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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (11/?)

May 1st, 2011 (08:57 pm)


Genre: romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: I don’t really understand why we need to put disclaimers when it is obvious that none of us own them… and neither are we getting money from this…

Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KyuMin, KangTeuk, HaeHyuk KiHae, SiChul, CinHae, YeMin (YeSung/SungMin) , rumored KyuChul

Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren’t as stable as they expected them to be. It’s not always you’ll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end with who when every one is getting into each other’s business?

Rating: PG13

 Chapter 11


            When HanKyung saw the girl, he immediately pulled his hand away from HeeChul and smiled nervously at the new comer. This made HeeChul raised an eyebrow with annoyance. The girl smiled back at HanKyung before Heenim caught her eyes.

"Oh! You have a visitor. Sorry for the disturbance" she bowed as she said so

            The Diva was about to rub to her face how irritated he was when the China man said

"There is nothing to be sorry about. Anyway Victoria this is Kim HeeChul"

            This earned furrowed eyebrows from the pretty boy.

"Ah! The friend you told me about?" she turned to Heenim with a sickeningly sweet smile and bowed

"Nice to meet you. I'm Victoria, I just came here last week. Thanks for taking care of Kyungie"

            Chullie's eyebrow twitched at the nickname. He stood up and said

"I have to go"


            That's it! He stride toward the door to leave and slammed it behind him.


++HeeChul's P.O.V.+++

            How could he? Who is that girl to him for him to treat me that way in front of her? First of all he pulled his hand away. He never did that. He'll usually just tighten his hold. Second,he introduced me just by my name. No suitable adjectives followed. He'll usually claim that I'm his princess and I'm the most beautiful person he met. And then when I said I'm gonna leave, he just said ok!! He'll usually beg for me to stay. Damn it! What's with him? I hate how he change just because of that girl. Who is that girl in his life anyway to surpass his long time best friend when it comes to his priorities?!?


++End of P.O.V.++


==At the park==

            EunHyuk was busy searching for is phone when he was enveloped by strong arms. He couldn't help the blood rush to his cheeks. All he could do is hope that the other is still as oblivious as before as to not notice the obvious. The monkey boy whispered with all the resolution left in him.

"You shouldn't suddenly just back hug anyone" he bowed a bit for no one to see his flushed face.

"You are not just anyone..."        

            Hyukkie's eyes widened a bit with that flicker of hope, but then the other continued

".... you are my best friend, remember"

            DongHae's sullen tone and the absence of the laughter that usually followed that statement made EunHyuk to worry

"What's wrong, Hae?"

            DongHae isn't letting go, instead he tightened his hug and buried his face on the rook of the other's neck. Hyuk made a guess

"He's still absent?"

"He's not even texting me"

            EunHyuk doesn't know how to feel. He likes it whenever DongHae turns to him but it hurts him to know that the fishy is longing for another person.



~~~After a few days

            It's time for HanKyung's discharge from  the hospital. Since the incident with that Victoria girl HeeChul didn't visit his best friend or even call to ask how he was. And now, he have no intention of seeing Hankyung. He's just in the student council office making himself busy with the ceiling and ranting senselessly which makes LeeTeuk to look up and sigh every now and then.

"Ah! HeeChul could you work on this one?" Eeteuk suddenly asked when a transcript showed before his eyes from the piles of documents in his table. He wanted the other to get busy with something real and useful instead of trying to make the ceiling speak to him and he really needed some help because anymore papers and he would drown in paperworks. Just then, Heenim remembered that  he is the Student body's vice president. He immediately strode toward the angel, eager to work. It's not really the call of duty for him or the conscience bothering him for making such a fragile kid work on his own, it's just he needed distractions and when one comes his way he'll grab it by the neck and not let go till he's tired of it. He saw the transcript sheets and asked the obvious

"A transferee?"

"Yes. He's not attending classes yet but he wanted to enter the school grounds already to be familiar. You could show him around in your free time"

            Indeed their school is a bit huge for an all boys' school. One might need a weekor so to familiarize where the facilities are. Heenim raised his eyebrow as he scanned the paper

"What kind of transfer sheet is this?"

            The paper was neat and so clean... no info is written yet. It is a blank form with only the cellphone number of the student.

"Oh, his transfer is a bit of a rush. He'll just fill it up when you meet with him"

            Chullie tsk-ed but turned around to look for his amusement while murmuring

"A bit rush? He didn't even wrote his name."

            He closed the door as he left. He immediately called the number. He is really not planning on getting close with the new guy. He doesn't care. He's just too bored. He finished all of his projects even the extra works which were given to him. Now he wish he hasn't finish them. He just needs some distraction. It would be better if the new guy is somewhat interesting and not just an average guy.

"Who's this?"

            And that made him stop in his track. The new guy's voice was soothing. Kinda cold and mysterious. It made a smile appear on his lips. Maybe it would be better than expected. He wished that the appearance suits the beautiful voice.



++At the library++

            KyuHyun hates it when things like this happens. He forgot to charge his psp after playing till midnight the night before. There is nothing to do. He read books after books but nothing really interest him . He pulled out a chair to sit on and something fell. The thing caught his sight because of it's attention seeking color. it's a bright shade of pink. It could be something you'll see even from  a distance of a mile, exaggeration of course. He picked up the seemingly normal notebook (except for the color).  He flipped open the first page and read the first entry of the, now, obviously a diary of an in love teenager. He read the first one and it made him fall to his seat and get drawn to the warp of hurt and hopeless affection.

"I know he only sees me as his bestfriend but still, i hope, someday he'll see me and love me back"

            That part caught his attention. How could someone still hold on even with this full understanding  of the situation.? Martyrdom is something the genius KyuHyun couldn't understand. He doesn't like the idea of a person forcing himself to another person who wouldn't even consider him. He read the second entry before walking toward the door to wait for a certain someone. Instead of leaving the notebook in the lost and found section as he planned, for some reason he just dumped it to his bag and stood up. He smirked thinking that he could use that to kill some boredom sometime.

            He sat on the chair nearest the door. While he was tapping the table with his finger to suppress his growing boredom and annoyance, a hand suddenly rest on his shoulder. He immediately stood up to face the stranger. As he saw who it was a smile crept to his face and he immediately hugged the other

"HeeChul hyung!"

            Heenim pulled away intending to see who it was for the guy seem to act they're so close. He examined the transferee's face

"KyuHyun?? KyuHyun, is this really you?"

            They continued greeting each other not noticing the glares which bore holes on their bodies. In a split second things were spread through text. SungMin, who was walking with YeSung on the hallway received one of this said messages.

"'Unknown student was seen in an intimate moment with the princess in the library moments ago. Unknown student cling onto the princess as they went out for privacy. Could the princess have found a fancy toy? Who is the mysterious, lucky student?? Petals, assembly at the gym a quarter after dismissal.'  Wow, they are really alarmed. Do you know this guy they were talking about?" the pink prince turned to the turtle in question after reading the message.

            YeSung pouted and shrugged. He never knew that his brother have a friend who isn't as famous as he is at school. The turtle stopped in his track as he saw their class president leaning against the wall beside the door. When SiWon saw them he straightened up and smiled at them as he greeted them

"Hey! Oh, umh can I have a moment with you YeSung??"

            His smile never fade but it became an awkward one when SungMin left them to talk. They weren't looking at each other.

"This is about the scholarship you inquired from our music teacher"

            That gained YeSung's full attention with hopeful eyes twinkling with anticipation. SiWon handed him a piece of paper

"That's the sched you need to follow from now on. You need to attend extra classes and practice for contests. Congratulations! You got the full scholarship from the music department."

            YeSung jumped in joy and gave SiWon a bear hug. SiWon, shocked with the sudden contact, blinked for a few times but didn't move an inch. YeSung was too happy to think of anything else aside from his brother getting more time to relax. Finally, he could help his brother. He pulled away and just held SiWon's hands as he asked with a jovial tone

"Does my brother knows?"

            SiWon was staring at the warm hands holding his own as he blankly said

"Nope. Not yet, but I'm gonna give the papers to the student council officers so he should know soon enough. I think you should tell him yourself"

            YeSung set off to look for his brother and SiWon just stared at the small frame walking away then to his hands. He could still feel the warmth. His soft warm hands held his so tight that it left the feeling behind. The beat of SiWon's heart became uncharacteristically crazy. He doesn't get any of this. He couldn't be.....


+++SungMin's P.O.V+++

            On my way to the gym for the assembly(yes, I'm a petal but I'm just there to get infos about hyung's fanclub's activities), I'm still thinking of YeSung's behavior this past few days. He is his weird, cheery self but when it comes to SiWon he suddenly becomes dumbfounded. I know he is hiding something  from me. What could that be?? In the middle of my trance something in the garden caught my eyes..or should I say someone. There is this red haired guy sittng under the tree with another student resting his head on his lap. They seem so sweet. The one sittng up is playing with the other's curls. There's no rule about PDA, what really made me stop and stare is the fact that YeSung said that HeeChul hyung change his hair color into red. I looked closely but trying not to get caught to confirm this. Indeed, it was HeeChul hyung and I guess that's the mysterious guy they were talking about. The guy sat up too facing Chul hyung. He trapped hyung with his arms on either side of Heenim. Wait, is he kissing hyung? I couldn't tell. All I could see is the guy's back, how he moved closer to HeeChul hyung and Chul hyung's arms were suddenly wrapped around the mystery guy's neck pulling him closer. The guy's right hand travel down to hyung's waist and..


            I turned to see who suddenly called me and I lost my balance when YeSung rocketed toward me not minding that both of us would stumble, probably because he would be on top and I would be the one who'll get a back injury in the end. There are really this times when I wish YeSung isn't so happy to be inconsiderate.

+++END OF P.O.V++++


---At LeeTeuk and KiBum's----

            KiBum just woke up, still feeling giddy but everything is better. He reached for his medicine on the bedside table but someone snatched it before he could do so. He looked up to the owner of the hand and found his lover's melancholic expression. KiBum knew the reason for that so he just looked down because he doesn't know what to do. He haven't told DongHae about his sickness. Actually no one knows what his sickness really is. They only recommended pain killers while they are analyzing the mysterious sickness. KiBum told DongHae that it's just migraine and fever, he never said anything about the pain killers and sleeping pills he needed to take. DongHae sat next to him. Fishy caressed his boy friend's cheek lovingly and made snow white look up to him.

"Why didn't you tell me that you are this sick? If I just knew I should have been here to take care of you. I'm worried to death" DongHae's eyes were showing the sincerity and the brimming tears that were  threatening to fall.

            KiBum rests his head on the other's shoulder, he doesn't want to see his love cry because of him.

"This is why I don't want to tell you I don't want you to worry about me"

"How could I not worry when you are my life?"

"You're so cheesy. I'm better now, and you know, I feel much better when you are around. I missed you"

            DongHae pulled away so he could look at KiBum. He suddenly attacked the other's lips. KiBum was surprised but he manage to push the other gently, saying

"I don't want you to get sick too"

"I won't get sick and if ever I would I wouldn't mind it if I'd be able to stay beside you for always"

            And with that said KiBum was pushed down to lay on the bed again. They were kissing fiercely completely making the other feel how much they missed each other. KiBum wrapped his arms around the other's neck. DongHae's hands were all over snow white's body till it found the waist band of the other's boxers(yes, the sick boy was just wearing boxers).

"Hae, don't"



            Yay!! Sorry for the late update. I'm really tired and always sleepy nowadays. I just got back to my senses at the last part. So if you could see the first part is a bit boring, or isn't it? I would be happy if you enjoyed it. Please please please leave a comment for me.. Please...


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