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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (9/?)

March 22nd, 2011 (03:56 pm)


Genre: romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: I don’t really understand why we need to put disclaimers when it is obvious that none of us own them… and neither are we getting money from this…
Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KyuMin, KangTeuk, HaeHyuk KiHae, SiChul, CinHae, YeMin (YeSung/SungMin) , rumored KyuChul
Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren’t as stable as they expected them to be. It’s not always you’ll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end with who when every one is getting into each other’s business?
Rating: PG13

Chapter 9

HeeChul sat on the floor with his back against the cold wall. He hugged his legs burying his head in between them trying to hide his face. YunHo sat too but a bit far from the princess. It's just now that they came back to their senses after getting drowned in the sensation which made them forgot that they were both sane, decent students in school grounds. Surely they enjoyed it but regret is calling them. HeeChul hated himself for being impulsive. How could he just decide in hurting SiWon like that after witnessing what that kind of heart break did to YunHo? And he hated him self for doing that to YunHo. He used the guy he loves. He hurt him once more for making him feel like a rag which he'd use then throw anytime he wanted to. If the ground would just swallow him that moment he'd be more thankful. YunHo just stared at his curled figure from the side. He could feel Heenim's misery. YunHo's blaming himself. He did that to his princess. He almost raped his unwilling prin-cess (though he didn't say he didn't like, he told him to stop but he didn't budge). He sighed and inched his way near Chullie. He put his hand on Heenim's shoulder but the pretty boy immediately shrugged it off gently saying
"Don't. Just, don't touch me."
That stabbed YunHo's heart. He hugged his legs too and spoke as softly as he could without tumbling in his words as he tries to prevent himself from crying. He never cries, never in front of his princess.
"I'm sorry. I was so, ahh!! I don't know! Just, just, forgive me... I love you... I'm sorry if I'm so in love with you and I couldn't stop doing so. I'm sorry"
HeeChul hugged his legs tighter as he yelled
YunHo smiled and closed his eyes and said with that still so sickeningly soft tone
"Then be that bitch that you were and fight. Don't be such a pathetic kid."
Heenim stood up abruptly and glared at YunHo
"I'm not pathetic!"
The gang leader just knew how to make the other snap. HeeChul doesn't like being looked down by others. YunHo regained his cocky stance and aura as he stood up and smirked as he said
"You believe to yourself too much. Just, go. If you don't like my sympathy then don't show that pathetic self of yours to me" he immediately turned around as he said those and he bit his lower lip.
Heenim's fists were shaking. YunHo spoke as if he was so low and helpless. How could his ex speak like that to him?? He couldn't believe that the man who almost died for him could throw such hurting words to him. He stomped his way to the door and slammed it behind him as he left.
YunHo closed his eyes and thought 'I'm sorry babe. This is what you want, right? I think I've hurt you bad enough by forcing myself onto you. Sorry for the hardships that I've caused you'

After he shut the door behind him, he run down the stairs and as he reached the last flight he stopped running and looked up, trying to prevent the tears from falling but instead, tears slid from the side of his eyes. He let the tears flow. He was suddenly trapped by strong arms and he buried his face to the younger's chest. He stroked Heenim's hair
"I know. We feel the same hyung. I know how it hurts. You want me to help relieve the pain? You want to come to my house later?"
HeeChul just nod and didn't stop his tears from falling. He knew that the pink prince is trying to be strong for both of them. He knew that SungMin would just break once he's alone or at least in his room with only Heenim to witness his weak side. Chullie cried and SungMin tried to comfort him. Without their knowledge someone was standing at the far corner watching them. He's trying really hard not to think of it as something. Water started to well up in his eyes but he bit his lip to stop it from falling. No proof. Just a scene that could mean a hundred things. Their conversation isn't even at earshot. He has no reason to accuse either of the two. He just turned around and left.

++ At the student council's office ++
HanKyung was lying on the couch with his arm covering his eyes when HeeChul barged in. HanGeng knew who it was without even taking a look. Heenim sat on the couch beside the suppose-to-be sleeping Chi-nese guy who adjusted to make room for the princess.
"I'm sorry" Heenim muttered as he caressed his best friend's hair.
"If it's about my birthday, it's fine. He's the boyfriend and I'm just the friend. If this is about earlier, I won't say a word"
Heenim pouted and lay next to HanKyung with their faces so near. HanKyung turned to his side, facing HeeChul but his eyes were still close. Chullie put his hand againt the Chinaman's cheek.
"It doesn't seem fine. You're not just a friend. You are my best friend, Hannie." he said softly with his breath hitting HanKyung's face, especially his lips. This resulted to a tingling sensation for the Chinese but of course he didn't show it. They are friends and friends shouldn't be affected by that kind of skinship. It's normal. Yeah, he shouldn't be affected but he was!! A blush was starting to creep up to his face but Chullie didn't have the chance to notice it for LeeTeuk called for their attention when he cleared hi throat and said
"Ahemm!!Will you two stop doing lovey-dovey on the student council's office's couch? I don't want anything in there and another thing, Heenim! You're with SiWon so don't molest HanKyung there" he sounded so serious but his sentences were so laughable in Heenim's ears. Chullie pushed HanGeng a bit and adjusted himself to sit on HanKyung's belly. This, of course, made the Chinese's blood to rush up to his cheeks. Luckily, Heenim's at-tention was still with Eeteuk. HeeChul's wearing a very mischievous smile as he said
"Oh, I'm not molesting Hannie" HeeChul was acting innocent. He's fluttering his eyelashes and showing off his big cat-eyes. But then a smirk cracked the mask as he said
"Isn't someone just jealous and wants to be molested?" he walked toward LeeTeuk whose eyes widened
"Wh...What? I...I...I don't want to be molested!"
Before he could stand up, HeeChul launched himself to the other and trapped the angel by sitting on his lap with both of Chullie's legs on his either side to secure him in his seat. Heenim grinned and said
"Don't you?" Heenim used his teasingly seductive tone that made LeeTeuk's mind go blank. But suddenly Hee-Chul laughed and that pulled Eeteuk out of his trance
"Hahaha!! Teukie! You should have seen how you looked. You're so funny when you're flustered. Hahaha!"
Truly, the angel's face was as red as tomato. And it's all thanks to the position that they are in. It's pret-ty awkward in LeeTeuk's view. Even with the laughter and the jovial atmosphere that Chullie brought, Teukie was sure that there is something wrong. He knew HeeChul so well, they were friends since like forever. Aside from the matter concerning YunHo, LeeTeuk knew every single thing about HeeChul. Eeteuk knew he's hiding something but he didn't dare ask because when Henim is acting like this it means he wanted to forget. So the angel just shrugged it off.

++At the library++
KiBum was doing his best to catch up in class by studying and asking his classmate to help him cope up. But maybe he chose the wrong person, for DongHae did nothing the whole time but to stare at him. Snow white turned to the fish who immediately looked away. KiBum can't help but smile. DongHae was hoping for KiBum to look away already but what he got surprised him. KiBum pecked his cheek then whispered to his ear
"I like you"
Hae turned his head to his best friend with a stunned look. He couldn't believe it. Did he hear it right?
"What?" the only thing he was able to mutter
KiBum placed the book on the table in an upright position to be used as a barrier from every one else's sight. He ducked his head to hide and signaled DongHae to do the same. Their faces were centimeters away and KiBum tried to mutter
"I have to tell you something. I think my time is running out so maybe you should know. I love you." then he placed his lips against the shocked DongHae's. He pulled away right after they touched anyway and he waited for the other's reaction. When he didn't move a muscle KiBum started to speak again
"You know if you don't feel the same it's fine, you could just...” he was cut off by DongHae who pulled him into another kiss. A much more meaningful and longer kiss. After a few moments they both smiled in the kiss and the book was doing a good job.

**Dismissal time**
++ Classroom++
It was just SungMin and YeSung left inside. As usual it's the pink prince who is last to pack his things. The turtle walked to his boyfriend's side and stated with worry lacing his tone
"You haven't talk to me since this morning"
"Have you seen SiWon?" SungMin suddenly asked
"Yeah, he looked as if something really bad happened. Wait, let's talk about that later"
YeSung grabbed Minnie's hand and made the latter turn to him
"Baby, is something wrong? What did I do this time?" his eyes were sullen and worried at the same time
The bunny boy smiled and leaned his face towards the others until their foreheads were against each other's.
"Do you think this is still working out for us? You did nothing wrong. You just fell in love and I don't blame you for that. I just think, as time pass by things are getting more complicated and nothing's going right anymore. I don't feel right anymore. I want to let go."
After those words he grabbed his bag and walked towards the door. He froze in his spot when YeSung suddenly uttered
"Is this because of HeeChul hyung?? Are you breaking up with me because of my hyung?? Tell me" his voiced cracked and Minnie just knew how hard it would be if he'll turn around
"Sort of" SungMin answered shortly, trying to cover up the pain with a jolly tone and he immediately walked out of the room and shut the door behind him. He runs as fast as he could as he tried his best to stop his tears. He couldn't cry, not now. Meanwhile, he left a very stunned and hurt YeSung behind. His mouth hung open and he hadn't move from his spot even a bit. He just stared at the door and tears suddenly flowed uncontrollably. Why? What have he done for this things to happen to him?

===At the main gate===
^^HeeChul's P.O.V.^^
I'm making my way out of the school grounds as fast as possible. I'll meet up with SungMin at the res-taurant I work at. He said it would be safer. He doesn't like anyone seeing us walking together. He said a scan-dal after his break up with YeSung isn't good, especially if it is a scandal with Sungie's brother. Argh.. I think so too. I sighed as I think of our situation now. We're all in a total mess and SungMin and I should be ready men-tally, emotionally, and I think physically. Maybe we will have a drink or two to forget even for a while. I'm pre-occupied by these thoughts but I didn't miss the sight of my best friend leaning against the school gate. A smile crept up to my face and I feel my heart suddenly lightened up. I was about to reached for him when I saw him straighten up and he welcomed a girl with a hug. The girl is pretty and she smiled at HanKyung so sweetly. HanKyung kissed her forehead and I felt a stinging pain in my chest but I don't know why. It just... hurt. I just stared at them as they walked away with their hands intertwined. Who is that girl and why is she so intimate with Hannie?? After a while arms were wrapped around me from behind and a head rest on my shoulder. I turned and was a bit taken a back when I saw SiWon smiling at me. Just like before, he beamed that blinding smile and held my hands. He pulled me closer for him to be able to kiss me. Just like before, it's as if nothing really happened. I pulled away. Guilt was starting to eat me up again. I asked him
"Why? Didn't you saw what happened at the rooftop?"
His curved lips were tugged down a bit then he pulled me into a tight hug. He rests his chin on top of my head. I could feel his heart beat, it's so calm. The warmth he's giving off pained me. I couldn't believe that I hurt him like that. How could I call myself a human being? I hurt a very kind and loving guy. He doesn't deserve that. But maybe that was right, because I don't deserve him. He then whispered
"I'm sorry. I promise to be a better boy friend. I promise that I'll try to have more time for you, to take care of you much better and to be with you a lot longer. I'm sorry. Everything that happened is my fault"
I suddenly felt a thousand needles pricking my chest and my eyes that it started to water and I pushed him away and yelled
"No! Can't you see that it's not your fault? It's not you. You are perfect SiWon, but... we can't. You deserve a better person."
Then I ran. That's all I could do. I hate running away from my problems but as to where I am now, I have no other choice than to run.
^^END OF P.O.V.^^

===At KiBum and LeeTeuk's house===
**at the living room**
LeeTeuk was watching T.V. while KiBum, yet again, reads a book beside him. As usual. But wait, some-thing is different and Teukie noticed it. That wide smile that was plastered on Snow White's face since they got home hasn’t faded even a bit.
"Have you told him?" the angel asked without taking his eyes off the T.V.
KiBum's smile widened a bit more, if that's even possible
"Yup, I confess to him already and now he's my boyfriend" he replied happily
"Oh, what about Busan, have you told him?"
The smile was wiped out of snow white's face as he turned to look at his brother whose eyes were still glued on the T.V. screen then he turned back to his book and muttered under his breath
"I would try to tell him"
Everything fell silent even the T.V. couldn't break in the thick sullen atmosphere around the two. Lee-Teuk couldn't take it anymore. He let out a sigh and put his arm around KiBum's shoulder. He pulled the young-er closer to his body. For once, Eeteuk wants to be a real brother to KiBum. Since Snow White was adopted by Teukie's parents they really haven't had this kind of physical contact. LeeTeuk was a good brother figure, yes. He help his brother with his studies, he takes care of him when he's sick but when the topic is about each oth-er's personal life their line weren't open. Aside from KiBum-likes-DongHae thing, LeeTeuk doesn't really know a lot of things about his brother, even his favorite color. Now, he wanted to take a step closer. He wanted a happy family. He wanted KiBum to feel that he's part of a family. He wanted to comfort KiBum, something he hasn't done before.
"It's okay. I know how hard it is. I haven't said a word to HeeChul and HanKyung." he said with a very gentle tone
At first KiBum stiffened because of the surprise but he began to ease up as Teukie's hand run up and down his arm, obviously trying to calm him. He relaxed against his hyung's body and closed his eyes with a smile as he uttered
"Hyung, we could do this."
LeeTeuk turned off the T.V. and closed his eyes too as he rest his head at the sofa. He smiled as a reply to his brother though he knew KiBum wouldn't see it.
"Umh.. Hyung."
"Thanks" KiBum snuggled closer and their smiles widened.

+++At the nearby park+++
YeSung sighed for the nth time while walking on his way home. He feels tired and he so wanted to cry a bit more if that could lessen the weight he carries in his heart right now.

--YeSung's P.O.V.--
I saw a park on my way home. I want to take a rest for a while, I think there would be no kids in there anymore at this time of the day. I went straight to the swing not minding anything around me but my destina-tion. A sat on the swing but didn't move. I just want to rest and think. It's a bit dark so I was surprised when someone sighed heavily and I realized that I'm not alone. Someone is sitting on the other swing beside me. Am I that preoccupied to not notice him when I sat here? I turned to my companion and noticed that he is someone I know. It's SiWon! I was suddenly nervous. I don't what to do. I'm okay I facing him before, I don't know why this giddy feeling came back again. But when I observed how sad he looked my heart suddenly fell into a sor-rowful well of desire to comfort him, even though may not be the person who could mend his hurt soul right now. Why do I feel like whatever caused him to look this down is somewhat connected to my brother? A shiver runs down my spine when I felt eyes looking through my soul. When I look up, I saw him staring at me. He's staring.... just staring blankly. His eyes were empty as if his soul left his body. I wanted to ask but before a word could escape my mouth he tore his eyes off me and looked down then he muttered
"Why must this happen to me? I'm just asking for one thing. I'm just asking for someone to truly love me. I'm just asking for my soul mate, the love of my life. Why? Why can't I have the only thing that I want? Why Ye-Sung?"
I looked down too and just said the things in my mind that time without even thinking that much of what will come out of my mouth
"You might just be looking at the wrong direction"
---END OF P.O.V.---

==At SungMin's apartment==
HeeChul and SungMin have been drinking since they got there. It's past ten already and HeeChul could see that SungMin is already drunk. This situations makes HeeChul be thankful of his high tolerance in alcohol. SungMin stood up and started to take out everything he tried to hide since the game began.
"Hyung! What have I done wrong to deserve this? Don't I deserve to be love? Hyung! I'm just human! I need someone to lean on. I too have feelings. Don't I deserve to be in love and have a happy life with someone who loves me too?? This is so unfair!"
Minnie almost threw his glass but fortunately Chullie caught his arm. Heenim put the glass down and he led the pink prince to his bed room. The bunny boy lay on the bed and curled into a ball. Heenim watched pain-fully as the younger started to sob. The sob becomes louder every time. HeeChul couldn't take the scene any-more so he sat beside the pink prince and caressed his hair and back.
"Hush Minnie. Let sleep take you away from the painful reality in life. Life is cruel and dreamland is your only escape route. You'll find someone, someday. For now, just rest"
As time flies by the sob started to become faint until it stopped and the bunny seemed to calm down. Heenim smiled to himself at least he could comfort one soul. He was about to leave when Minnie caught his wrist and the younger muttered
"Hyung, please.."
Even though the pink prince didn't finish his request the princess surely knew what it was. He sent a message to YeSung saying he wouldn't be home till morning before he lay next to SungMin. Minnie snuggled closer to the warmth and HeeChul pulled him into a hug. Maybe both of them needed sleep. Heenim was right, life seems too harsh on them and dreamland is their only salvation from the sorrowful reality. Chullie closed his eyes and let himself slip into his own little paradise that will only last till the morning comes.

---EunHyuk's room---
^^EunHyuk's P.O.V.^^
A few moments when I got home someone rang the door bell and when I opened it I was greeted by a bear hug and my heart almost exploded. DongHae almost squeezed the life out of me. Well, though it was liter-ally breath taking my heart still jumped in joy. I needed to calm myself for hours and now here we are in my room, lying on my bed again. I got more nervous. What if he takes his shirt off again? I don't know what to do. @_@ ..
He seems a lot more active than before. I could also see that he's happier today. He's weirder too. When he came here he asked me to be his best friend... yep... he asked me that. I was a bit disappointed of course but just a bit because I'm not expecting him to feel anything else anyway. It's just so surprising and funny for him to ask me like that. Watching him smile to himself like that made me curious and I asked
"Why'd you asked me to be your best friend? What about KiBum-sshi?" I hope it's curiosity that surfaced and not jealousy
He turned to me and move closer then he whispered
"This is our secret okay?" I nod in agreement, I couldn't wait any longer
"..KiBummie is my boyfriend now...” he giggled in the end like an in love high school girl. Me? Life was simply sucked out of me. I experienced my first death. It's painful. My heart feels like it's being squeezed to its last drop. I was too stunned to speak. And if ever I tried to congratulate him or act like I'm happy for him I'm sure that it wouldn't work. He pulled me into a hug again.
"Hyukkie I’m so happy. I thought this would never happen."
Yeah he sounded really happy. I truly wanted to smile and be happy for him but I guess my body lis-tened to my heart more than my mind this time. Because though I thought of just celebrating with him my body just remained limp and immobile in his arms. My body couldn't comply with my mind when my heart is too hurt.
^^END OF P.O.V.^^

Author’s note: Yes!!!! At last, I finished a chap in a week. Hahaha. Guess that's the fastest I could do. But I'll try to be much faster. It's just that inspiration suddenly come then goes. Every inspired second counts. ^_^ ... I'll graduate soon!! Yay!! So happy about that! XD ... I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I could feel that my chaps nowadays lack something but I couldn't tell what it is. Comments are loved and treasured, I assure you. For taylormercury and those who are still thinking of my warning in the last chap (the incest-or-not confu-sion). There is a reason for that but I couldn't tell you yet but it would be explained in the fic soon... Please if you'd guess don't tell anyone yet. Ahehe! Thanks for reading and please leave a comment for me. It would help a lot. :)

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