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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (14/?)

June 9th, 2011 (05:42 pm)

 Chapter 14
Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
CHAPTER PAIRINGS: YeWon, KyuChul(friendship), KangTeuk, HanChul, HaeHyuk
Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren't stable as they expected them to be. It's not always you'll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end up with who when everyone is getting into each other's business??

YeSung sat on his usual spot in class. He almost jumped out of his seat when the person who sat beside him spoke
"Hey, let's eat lunch together, neh?" warm breath linger against the turtle's sensitive ear. He knew that blood would rush to his face so he looked down and just nodded

**SiWon's P.O.V.**
I pulled away from him seeing how he almost curl in his seat. I want to confess so bad but if he is like this everytime I talk to him, I don't know how he will react when he discovers that I love him. Will he never speak to me again? What if he starts avoiding me? I don't want that to happen. I want him to relax around me for us to get close. Maybe, if we become closer he'll start to feel something special for me. I hope he's the one for me. The one that hyung says. The one who I deserve and deserve me. The one who will love me more than anything. The one who will stay with me forever. If this won't workout, I don't know anymore. I sighed thinking of the reason HeeChul hyung gave to me when we broke up. Why is YeSung so shy towards me anyway? He is in the field of performing arts. He sing in front of large crowds. He is a bit socially awkward but when he talks to his friends he seems really comfortable and out of the box. I even saw him once trying to make his turtle talk to SungMin. I smiled at the memory but the next thought made me frown. Towards me he seems really off. Am I not a friend for him yet?

Lunch Time: At the cafeteria
In the middle of my pondering about YeSung, a certain pair caught my eyes as they sat on the table just across us. It's HeeChul hyung and this student.. I don't know who. They seem to be talking about something serious. Hyung is uncharacteristically giving off this sad smile as he just nod to the other. I know it hurts hyung. I just know how he loves YeSung. And I know YeSung reciprocate that just about equal.
"SiWon, he lied to me. I've always thought we were real brothers. He never told me the truth and he wasn't planning on doing so. I hate him! I hate HeeChul hyung!"
He said that out loud, fisting my shirt as if trying to get answer for an unsaid question. He almost screams but I could clearly point out that there was no real anger in his tone. There wasn't any real hatred. It's pure dismay and sadness. Never ending stream of tears flowed from his eyes. Then he spoke again, his sobs so much more obvious with him lowering his voice a bit.
"I want to believe that I hate him. But even now I still care. I'm worried that that woman might take him away from me. That I might not see him again. That I won't be allowed to call him hyung anymore. I don't know!! Ahhh!!!"
He's confuse. I could feel his pain too, but all I could do is just run a comforting hand on his back as he voiced out his dilemma and agony.
*end of flashback*
They were almost half way in their drinking session when that happened. A drunk YeSung is as unpredictable as HeeChul's hair color. One minute he is jovially muttering about memories and his time with Ddangkoma then he'll suddenly get down in some fit of emotional state... then in their case, YeSung got their pants down and ended up wild in bed.

*YeSung's P.O.V.*
I'm really confuse by SiWon's behavior. Why is he doing this.? He shouldn't suggest doing things couples do because we are not a real couple. We were just trying it out. Making our accidental experience in bed to have some sense. Just cleaning his conscience of the responsibilities he suddenly carried because of me. If he doesn't love me he shouldn't act sweet, concern or want to get close because I might just fall harder. I don't want to get hurt more. I have enough of the pain in my hands right now. I gaze at him a little then I noticed that his eyes were fixed into something.. or someone I found out..HeeChul...hyung. As I thought, SiWon still love my hyung. As I watched him there at the far end something seems to be urging me to hate him but at the same time it's as if my whole being is rejecting that idea. The sight of the guy sitting beside hyung made me reflexively raise an eyebrow. Then I noticed they were talking. The unknown guy have this somewhat sympathetic smile while he seems to be trying to make Chul hyung to cheer up. HeeChul hyung just looked down forcing a smile which came out as curving of his lips a bit which is totally too far from the word 'happiness'.
Heenim looked up and caught SiWon's eyes. He smiled a bit seeing the junior who smiled back sweetly in return. HeeChul knew that SiWon is trying to comfort him even from afar and seeing YeSung beside the said junior says how his ex knew about the situation. JongWoon saw the exchange of greetings between the ex lovers and some kind of lurking annoyance surge in him... Yes, that's jealousy.. He'll admit that he doesn't hate any of them but he doesn't like them together again. But what could he do about it? He realized that he have no right, they were just testing it out.. Not something you'd really call commitment. He just looked down and unknowingly let out a sigh which SiWon heard. The Christian put his hand on top of the turtle's hand and a little squeeze made YeSung to look up to him. He showed off a warm dimpled smile to try and comfort YeSung but it seemed like that didn't work because YeSung just looked down again and withdraw his hand. That wiped off the smile from the Christian's face as disappoinment started to eat him up. He was rejected at his first move. They just continued eating in silence. It seemed like SiWon's soul left his body. He's like a robot programmed to do things without feelings. YeSung, on the other hand panicked. He's holding his self back into hugging the other one. He suddenly regretted pulling his hand away when he noticed the change of atmosphere around SiWon. He doesn't know what to do.

++on the other side of the cafeteria++
KyuHyun is sitting across a sulking HeeChul. Heenim's cheek against the cold table, he looked like all of his energy was drained
"Hyung, please cheer up. This is so not like you. I know you are sad but please be you. That person who still acts like he doesn't care though it really hurts him inside. Everyone has been staring since we got here" he said worriedly as he cautiously looked around. All eyes were on them and KyuHyun doesn't like the attention that much because he could feel people stabbing him to death in their mind
"I can't do that. And it's more like they are GLARING at YOU" Chullie replied without moving away from his position sounding so out of interest about the topic though he knew that the glaring may lead to serious battle.. a battle for Kyu's head
"Yep, I could clearly see that. Maybe they are assuming that I did something to you" he said starting to feel horrified for his own life. He is Cho KyuHyun and almost everytime he could get through slick situations, but he knew so well how dangerous fanboys(and fangirls) could be
"Oh yah think? How about you tell me what that guy thinks, genius?"
KyuHyun turned his head to the direction his hyung is gawking at with such sadness in those once disinterested eyes. The China man was striding toward them with mixture of different emotions surfacing on his handsome face making it difficult for the younger to read what the other really thinks.
The foreigner grabbed Heenim's hand and pulled him up, dragging him to somewhere. HeeChul isn't really thinking of struggling because of having no energy for doing so.. But his other wrist was seized and they were taken aback. HanKyung and HeeChul turned their heads to find KyuHyun with narrowed eyebrows intently giving a glare to the China man as he kept a firm grip on the princess' wrist but making sure he wasn't hurting Heenim.
"Where are you taking him?"
"None of your business. You are just a friend, I'm the best friend so back off." HanKyung said sounding so territorial through gritted teeth
"I'm not a mere friend for him. And I care for him so I have to know where you are taking him"
They glared at each other letting their dark auras to battle. The intensity of their glare could burn and everyone in the cafeteria felt the heat of lingering hunger for blood(the author is over reacting.. XD).
"You two, let go of me" the Diva suddenly spoke with his head down and with a cold tone that gave the two frost bites that could kill
"Let go NOW!!" he suddenly yelled when the other's just froze. The sudden volume woke them up from their horrified trance and they instantly let go. Now it's HeeChul's turn to scare everyone out of their wits with the surging darkness that surrounds him as he walk away saying with a commanding tone
"KyuHyun, finish your lunch. HanKyung, let's talk. Everyone, get back to your own business!!" and everyone, except for HanKyung who trailed behind him, sat back at their respetive seats and continued what they were really doing, afraid that the princess might catch them gossiping about him and they'd end up going home with some damage,if not missing, body parts. Pretty as he is but everyone know that like the devil he is indeed scary and really dangerous at times.

**AT a cafe downtown**
DongHae decided to ditch classes and EunHyuk found out about it. Being the concerned boyfriend....err.. bestfriend, the monkey/anchovy decided to accompany his solitary friend.
"Do you think drowning yourself with strawberry milk shake would solve your problem??" EunHyuk asked, tired of watching the other drink glass after glass of strawberry milk shake.
"I won't resort to alcohol anymore. Last time I did I was sipped into a mess. Strawberry milk shake is better"
"Hae, why won't you tell me what's the problem. And why haven't I seen KiBum?"
The name made fishy flinch a bit. He looked at the ring he's been fondling
"He left. He left me with out a word." those words made the memories of the night before to flood his mind. A single tear rolled down his cheek and fell on the ring. The ring that should have been the sign of their love is now wet with a tear of pain, sadness, betrayal of their blooming love story. They just started, why must it end so soon, and so painfully?? DongHae wanted to know so bad why KiBum just left. Is it because of what he almost did? DId he scared his beloved with his rush actions? If so, maybe he really deserve to be left. He doesn't want to hurt or scare KiBum.
HyukJae is pained by the sight in front of him. He reached out to wipe the tears but he withdraw midway, knowing so well that he's not the one needed. Yes, he could wipe the tears away from his beloved's face, but never would he be able to ease the pain deep inside the fish. DongHae's heart was scarred and there is only one who could mend it. EunHyuk held back his own tears, thinking he should be strong for DongHae. That's right. If he isn't wanted and needed as a lover he could always be the reliable best friend. The monkey decided to just tap his friends hand for comfort as if signalling the fish to cry his heart out to lessen the pain.

==Kim's Mansion in Busan: Kim YoungWoon's Room==
"This is so boring. Can't we just have sex or make out at least? Something more fun than this?" KangIn blurted out nonchalantly
"I'm here to make you study and not for you to make fun of" Eeteuk replied, trying to suppress his annoyance at the bluntness of the younger.
"Then at least give me a kiss to boost my determination" said the younger, smiling at him as if he is just asking for a candy. Eeteuk raised an eyebrow and shot back
"As if. We just met and you are already expecting too much"
KangIn just smirked and said matter-of-factly
"The first time I meet people I either have them down on their knees pleasuring me or underneath me squirming and moaning my name"
LeeTeuk let out a breath before narrowing his eyebrows at the younger as he leaned a bit forward and muttered
"I'm sorry but I'm not like those people"
"Yeah that's why it's so exciting to make you go down to your knees and beg for me" YoungWoon is still keeping that smiling devil image
"You're the one who's going to beg. You'll beg for me to tutor you instead of those guys who barely speak and just give you stack of papers to read and tons of test to perfect." LeeTeuk's face reflecting that devilish smile on the younger's face.
"Oh. What happened to my angel?" pouted KangIn, trying to sound upset but he couldn't hide the sly tone
"If I couldn't make you stop with nice talk then I'll trash talk with you."
Eeteuk said that almost confidently but after a few moments he got irritated of the younger's hand landing everywhere. Unfortunately that everywhere means some place covered with his flesh.
"When will you just stop flirting and start listening" the angel scowled annoyed by how he is actually being harrassed (YoungWoon's hand seem to like his thigh. No matter how many times he swat them away they always know their way back and it seems that they go up a bit everytime, so the angel decided to stop depriving those hands before they land to somewhere else.)
"After you give me a kiss" KangIn stubbornly answered
"Argh!!" Eeteuk grunted
"Come on. No malice if you want. I just want to know if your lips are soft" the younger was trying to convince him. LeeTeuk thought of a way to get himself out of the situation
"You could just touch it, right??"
"Really??" that seemed to be okay with YoungWoon. He got up from bed and walked to Eeteuk's side(Yes, they were sitting at KangIn's bed while studying because that's what the brat wants.) KangIn cupped LeeTeuk's face like an expert and made the angel to look up at him. This should have looked so romantic if LeeTeuk isn't staring with lethargy. YoungWoon frowned and he couldnt help but pout
"Close your eyes. I feel awkward with you staring at me like a dead fish" Eeteuk closed his eyes after a meaningful 'tsk'. He is uncharacteristically mean but he have no time for this things. He need to take care of more important things than a spoiled brat. He is constantly reminding himself that he haven't walked ot of that house just because of KiBum. KangIn's finger brushed against the angel's lips. He brushed his thumb back and forth ever so lightly against those soft lips which cause them to eventually part in a seemingly inviting way. A smirk crawled up to his lips
"Wow, really soft lips. Makes me want to kiss you even more" and the next thing was LeeTeuk getting press against the mattress and being kissed sensually with the younger's hands lurking around his body. Eeteuk didn't opened his eyes, he just felt those lips moving against his and without him realizing it he started to kiss back and get lost. KangIn thought he finally won but when the 3rd button snapped he was harshly pushed and Eeteuk widened his eyes as he got up and muttered a name under his breath

==Choi Mansion:Study Room==
Pictures were laid on the table. Pictures of SiWon walking on the streets, holding hands with YeSung. The man who sat on the chair raised an eyebrow with the pictures.
"Who is this guy? Isn't he with that atheist pretty boy?"
"As we know sir, he is young master's classmate and the brother of his ex"
"Ex? So he is his ex now. And now SiWon is going out with the brother? What would my colleagues and relatives say about me having a gay son? I want him to be a priest and not some homo. Watch them carefully when they show strong signs that they are in that kind of relationship, call the attention of my son. I let him go out with that pretty boy before because I thought it's just his hormones and he'll get tired soon, but having another is something else" the slightly aged man said with gritted teeth, fisted hand and a firm tone.


++Student Council's Office++
"What do you want?" Heenim asked in a haste, irritated tone
HanKyung trailed off after him into the office and locked the door behind him. HeeChul sat on the sofa obviously avoiding any eye contact possible. HanGeng sat beside him with a sadden smile
"Chullie, what's wrong? Why are you like this to me now? What have I done?"
The China man rest his hand on top of Heenim's which lay on his lap. The fierce look faded as the princess looked down and sullen aura took over
"Am I really your bestfriend?"
"Of course!! You shouldn't even question it!" The Chinese defended hastily
"Then why didn't you introduce your girlfriend to me properly??" the Diva asked in a low voice without looking up
"Girlfriend? I dont have a girlfriend" Geng's eyebrows were knitted in wonder
"Victoria" the pretty boy countered immediately
"she's not! Why wouldn't I tell you if I really have one?" HanKyung tried to explain as the misunderstanding was laid in front of him.
"I don't know HanKyung. I thought I knew you, but now I discovered that I knew nothing. Tell me HanKyung. Tell me what I need to know before you call me your best friend"
HeeChul was really affected by everything. They considered each other as best friends yet they know not that much. HeeChul haven't even told HanGeng about YeSung or his past relationship with YunHo, things that should be starters. And the princess don't even know about the China man's family or other friends. When they are together all they mind is the comfort and company they provide for each other. How could they be best friends? There is this heavy feeling torturing Heenim and he was about to let his tears to flow. Tears? He doesn't know why but the new discovery of the real distance between him and the Chinese Prince suddenly created a hole in his chest and he just wanted to cry. HanKyung took HeeChul's hand and put it against his chest, this action made the princess to look up. Their gaze locked, surprisingly Chullie's heart started to get wild and beat uncharacteristically fast as he felt the other's own . Geng's heart beat was calm and it's a serene rhythm that makes Heenim's heart to dance.
"I think it's fine, I don't want you as a best friend anyway. Do you want to know who is inside my heart, Rella?" the China man asked in such a tone Heenim never heard from the other before. It's inviting and dripping with seduction. HanKyung haven't let go of the Diva's gaze even for a second. Heenim got drowned and didn't notice that the China man was inching his way toward him until their lips met. HeeChul was surprise nonetheless but he couldn't deny that their second kiss was too good to be true. This time he clearly felt how their lips fit perfectly, as if they were made to make contact and not let go or else balance of earth wouldn't be the same anymore. Heenim closed his eyes letting himself fall and forget everything. Their lips were in synch as if they've practice their lifetime for this one moment. HanKyung couldn't deny that he's happy about the princess' reaction and he couldn't help but just smile in their sweet kiss.

++Teukie's Parent's Home++
When Eeteuk got home that day from the tiring tutorial session, he found his brother sitting on the dining table, looking paler than before and he guess its not because of the illness. He sat beside his brother
"Hyung, please call Hae for me. Please just tell him that I'm okay.Please" KiBum's pleading tone is just too painful for LeeTeuk but what could he do? He leaned a little toward Snow White to whisper
"Sorry, I can't. They took my phone away. And they won't let me use the telephone. I haven't even told HanKyung and HeeChul where I am. I even saw HeeChul at the last minute but I wasn't able to explain myself"
"Hae" KiBum muttered in a low voice as he looked down with tears threatening to fall in his eyes
Seeing his brother like this hurt Eeteuk very much. He blame himself for everything. He wasn't able to be a good hyung. He took his dongsaeng's hand below the table and squeeze it a bit with assurance while saying
"Bummie, be strong. I promise to find a way to tell DongHae, okay? Just do your best to get well soon and when you come back, everything would be okay."
KiBum looked up to his brother's face and that warm, sympathetic smile of his hyung made the first tear to roll down his cheek. He lowered his head again and the tears just came. It's unstoppable. He wasn't sure of the angel's promise and he knew that the angel wasn't sure himself. All he could do now is to trust Eeteuk and hastily get well and get back with his DongHae.

++Back at the Cafeteria++
When almost everyone was gone and the commotion already past, there goes the ever late pink prince. He needed to practice for almost 5 hours in the morning for the upcoming tournament. He's exhausted and to his added jeopardy his homeroom teacher just told him that he's required to have tutorial sessions everyday after class to make up for his grades. SungMin is pretty good in his academics but lately all the problems and practice just got to the very core of his hectic sched and there are things that were kinda left neglected without his consciousness, one of them being his academic performance. Now he needed tutorial, and he'll meet his tutor that afternoon. His teacher said he's still looking for one and he'll just tell the chosen one to meet him at a particular corner in the library. While looking for a seat, SungMin saw a familiar face and quickly strode toward the said person. He sat across the seemingly spacing out boy
"Hey!" the aegyo prince waved his hand in front of KyuHyun's face for the other to acknowledge his presence. In his irritation of the previous event, KyuHyun swatted SungMin's hand a bit to harsh
"Stop it Minnie" he said to the boy with an annoyed tone still reminiscing his battle of glare with HanKyung. He hated the fact that he wasn't able to read the foreigner so he wasn't really that aware who he is trying to get rid of but when he finally realized the name he just uttered the pink prince was already pouting and about to walk away. Fortunately KyuHyun's reflex were fast and he pulled SungMin but he pulled a tiny bit too hard that the bunny boy ended up losing his balance and landed on KyuHyun's lap. He looked up and met KyuHyun's eyes. Those eyes again. They were too close for comfort but none of them was reallt thinking of pulling away as they were once more locked in that little world of their's in each other's hypnotizing eyes.
To be continued... XD

Author's note: Things are getting complicated, aren't they? Well, the situation would get better soon. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment, suggestion or criticism. That would help a lot. Love lots!! XD
I'm getting dizzy.One day I'm alone in my own house then suddenly they'll asked me to sleep over. Geez... Sorry for this crappy late update. Trying to update faster and write as much as I could before the vacation ends. I want to get back to my house (though I don't have a T.V. there yet, at least I have my privacy and free time, all I do in this house is clean! Damn it I'm not a hired housekeeper but I need to do everything for everyone's welfare. Urgh! If they'd pay me for every chore, I'd be rich now.)

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