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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (7/?)

February 27th, 2011 (06:00 pm)

Genre: romance, angst, drama
Rating: PG13 and may go higher in further chapters (depends on my mood XD )
Disclaimer: I don’t really understand why we need to put disclaimers when it is obvious that none of us own them… and neither are we getting money from this…
Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KyuMin, KangTeuk, HaeHyuk KiHae, SiChul, CinHae, YeMin (YeSung/SungMin) , rumored KyuChul
Other characters: YunHo, JaeJoong,
Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren’t as stable as they expected them to be. It’s not always you’ll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end with who when every one is getting into each other’s business?

Chapter 7

That morning the princess expected to be greeted by his boyfriend but he ended up seeing a pink bunny with a goofy smile as he opened his eyes
"The hell Min. Get out." he hissed
He used the pillow to block the sunlight hitting his face as the pink prince opened the curtains. SungMin pulled the pillow away from the irritated princess causing the said person to growl even more.
"Get up hyung!"
HeeChul sat up just to point a finger to the door and yell
SungMin pout and stared at the older with irresistible pleading eyes
"But hyung...” he whined childishly
Heenim lay down again and replied with seemingly less annoyance this time
"Don't want to. And SungMin stop pouting like that. You're being too cute again, I hate it."
The bunny pouted a little more and showed his puppy dog eyes that made HeeChul groan and reach out a hand to the younger.
"Fine, fine. But you have to carry me downstairs because I'm too sleepy to do it myself. Consider this as compensation."
Pink prince jumped up in joy and piggy backed the older. As they were going down the stairs Heenim suddenly muttered
"Are you and my brother really in love with each other?"
This made SungMin to stop in his track. After a moment of silence, Minnie broke a smile as he started to walk again and said
"I love him"
HeeChul, despite of being a fresh face in the field of love, knew exactly what the other meant. There was silence again till it was the bunny’s turn to ask
"How about you hyung? Are you and SiWon really in love with each other?"
Heenim somewhat new that the question is coming so he wasn't surprised anymore and he replied with the same smile SungMin wore as he answered the same question a while ago -that same pained smile- .
"He loves me"
It was dead air once more. They understood each other. They know they are pained because of the truth and they are hurting the people around them, especially the ones important for them. They reached the kitchen and as they sat beside their respective boyfriends HeeChul blurt out bluntly
"YeSung, watch out. I might steal your boyfriend from you."
Their heads turned to him with wide eyes and they said in unison
Heenim looked up from his plate and blinked a few times before saying
"Aw come on. I'm just joking. You are all serious and I really hate the feeling"
SiWon and YeSung sighed in relief while SungMin giggled
"So, I'm important for Sungie too"
YeSung looked down fidgeting, trying to hide the blush forming on his cheeks as he muttered
"Of course you are important for me"
SungMin swung an arm around the turtle to pull him closer as he said
"Wow! You were not this shy last night" he chuckle a bit more as the other blushed harder, if that was even possible.
SiWon smiled at the sight before him with his famous dimpled smile. He was enjoying the scene when he suddenly had the urge to turn to Heenim. He found his lover staring at him with loving gaze and a dreamy smile
"Hyung?" he asked in confusion as he observed the airy expression hanging on the elder’s face.
Not a word escaped HeeChul's mouth. He just leaned forward and pressed his lips against SiWon's for a short, chaste kiss. HeeChul pulled away after a little while and smiled sweetly.
"Kyah! Get a room hyung!" SungMin suddenly whined, totally getting the attention of the two.

--- At School----
--- Lunch Time---
--- At the cafeteria---
The new couples were sitting on one table, sharing a romantic moment when DongHae suddenly came crashing to where they were and asked
"Have you seen KiBum?"
All of them shook their heads and DongHae pouted like a child as he walked away with the goal of finding leads about KiBum's absence when he caught sight of a familiar monkey.
"Hyukkie!!" he happily called out in the middle of the crowded cafeteria as he waved his hand to be no-ticed. EunHyuk tuned to see fishy waving at him, sporting a goofy smile. Hae almost run to get to him as soon as he could, looking so excited. Hyuk can't help the pulling sensation on his lips which made him smile. When the other finally reached him he asked excitedly before he could even his breathing
"Do you know why KiBum is absent today?"
Upon hearing the question, the smile on EunHyuk's face was immediately pulled down. He felt stabbed but he managed to shake his head. He was about to walk away when DongHae grabbed him and said
"About last week, I'm sorry if I didn't make it. What about this Saturday? Do you still want to watch a movie with me?"
It was an innocent question from a smiling kid but it made a smile creep back to the face of an obviously in love boy. EunHyuk was at lost of words and just nodded dumbly as he swayed his way out of the other's sight.
DongHae spotted LeeTeuk and rushed to the angel's side. He has been rushing to people who knew him and KiBum the whole morning, trying to get any information of the other's whereabouts.
"Hyung! Why is KiBum absent?"
Teukie smiled weakly
"He's, well, a bit sick today. He told me to tell you that he's fine and he'll definitely be back tomorrow"
The forced smile almost fades as he bid the other goodbye.

-- At LeeTeuk and KiBum's house --
KiBum was curled in his bed with the blankets cradling him. He's pulling on his hair hoping that the act would lessen the hammering pain in his head. From time to time he'll experience this mild migraines but today's attack is a little bit too over what he could handle. He couldn't move. Every time he do so his head would hurt like it's shattering. He felt like his brain's swelling. Every muscle in his body felt like withering. As if he was beaten. His bone, especially the joints hurt. He couldn't explain the excruciating pain. He has never felt this sick. Cold sweat, body pain, nausea, difficulty in breathing. Even his throat burned that he couldn't even swallow his own saliva. Even with all the pain all he thought about was DongHae.
'What would I tell him? DongHae should really be worried about me. I should be okay by tomorrow or else DongHae might come over and see me in this situation.'

--- At the Student Council's Room ---
HeeChul was, once again, lying on his favorite sofa, facing the head rest. He heard the door opened and then shut close again. He turned, thinking it was LeeTeuk. His eyes widened and he scrambled to his feet when he saw HanKyung's glare. HeeChul tried his best to avoid eye contact. He knew that Han-Kyung knows, that's why he's boring holes to the pretty boy.
"I thought you said you hated him"
HanKyung was the first one to speak
"I thought so myself" HeeChul replied weakly
Silence is floating in the air along with Heenim's heart beat which is logically inaudible but beats so loud that he himself thinks he hears it. He doesn't know what to reason because he himself doesn't know how he got into the situation he is now regarding his lovelife.He was about to give up. He even bowed his head but suddenly he heard a sigh from his best friend, as the China man walked toward him. Suddenly he was enveloped by the warmth he missed and thought he couldn't devour anymore once he's committed. He closed his eyes and rests his forehead against the other's chest. He thought HanKyung would hate him for not telling the other about his situation and feelings for SiWon. They once swore that they're best friends forever and there shouldn't be secrets between them. He thought the China man would hate him for break-ing the promise. HeeChul isn't afraid of breaking the rules but he would never break a promise, especially one that he made with his best friend. Eventually, HanKyung felt the need to pull away. He smiled at the other with full understanding and caressed the pretty boy's hair. In the middle of their intimate eye contact Heenim off handedly smiled mischievously and grabbed HanGeng's arms
"Hannie! Let's go to the mall. I'll buy something."

-- At a restaurant hours later--
Heenim and HanKyung sat opposite each other, enjoying their food after hours of strolling and buying things. Most of the time HeeChul would make the Chinese try the clothes he picked and check out if it fits then he'll buy the clothes but in bigger size. HanKyung was a bit confused. Why would Chullie give big clothes as present for him? Yep, present, because that day was HanKyung's birthday, that's also the reason he forgave the other. He didn't want to ruin the day that they celebrate with each other every year. Every time that the China man's birthday comes they would always ditch whatever they're doing and go spend the whole day with one another. It has always been the same those past few years so he was surprised when the other said
"I want to give my gifts to SiWon already" he blurt out giddily
HanKyung's eyebrows furrowed.
"What?" he asked eyes closed to hide the annoyance he felt
"It's his birthday tomorrow" Chullie replied with the same jovial tone as before
The Chinese almost grit his teeth. His eyebrow twitched
"Is there something today that you might want to celebrate?"
HanKyung was hoping that HeeChul would remember it for him to have a reason to not get mad that much. He wanted to wait patiently for Chullie's answer but the said person just tilts his head to the side with questioning eyes indicating, he didn't remember a thing. HanKyung stood up immediately and turned his back to Heenim
"I'll go back to school" he flatly said
HeeChul got worried because of the other's sudden change of attitude so he didn't question the China man further more and he just followed his best friend back to school. The journey back to the school was filled with unspoken tension. Finally they arrived in front of the student council's room. Once Han-Kyung opened the door he was greeted by a bear hug from their angel.
"Happy Birthday HanKyung!!" Eeteuk greeted him after he pulled away with a blinding smile in contrast with the China man's gloom.
On the other hand Heenim's eyes widened in realization. HanKyung rushed to get his bag and stride fast to the door passing by the still frozen HeeChul.

+++that night+++
+++at HeeChul's room+++
Chullie lie on his bed with Siwon caressing his hair. As the Christian boy murmur sweet nothings in his ear, his mind was out in space. He unconsciously let out a breath that the younger would obviously notice
"Something wrong?" SiWon asked nuzzling the princess' neck
"Something you want to tell me?" SiWon continued to ask as he started kissing the other's neck and his hand started to travel under the older's shirt. Wonnie's cold hand against Chullie's warm skin made HeeChul to involuntarily moan to the sensation and he muttered
"You are driving me crazy"
Heenim pulled SiWon by the hair for their lips to meet. The younger pulled away a bit after that and put up a straight face
"No, really, what's wrong?"
HeeChul sighed in defeat as he saw the burning determination on SiWon's eyes and he confessed
"I just feel so bad and guilty. How could I forget my best friend’s birthday? As I think of it now. I forgot about Hannie's birthday because of you. So basically, it's your fault too."
He slightly poked the tip of the younger's nose with his forefinger
"So what are you planning to do about it?" SiWon asked with pure concern
Heenim sat at the edge of the bed with SiWon behind him. The younger rest his chin on the elder’s shoulder as he wraps his arms around the other's waist
"I don't have any idea Wonnie"

+++ at YeSung's room +++
SungMin lay comfortably on his belly on YeSung's bed while flipping a chemistry book. YeSung stood beside the door, fidgeting, hesitant to take a step. Even though he's busy reviewing, the pink prince sensed the turtle's nervousness. He turned to YeSung just to catch the latter staring at him which he imme-diately stopped when he realized he was being watched too. SungMin sighed as he got up and walked to-ward his lover
"Why are you like this now? You're confusing me. Last night you were this fierce teenager wanting warmth and now you're distance scares me."
YeSung lowered his head not wanting any eye contact.
"That's why. I don't know why I acted like that last time. I'm ashamed I don't know how to talk to you any-more" his voice seemed to fade with each word he utter.
"Can't you do it anymore? Can't you pretend to love me anymore? Do you want to run to him and tell him that you love him?"
The turtle turned for the door
"You said I murmur things when I sleep. I don't want to hurt you anymore" he said before leaving
He clearly heard those words but in his mind and heart he knew better. He knew the hidden mes-sage in those words. 'I need more time'. Just like what the turtle would always tell the other. SungMin lay down on the bed again but sleep wouldn't visit him. After a few hours he went downstairs with a blanket at hand, to find YeSung curled to the sofa. He walked toward the sleeping figure, careful not to make too much noise that would wake up the other. He put the blanket over the turtle and he sat on the floor facing the sofa so he could watch the other's face until he too fell into a deep sleep.
SiWon woke up first and he carefully entangles the older male's arms around him. He smiled and pecked the other's cheek before he left the room. He went downstairs and was greeted by a sleeping figure on the sofa. He scoots down to look at the face of the turtle. He can't help to smile as he watches YeSung sleep peacefully

== SiWon's P.O.V. ==
I sat there wanting to watch him a little longer. He doesn't look like HeeChul but they share this aura that would make anyone to stop and stare. I'm trying so hard to muffle my laughter every time he does these cute little expressions. His lips curved into a sweet smile. If he wasn't asleep I would think that he's smiling at me. Now that I'm looking at him this close, I could see how flawless his face is. It looks so smooth that I want to touch him. And his lips, they look so soft that I want to...
"You like him?"
I was derailed as I heard those words from SungMin. I stood up and faced him.
"What?" I tried to hide the nervousness I feel
It's so awkward to face him like this after getting caught staring at his boyfriend.
"If you love YeSung, you should break up with hyung first. Think SiWon before you act or else you'd end up hurting them. Don't be like us." SungMin said not looking at me
His face was a blank page. It makes you curious and afraid at the same time. But what made me think were his words. Us? Him and who? Think before acting? Hurting them? What the hell is he talking about?!? I'm just looking for heaven's sake. Though at one point there, I wanted to... to kiss YeSung.

== End of P.O.V. ==


Author's note: I'm sorry for another late update. Aissh... I'm really having a hard time in juggling school works and I'm still mourning because...... I FREAKING MISSED SS3!!! I WASN'T ABLE TO WATCH THEM ON STAGE!!! AARGH!!!! ... I'm hoping for SS4... If that happens, nothing could stop me from watching. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment..

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