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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (8/?)

March 13th, 2011 (06:38 pm)



Genre: romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don’t really understand why we need to put disclaimers when it is obvious that none of us own them… and neither are we getting money from this…

Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KyuMin, KangTeuk, HaeHyuk KiHae, SiChul, CinHae, YeMin (YeSung/SungMin) , rumored KyuChul
Pairings of this chapter: YunHo/HeeChul, HeeChul/YeSung, KiHae, HaeHyuk, a bit YeWon and HanChul

Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren’t as stable as they expected them to be. It’s not always you’ll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end with who when every one is getting into each other’s business?

Rating: R 

WARNING: INCEST!!(I'm not sure if I should really consider this as incest..)

Chapter 8


            After that encounter with SungMin, SiWon hasn't been visiting HeeChul in their house or seen with the younger brother. He's trying to avoid YeSung as much as possible. It's not because of anything much more complicated. He's doing it simply because he's afraid. Afraid that he'd sin again. He once violated one of God's rules. He loved a man. He doesn't want to break another one by falling in love with two people at the same time. So as much as possible he wanted to contain himself until everything's clear in his mind. But he couldn't just avoid his own boyfriend. After all, he turned back to his own principle just to be with HeeChul and the princess still gives him the same sensation as before. There's nothing wrong with him and Chullie, it's just YeSung that confuse him. He's in love with HeeChul and still he will be. Anyway, he doesn't feel like that towards the turtle, not before he started liking to watch the lithe man while he's asleep or before he was left dumbfounded because of the riddle-words from the pink prince. He just needs a break from this confusing game of love. Yes, love is a game. That's what HeeChul would always say. You need two people to play it and more to cheat.


----At HeeChul's room----

            HeeChul saw that it's 9:00 pm already and he was about to sleep again after waking up from his afternoon nap when he felt arms snaked around his waist to pull him into a back hug while lying on the bed. Chullie smiled, knowing perfectly who it was. He turned to peck at the culprit's forehead. YeSung giggled and looked up at him

"I missed you hyung. I missed our times like this."

            Heenim just closed his eyes and devoured the warmth as he pulled his dongsaeng's body closer. The princess was surprised when he felt warm lips softly and carefully brushed against his. He opened his eyes and watched the obviously nervous younger one as he pulled away


            YeSung snuggled to him closer, burying his face in his hyung's chest

"Hyung, please" his pleading tone somewhat got through HeeChul's sanity barrier

"I told you, a kid shouldn't do it" the princess said, reminding him of the same scene few years ago

            To his surprise, the turtle's hand snaked inside his shirt and roamed his torso which gave him a special kind of sensation. His hand brushed against some sensitive spot that made HeeChul close his eyes and try to muffle a moan. YeSung looked up at him

"I'm not a kid anymore"

            Knowing how stubborn YeSung could be about the topic, he had no choice but to give in but before anything he whispered to his brother's ear

"We'll see"

            In a split second, he was on top of the younger. YeSung blushed underneath because everything was so sudden. HeeChul leaned down to kiss his brother hungrily. The attack was welcomed by the younger. He even closed his eyes, feeling his hyung's soft lips ravished his. HeeChul is a virgin, yes, to guys that is. He had AN experience with a girl once, but that was a different story. It was nothing he wanted to be reminded of. Being virgin in guys doesn't mean Heenim doesn't know how to kiss or tease another man. Chullie licked YeSung's lower lip. He was permitted to explore the younger's warm cavern. Heenim unbuttoned the turtle's shirt. HeeChul's hand travelled down as his kisses slowly moved downward too. As he was leaving marks on his brother's chest by sucking and biting, his hand found the younger's thigh, where fire is being lit up every time his hand run up and down his thigh. YeSung bit his lower lip, not wanting to moan just yet. He grabbed onto the bed sheets tightly as his brother played with his chest some more. He couldn't take the heat of intimacy. He never thought his hyung would be like this. As he was thinking of what more would happen, he lost body contact with his brother. He opened his eyes and with confusion he stared at his hyung, who is now lying beside him. Chullie moved his face closer to YeSung until their noses touched. His eyes closed as  he said with a smile

"I told you kid, you shouldn't do this with me. Just ask your boyfriend to satisfy your wants. Now, let's sleep"

            YeSung pouted. Heenim granted his dongsaeng one soft kiss before he pull the younger closer and rest his chin on the turtle's head. After a sigh escaped his mouth, YeSung just decided to sleep. Both of them fell asleep comfortably, enjoying each other's warmth.








--- KiBum's P.O.V.---

            As I woke up I expected to be greeted by my hyung's worried face, but instead someone else fell asleep on a chair beside me while holding my hands. I found the reason to smile as I watch him in his peaceful sleep. Oops, I think I woke him up when I wasn't able to control myself from running my fingers to trace his jaw line. He rose from his position slowly and rubbed his eyes cutely. I notice his sleepiness was swept off immediately when he saw me smiling at how terribly cute he was. He held my hands tighter and came closer to me as he asked

"KiBummie~~ are you feeling well now?? Are you that sick??"

            I could see how worried he is. I patted his head and said

"I'm fine" though I believe that I put quite a good act he still didn't believe me

"But you skipped school twice this week. That's so unlike you. How could you possibly be fine??" he's more like scolding me. Before I could even open my mouth to defend myself I suddenly found myself pulled into a hug. I felt wetness on my shoulder. Is Hae crying?

"I was so worried" I'm sure I heard him say that

            I pulled away and gave him the sunniest smile I could and wiped his tears with my thumb as I promised

"I'll come to school tomorrow, don't worry anymore"

---- End of P.O.V.-

            They stared at each other's eyes as KiBum caressed DongHae's hair. They moved closer to each other and didn't notice that their faces were just a breath apart. When they snapped out of each other's dreamy eyes fishy wanted to avoid the other by turning to his side but snow white prevented him from doing so by putting his hands on either side of Hae's face. KiBum moved his face closer, closer.... DongHae closed his eyes and waited a bit more until he felt it. KiBum's soft lips pecked his....cheek. Hae opened his eyes. As he stared at the smiling KiBum he felt.... dismay?? For a moment there, he really thought that maybe.. maybe KiBum was planning to kiss him on the lips. Well, as it turned out, he's wrong. He expected too much. He just stood up and turned around because he doesn't want to show his blush of embarrassment and jut said

"Yah!! I'm going now. I just checked on you. Ahaha.. umh.. see you tomorrow.. ah... bye"

            He sounded and looked so awkward as he made his way out, marching. He was walking on the street with his mind flying somewhere. He bumped to someone and cause the latter to drop his plastic bag with the stuffs he just bought. They picked it up, they stood up and DongHae was about to apologized when he realized who it was. Again his sunny smile was ready to be showcased.

"Hi Hyukkie! Oh my, I forgot to go to your house yesterday"

            Hae looked so guilty and the monkey was just about to say some comforting words when the fish started talking again with the sudden change of expression

"Oh!!! what about now?? Let's just go to your house and watch that movie you wanted"

            Even before the other could reply, fishy grabbed EunHyuk by the wrist and led him to his house.


+++At EunHyuk's Room+++

            They were lying side by side, watching "Finding Nemo" (DongHae ended up choosing the movie for he was too excited to even give EunHyuk a minute to answer him when he asked what movie they would watch and he concluded that Hyukkie have no idea). Fishy's eyes were glued on the screen through out the movie while,  without his knowledge, the other was stealing glances every once in a while. EunHyuk's heart was beating wildly. Never have it cross his mind that he'll be able to watch a movie with his crush, in his room. Wow! they suddenly  seem so close. They were classmates for a long time but DongHae often just talks to KiBum so they were really not close. they barely speak to each other to say the truth. But then, one day, the monkey tried his luck and tried to ask DongHae to watch a movie. Well, he didn't actually asked him on a date. It's not a date right? with that thought he wasn't able to stop a blush to form in his cheeks as he stare at the fishy's beautiful face. In the middle of his trance, Hae suddenly turned to him. Sometimes it's really a good thing that DongHae is a dense one or else he would have realized that the blush across the other's face is  because of him

"EunHyuk?? Are you okay?? Are you sick? You're all red"

            He even put his hand against the monkey's forehead to check on the other's temperature which just made him blush even harder. And it made DongHae panic

"Oh you have  a fever!"

"No, no. it's just.. ah.. the weather. Yeah, the weather! Haha! It's hot. That's all. Hehe." he defended himself hesitantly

            It was a mistake though, to use the weather for a reason. DongHae suddenly took off his shirt. EunHyuk's eyes widen with the sight. DongHae's toned body is before his own eyes. If he reach out his hand now, he'll be able to feel those abs. DongHae lied on Hyuk's bed closing his eyes saying

"Yeah, it's pretty hot. Umhh your bed is so comfy. I think I might... fall asleep" with that Hae yawned and in a matter of seconds he's fast asleep making these cute sounds as he roam dreamland. EunHyuk carefully draw himself closer. He poked DongHae's cheek ever-so-slightly a few times to check if the other was really asleep. He got no response so he just smiled while enjoying the sight of the other's sleeping face that close.


===Monday morning===

            It was too early for anyone to be knocking on the Kim brother's door but there is someone indeed.

"Kim Jongwoon" hearing that groan from his brother made YeSung to reluctantly go downstairs and entertain the early bird. He opened the door and when he saw who it was he was immediately swept off of his sleep. The petite man leaning against the door frame avoided his gaze and said in a low voice

"Good Morning, can I talk to HeeChul hyung?"


            They stood there awkwardly for a few more seconds until YeSung had the strength to say

"Oh, come in. I'll call him" and he made way for their visitor.

            He went upstairs to call his hyung and immediately went down to entertain their guest. He found Ryeowook sitting silently on the couch. He put a cup of coffee on the table in front of Ryeowook and he sat on the sofa opposite the younger. Silence. YeSung just stared at RyeoWook who have his head bowed down and he's tracing the lid of the cup. Then the younger decided to  finally speak

"JongWoon sshi"

            YeSung raised an eyebrow to the name used. RyeokWook never called him JongWoon and what's with the sudden formality?

"About that incident weeks ago, I just wanna say that I'm.." before he could finish what he's saying, he was cut off by the turtle

"Thank you"

            RyeoWook snapped his head up to look at the other with surprise expression and stood up from his seats.

"But..I.. I almost..I almost took advantage of you. I didn't refuse to do that order. I almost hurt you. I..." the younger said in a low voice as he stared down at his hand.

            His back suddenly hit the wall. In front of him was a raging Heenim, grabbing his collar as he growled

"What the hell did you do to my brother?!!?"

            YeSung tried really hard to pull Heechul away from the younger one. He succeed but he had a hard time keeping him away by hugging his hyung by the waist. RyeoWook bit his lower lip in guilt. He bowed his head and muttered

"I deserve any punishment from the two of you. I wont fight back. If you want to hit me, please do so. I know I deserve that. I know. Just please forgive me hyung. I know it won't be easy to forgive me, I'll wait"

            RyeoWook fell on his knees. He bowed his head to hide his face. Chullie calmed down a bit and the turtle let go of him.

"Who did it?" HeeChul asked through gritted teeth

            RyeoWook shook his head

"I can't tell you. We have to follow the rules. We shall not name who ordered us. I'm the maknae, I couldn't pinpoint my hyung. I'm sorry, that's one thing I couldn't do"

"Is it YunHo?" his voice was a little caught up in his throat as he almost wasn't able to utter the question which made Ryeowook to stand up, widen his eyes and vigorously shake his head.

"No! I could assure you it's not him. He would never do such thing. I don't even know if he knew about it."

            HeeChul's aura darkened as he bowed his head and went upstairs again uttering under his breath

"I'll know"


---at school---

            The fuming HeeChul stride his way to the rooftop as soon as they arrived in school. He didn't care who he bumped into. Either it's a suitor, stalker, just a regular student or even if it's a teacher, he didn't care. His mind was set to finding out who is that bastard who wanted to hurt his brother or more importantly he wanted to.. to prove that YunHo have nothing to do with it. He didn't notice SungMin on his way until the pink prince grabbed his wrist and pulled him into an empty room. Minnie locked the door

"What the hell?!?" he asked full of annoyance

            He so wanted to get it done already but when he saw the sullen expression of the bunny his irritation lessened. His expression loosened as he walked to the younger. He rest a hand on the other's shoulder, trying to comfort him.

"What is it, Min?" he asked softly

            He was pulled into a hug as the other muttered

"Hyung, I can't take it anymore" he hugged the other tighter

            SungMin is a pretty tough kid as Heenim sees it. The pink prince is like a brother to him since the bunny became friends with his dongsaeng. SungMin always have this jolly and strong surface. Behind those radiant, uplifting smiles is his life, which is the exact opposite. SungMin's parents filed a divorce when he was still a kid and he had to live on his own at a young age. He's being supported financially, but when he have problems which inquires warmth of a family to be comforted, he have no one. When he was little he have to face his fears alone. He has always been lonely and alone but still when he's in public he so wanted to make every one happy. He doesn't want anyone to feel like how he felt. That's one of the main reason why he befriended YeSung who was actually an outcast when he first attended their school. HeeChul saw the real SungMin a few times before. Mr. Sunny Smile cried in his lap a few times before. Chullie often catches the pink prince looking at the only family picture left to him. Heenim wanted to make SungMin feel better, feel that he have people who love him. That's why he's always there. But he knows that he isn't enough to fill the emptiness in the younger's heart. Heenim just caressed the younger's back and the bunny continued

"I knew that it would hurt. I knew that, but I still agreed, hoping that one day he'll look at me the same way as he look at SiWon"

            The name mentioned surprised Chullie and made him pull away and look at the younger's face for any hint of feigning the statement but he found nothing but pure sincerity and sadness.

"Does that mean that my brother is in love with my boyfriend?"

            SungMin just bowed down and closed his eyes. After a few moments, a sigh escaped HeeChul's mouth. He ran his finger's through his hair

"Ahh!! I should have known! What kind of brother am I?" he asked in frustration

            The pink prince sat on the nearest chair

"What are you planning to do now?" Heenim suddenly asked as he sat across the other

"I want to let him go. But if I do, no one would be there anymore. Hyung, I know you'll take care of him but.." he was cut off by the elder

"Would you be fine to see my brother in SiWon's arms?"

            The pink prince abruptly looked up to him with his mouth hanging a little with disbelief with what he just heard

"But hyung how could that be? You're still with SiWon, you couldn't just dumped him just because of this" he wanted  YeSung  to be happy but he never want HeeChul to regret anything

"I've done such things before. It's not new to me anymore. I know it would hurt like hell again but at least my brother would be happy" Heenim smiled bitterly then he turned to stare at SungMin's eyes

"You? Would you be okay with this??"

            The pink prince thought about it for a little while then he looked at the other with determination now as he nodded. HeeChul stood up and headed for the door as he told the younger

"Tell SiWon to meet me on the rooftop"


----At the rooftop----

            When YunHo heard the door opened a smile crept on his face as he turned around.

"I'm glad that you... whoa!" he was surprised when Heenim suddenly launched himself towards him and grabbed him by the collar. Their eyes met. Anger, there should be anger in Chullie's eyes. But YunHo couldn't find that in his princess' eyes.

"Did you order your subordinates to hurt my brother?"

            YunHo's eyes widened

"Of course not!!! YeSung is like a real brother to me. How could I possibly do that? That's ridiculous!"

            HeeChul let go of him and let out a sigh...of relief.

"Good then"

            That earned a raised eyebrow from YunHo

"You won't doubt me? I mean, I could be lying."

            HeeChul is obviously avoiding eye contact

"You won't lie to me. You promised and I believe you"

            A lot of things are going on in YunHo's mind. A lot of questions waiting to be answered but he doesn't know how to start. There was a brief silence before Heenim heard the door opened again. YunHo was about to asked something when his words were muffled because of the princess' lips against his. No movement. Their lips just touch ever so lightly. YunHo was still too shock to react. He is still processing what is happening. Heenim's hands were behind YunHo's head to keep it steady. HeeChul wanted to deepen the kiss, to feel YunHo again. He wanted YunHo back. Or at least feel YunHo's love back even if it would only last for a minute or two. But HeeChul knew better. If he deepen it or even just move for a second, he wouldn't be able to stop. That's how addicting YunHo is for him. When he heard the door was shut he pulled away and looked down. YunHo blinked a few times before realization hit him. He smirked and said

"You kissed me for your boyfriend to break up with you, right? You're sacrificing again for someone?"

"None of your business" Heenim replied flatly

            YunHo walked toward the other as Heenim step backwards. They finally stopped when Chullie's back hit the wall and he was trap.

"I won't let you use me just like that"

            YunHo's left arm seized the princess' waist and pulled him against his body while his right was behind Heenim's head to keep it steady as he stared at Chullie's eyes

"Let go" he wanted to sound frustrated and unaffected of the body contact. How could he act relax when YunHo's body was press against his like that? Heenim's face reddened when YunHo pulled him even more.

            YunHo smiled before placing his lips against HeeChul's. Chullie wanted to push the other away but his body wouldn't comply to his mind's wishes. And those soft lips, how he miss those. So he thought, maybe, just once, he would let his desire win over his rationality. He closed his eyes and finally kiss back. The heat of the moment is getting in their nerves. They kiss hungrily. Desperate for each other's warmth and affection. They start releasing the bottled up passion they have for each other. YunHo started to unbutton the first four buttons of Heenim's uniform. He bit Chullie's lower lip which made the other gasped and he got access to Heenim's sweet cavern. Their battle for dominance started. The need for air was the only thing which made them pull away. YunHo started to move lower. He started leaving trail of wet kisses from Heenim's chin then he went down to his neck. He started nibbling on Heenim's neck. Refraining himself from hurting the other but wanting to leave marks which will remind HeeChul that everything that will happen is real. A reminder that both of them couldn't resists each other. YunHo's hand snaked inside Heenim's shirt. Touching him in his weak spots which made Chullie moan involuntarily. In the middle of the heated moment a picture of his mother crossed HeeChul's mind that made him open his eyes.

"Stop, please. We can't..ahh" he's having a hard time talking while his ex-lover is playing with his body

"Tell me you don't like this and I'll stop. You know that I wouldn't force you into something you don't like, right? Just say that you don't like it and I'll stop."

            Simple condition from YunHo. But HeeChul couldn't say that he doesn't like it. He couldn't lie. He couldn't deny the sensation that every touch brings him make him go crazy.

"I.." as he was about to try and lie, he lost body contact with the man. He saw YunHo on the floor rubbing his cheek. He turned to his side and saw HanKyung standing there with rage burning in his eyes.

"What the hell China man!?!?" YunHo yelled.

            HanKyung ignored the gang leader and turned to Heenim. HeeChul couldn't read the expression on the other's face. Hangeng buttoned up Heenim's uniform. He caressed the princess' hair and pecked the pretty boy's forehead before leaving without a single word. YunHo and HeeChul watched him walk away then YunHo turned to watch Chullie.



===SiWon's P.O.V.===

            Why did he asked me to go on the rooftop? And why didn't he just texted me instead of asking SungMin to tell me? That kid look so gloomy nowadays maybe I should talk to him. Finally, I reached the door heading to the rooftop after climbing numerous flight of stairs. I placed my hand on the knob to open it. But as I touched it my heart started to beat questionably fast. As if I suddenly became afraid of opening it. It took me seconds to calm my self down. Then I twist the knob and peeked outside. I saw my Chullie, truly he's here. My chest hurt and my heart started to skip beats. Breathing became a very difficult thing for me when I looked closely and saw my love kissing this familiar man. My sight is starting to become hazy as water started to well up in my eyes. I turned around and shut the door close. I run and run not thinking where I'm going. I just want to get away and maybe forget what I saw though I know that scene would be embed in my mind forever. I tried not to let the tears fall down. Is this a punishment for me?? Is it because I became unfaithful in my thoughts?? Maybe it is. It's a punishment from heaven. I'm so caught up with my thoughts that I bumped into someone. 

===END OF P.O.V===


            SiWon looked up and saw YeSung's surprised and questioning stare.

"SiWon?? What's wrong??"

            The Christian boy just walked toward him and stop when he was close enough to place his hand on the smaller man's cheek. The turtle hoped his blushed wasn't that obvious. SiWon looked at him with those sullen eyes and walked away just like that after a few minutes.




Author's note: Aahhh!!! another crap. ... What's happening to me?? I can't write a good chapter. I tried to make this as long as I could. Ah! Please bare with me... T.T ... Please leave a comment... Please....


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