going to talk to him, okay? This is nothing illegal, though I wouldn’t say that it is all good”

“But we know that guy. He’s not much of a gentleman even to you”

The reassuring smile on the princess’ face turned to a knowing smirk

“Hannie, it’s Yunho. He wouldn’t hurt me. I know he’s dangerous for others but me; I could talk him out to almost anything. You know that I could pull the right strings to make him do what I want him to do. I need his help for that bastard isn’t getting away, he’ll pay”

HeeChul walked away leaving HanKyung who just sighed. Chullie turned for his last words for the other

“I’m happy to know that you are this concern to me”

Then the princess made his way to the rooftop where the guy they were talking about was expected to be. When he opened the door, a figure lying on the floor watching the sky welcomed him. The man stood up and gave Chullie a sly smirk

“Wow! Rella, I’m really touched that you decided to come in here. Why? Do you want me in your room tonight?”

His words were full of malice but HeeChul just ignored him and he kept a straight face

“I need you and your gang”

Yunho’s grin grew wider

“Oh babe, sorry but you wouldn’t be able to take all of us in one night, you’ll get tired. And I wouldn’t want others touching you”

HeeChul rolled his eyes and sighed exasperatedly

“YunHo!! I’m serious here!!”

When YunHo saw that pout on the princess’ face he walked near the said boy and circled his arm around HeeChul’s waist and pulled him closer to his body. He draw his face closer to the princess until HeeChul could feel the other’s warm breath against his face as he said

“Okay, what do you want me to do and what will you give me in exchange?”

Their faces were dangerously close, their lips are inches away, their nose were touching, never losing eye contact when HeeChul spoke

“Help me teach someone a lesson. About the payment, you know that I’m not financially capable. What do you want in exchange?“

YunHo pulled away and pretended to think them he uttered happily

“What about a kiss?”

HeeChul raised an eyebrow

“You’ve stole enough kisses for me to repay you a lifetime of servitude”

“Those kisses don’t count because I stole them. I want one from you. A one that you’ll willingly give to me”

HeeChul pouted and looked at him puzzled

“There’s no difference, it’s still a kiss”

YunHo smiled, it’s rare to see such a sweet smile from him. He pecked at the princess’ cheek before letting go and he got into business

“Who is the bastard?”

“A junior, Choi SiWon. You know him?”

YunHo eyed him with disbelief

“Of course I know him. His popularity is like next to yours. I never knew that that Holy man is capable of doing crap around obviously influential people. Well anyway, after class. Don’t bring that Chinese immigrant”

YunHo’s expression tightened at the mere mention of his rival’s nationality

With a seemingly blunt face, HeeChul nod and walked out of YunHo’s sight. YunHo just smirked feeling good not because of the deal they made but because his princess called for his help and not HanKyung’s and because of the fact that he was able to talk to the princess a little longer this time with a little less hatred directed to him from his beloved. He would do anything HeeChul ask for, without hesitation and any compensation. No matter how bad, hard or immoral the task will be, he doesn’t care. All he thinks about is to please Cinderella. But sometimes because of the intensity of his feelings toward the other he does things just to get Chullie without considering the upcoming results.

++At the library++

“Where is SiWon?” DongHae asked with such innocence to KiBum, who is reading a book he should have finished 2 days ago if a certain someone isn’t dragging him everywhere all-day long. He put his book down as a realization hit him and he looked intently to the other as he asked

“Am I really that boring to be with?”

“No!No!No! I just want to talk to someone and since you are reading I don’t want to disturb you” he waved his hands too defensively.

KiBum reached for him and DongHae braced himself for a hit but what came next was a hand fondly ruffling his hair

“I’m not your pet” he said pouting

KiBum just smiled at how much fishy resembles a child

“You’ve been disturbing me all this time”

DongHae looked down staring at his feet as he analyzed how he disturbed the other. Right after class he dragged the other, literally, without any consent, to the canteen. Right after he finished his food, without considering that KiBum isn’t done yet, he went to the library with snow white in tow. He’s mercilessly taking the other with him without thinking what KiBum would feel, what he was doing, what he’s planning to do or what he wasn’t able to do because of the disruption. Even with all the annoying things (DongHae realized) he had done, he haven’t heard a single word of complaint and even with all that, DongHae is making KiBum feel as if he’s the one who doesn’t care of his friend who is dying because of boredom. All he did are things which satisfied his wants. What about KiBum? DongHae looked up to his friend. His eyes full of apology, concern and determination all at one time.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been too self-centered”

KiBum just smiled at him

“It’s okay, apology accepted”

“Tell me what you want to do. Where do you wanna go? I owe you. I’ll do any favor you ask for”

Snow white raised an eyebrow quizzically

“You owe me?”

When DongHae nod, he looked up trying to look like he’s thinking then he came up with something

“For today, I want peace so I could finish my book. For tomorrow, well, tomorrow is Saturday and I want to go to the park for fresh air but I don’t want to go alone will you accompany me?”

There was a moment of silence as the two just exchanged glances and DongHae innocently asked

“Are there cotton candies there?”

KiBum can’t help but chuckle at the other’s cuteness but he eventually nod which made the other to jump in joy.


A/N: Yay! I’m done! Please read and leave a comment for me to improve and get hyped up. Please fuel my passion for writing and wake my freaking alter ego who is a better writer. Ehehe!! Ideas are flowing in my head but I can’t find a way to type them… I feel so stuck up right now… need to find inspiration… I’m warning everyone.. I could be HeeChul biased.. ehehe!! I love him, can’t help it. And please tell me if their relationships to each other aren’t clear (like… YeSung is HeeChul’s younger brother and it wasn’t mentioned but KIBUM is EETEUK’s YOUNGER BROTHER)


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Very good. Was captured the whole chapter! :D I'll just read on ^^

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Cute! I Love Yesung! So Is Everybody In Love With Heechul?

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