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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (16/?)

August 9th, 2011 (07:09 pm)

Chapter 16
Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KangTeuk, KyuMin, KiHae, EunHae, YunJae, HoRella, SiChul and others.....
Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren't stable as they expected them to be. It's not always you'll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end up with who when everyone is getting into each other's business??

Chapter 16
When they got back to the apartment, SiWon immediately run to his room muttering a simple "Goodnight". He's frustated by how things seem to get worse between them. YeSung was left in the living room. He sat down on the couch thinking how he should react. Why was SiWon like that? Is he mad? Why? He's been thinking too much that he fell asleep on the couch. In the middle of the night SiWon went downstairs to drink but then he found his beloved turtle in a seemingly fetal position taking a nap on the couch. He immediately ran to the older one to check his temperature. The Christian boy let out a sigh of relief when he was assured that the other isn't sick or anything. He smiled as he lifted the turtle and carried him to the bedroom bridal style
"I've wanted to do this for a long time. It somehow makes me feel like you really are mine, even for just a minute" SiWon uttered with a smile as he gaze at the boy in his arms.
He laid YeSung to the bed and he knelt at the side and watch the other for a few more minutes. Finally he decided to leave the sleeping one but before his dismiss, he placed a soft kiss on YeSung's cheek and whispered
"Sleep tight my love. Hope you'll wake up tomorrow and realize what I feel for you"
SiWon stood up and chuckled silently and bitterly to himself before running his hand through his hair and muttering
"I could only say this when you are asleep. When would I have the courage???" with a final glance he left disheartened
When the door closed and YeSung was sure that he's all alone, he finally opened his eyes. The darkness helped him alot in hiding his blush from SiWon's scrutinizing look. Yes, he was awake, since he was lifted from the couch he's been aware of the things happening. He heard everything and as he played SiWon's words in his mind the blush gets worse and he couldn't help the smile forming in his lips anymore. He rolled on the bed refraining from shouting and jumping up and down on the bed because of the happiness he feels.
'He did meant that, right? He meant that he love me, right?? Iiihh!! What should I do?? Oh my, SiWon, if you just know my love'

~~~~2 months have past since that fateful day, the day that everything seemed so surreal because of the damages done in max of 24 hours. Eveything seemed to be going back to normal, if not, getting a little better. YunHo and HeeChul became friends again. They were so close again just like the old times the only differrence is that they don't hold the title of being each other's only one. KyuHyun and SungMin are getting close to the point that HeeChul pointed out that they are a couple in denial, though the Diva miraculously haven't met the guy his dongsaeng has been talking about because of his busy schedule due to the absence of their student body president. Ah LeeTeuk, that guy finally got to the edge and he finally accepted the fact that he is indeed in love. KangIn's hardwork finally paid off the night it clicked to EeTeuk that he fell for the younger, but of course LeeTeuk haven't said a word because he is enjoying the attention too much. He kept that hard-to-get stature. And though KangIn haven't shown any sign of infidelity(he's not even looking at other people, girls and guys alike, when they are at the mall), he is still afraid that the time the younger gets what he wants he would find another one. He wants to test KangIn. EunHyuk does everything that he could to keep his bestfriend smiling. He even convinced the fish to join the dance troupe for him to get his mind off KiBum for a little while. DongHae, becomes a bit normal each day. He came back to being jolly and childish. He goof around with EunHyuk. He's the bubbly fishy again in the eyes of everyone but inside he is still as broken or getting worse everytime. Anyone asking for the YeWon couple? Well since the night YeSung heard that seemingly indirect confession, he became the sweetest boyfriend. He always smile at SiWon and do things that a wife would do for her husband. They both felt that they are becoming a real couple in every angle, and they are both enjoying it.

-the end-~or not~~ XD that's a joke of course...far from end XD

~at HeeChul's room~
YunHo laid HeeChul on the bed carefully before laying beside the princess. He put his hand around the Diva's shoulder and Chullie reflexively made himself comfortable and treated the arm as his pillow
"Why do I have to carry you like that everytime?" Uknow asked as he caressed the other's hair which made Heenim to snuggle closer
"Simply because I'm the princess, Yunnie." he chuckled a bit as he pointed it out
YunHo sighed but nonetheless his lips curve upwards as he jokingly remarked
"Maybe I should be careful. I'll hope for an angel instead of a princess next time"
"Ummh, I don't know. JaeJoong is a bit bratty sometimes too. People didn't labeled us twins back in grade school just because we are both pretty boys you know" Chullie shot back with a mischievous grin that he hid.
Blood immediately rushed to YunHo's cheeks as his eyes widened
"What?!? JaeJoong and I aren't.." he was cut off before he could even protest
"Don't add up to my frustration, Jung YunHo. We both know what you feel for Jae. Don't be stubborn like I was before, if you don't want me to literally kick you out of my bed with broken ribs" Heenim hissed
YunHo gulped, HeeChul's mood swings are really so sudden that they are scary enough to make a gang leader curl into the comforts of his blankets. Before he could even ask why he is so frustrated, HeeChul spoke as if reading what's in his mind
"I can't wait anymore. Why isn't he confessing yet? What is he waiting for? Does he want me to speak first? He knows that I'm stubborn. Aissh! He is frustrating me very much. Yunnie, sometimes I just want to pull him, push him down the couch and have it done. Ah!!" he ruffled his own hair with aggravation.
"Just tell him what you feel already, and it would all be okay" YunHo said with a smile
"Not until you tell JaeJoong what you feel" Heenim insisted with a determined pout
"But.." YunHo tried to protest again but of course it's Chullie he's dealing with so his mouth was shut before another word could be said
"No buts, confess to him and I'll do my part"
"Aissh fine. It's time for me to go. Good night princess" he got up and head towards the door but not before kissing Heenim's forehead
"Good night" Chullie said before burying himself in the warmth of his blankets.
'Confession' the word that lingered both of their minds and kept them thinking till they fell to the depths of dreamland

~morning came
HeeChul went downstairs after preparing for school. He usually does the breakfast for him and Kyu but that morning was different. He found KyuHyun at the kitchen counter reading the instructions on how to make pancakes. His face showed how hard it is for him to cook even with a manual. Another thing the genius suck at is cooking. The thought of flour all over Kyu's scrunched up face made Heenim snicker making the younger aware of his presence. The princess neared KyuHyun and took the box of pancake mix in his hands. Seeing that the older would take over, Kyu collapsed on a chair and watched as the other expertly cook and start his teasing
"Kyu, this is a pancake mix. You just need to add water. Why are you still reading the procedure?"
"I was just looking for a way to avoid burning the pancake on the process of cooking it" Kyu sighed as he looked down then continued under his breath
"I just want to do something for you, hyung. You're always taking care of me"
HeeChul smiled as he poured the mixture to the pan. He turned to KyuHyun who is still looking down
"Kyu, staying with me is already fine. I do this because I want to and it's natural for me to take care of a dongsaeng"
"You've always protected me"
Kyu's P.O.V.
I can't think straight right now, all I could think of is run and run. I don't want to be caught again, they might kill me this time. My legs are getting numb of the cold but I couldn't afford to stop for a few minutes, they might catch up with me. This is all my fault. I shouldn't have run away from appa and umma like that. Now this people got me. They want me to steal for them or else they'll beat me up. I have to escape, but how could I get back home if I don't even know where I am. I heard yelling and I know it's them. Why are they so desperate on getting me? I'm not even from a rich family. I'm not a physically acquianted person. And being a 12 years old, what would I do for them? I'm useless for them, why won't they just leave me be? In my pondering someone caught my wrist. This is it, it's the end for me. But instead of tugging me back the hand took the lead in running faster to a somewhat tunnel like place. Minutes of darkness as we passed the tunnel. My mind is just floating because I can't get over the shock yet. Who is this person? Is this person here to save me? Why? We got out of the tunnel and I was stunned. He stopped running and just walked like he's in the park. I couldn't stop my eyes from exploring the sight. It's like a hidden paradise. The wide graze land and the silence which is msic to my ear. It wasn't dead silence but silence of nature and peace. I finally could see the person infront of me. He looks like that he's just the same age as me. And all that filled my mind is that. I'm with a goddess.

His thoughts were disturbed when he heard plates cluttering. HeeChul set the foods on the table and sat opposite the maknae
"I don't see you around that often. Where are you hanging out? And with whom?" Heenim asked as he ate. It's normal for him to ask about his concerns especially things involving his dongsaengs
"You know that I do tutorial, hyung. And it's not like I'm your classmate." KyuHyun started eating too, hiding his face to avoid Chullie's scrutinizing eyes
"Oh, so you are with your boyfriend" KyuHyun almost choked with that and HeeChul didn't mind stiffling his laughters
"Yah! Hyung!"

As usual, when SiWon reached the kitchen everything is already set, including YeSung sitting there waiting for him with a smile. SiWon sat there rather uncomfortably. He has been enjoying YeSung's sweetness the past weeks that he forgot about the turtle's family affair and he just remembered yesterday when Heenim saw him and told him that they'll have a meeting that morning and he also didn't forgot to ask how his brother was doing. YeSung noticed SiWon's behavior and immediately asked worriedly
"What''s wrong? Do you want to say something?"
It took SiWon a few minutes before he sighed and decided to speak up
"Sungie, I know that we haven't open this topic for long but we need to talk about this. You should speak to HeeChul hyung, he is still your brother, you know"
"No, he isn't my blood brother remember?" YeSung muttered under his breath accompanied my a bitter smirk
"But you are for him. You know that hyung doesn't lie. He always tells everyone that you are his brother, that means that is reality for him."
YeSung didn't utter a word or even moved a singe muscle, he just kept staring at the floor. SiWon kinda lost it seeing that the other wouldn't want to do something. He stood up and slammed his hands on the table which surprised the other and made him look at the Christian boy, who have his eyebrows knitted in annoyance
"..Can't you just tell him what you feel.? If you hate him now then go to him and tell him to stop caring about you. You don't know how he seem like a crazy guy whenever he calls or text me just to assure you are fine. You don't know how relieve and sad he sounds whenever i tell him that you are okay and happy in here. If you don't love him as your hyung anymore then go and tell him to end torturing him. Don't be like this to him. He sacrificed a lot of things for you. He does everything he could to take good care of you. How could you be so cruel?"
SiWon headed to the front door with heavy footsteps and without even turning he said
"I'll leave ahead. I lost my appetite. Just lock the door." then he set foot outside leaving a hurt YeSung. As soon as he closed the door behind him, his expression and aura changed
"I'm sorry for yelling at you baby, I just want to knock some sense out of you. You love hyung, you care for him. I don't want you to leave my side but I can't be selfish. You need him, I know. i just want the two of you to be okay again" he whispered to the wind before letting out a breath and start his journey to school.
Meanwhile, the turtle sat there and stared at his plate, contemplating
'HeeChul hyung, you did that? Why do you care so much about me when I won't even look you in the face when our paths cross? Why are you still so concern and willing to give me love even with the knowledge that we are not blood related and even though I'm being so rude toward you, hating you for almost no reason at all?' he fisted his pants on which his hands rest and closed his eyes tightly, bitting his lower lip just to restrain himself for shedding tears again
'I miss you hyung' that last thought made the first tear escape

KyuHyun and SungMin were having one of their tutorial sessions again. Silence in the air doesn't seem to bother them since they both look so busy. SungMin was concentrating on the problems given by his tutor while KyuHyun mysteriously keeps this smile while reading a certain blue notebook(which seemed to be really special for him). SungMin cocked an eyebrow and scratch his head with the eraser end of his pencil. He moved closer to KyuHyun and called for the younger's attention.
"Can you explain this part? It's where my calculations start to get all wrong"
KyuHyun, hearing that voice, turned his gaze to the pink prince. He put the notebook he's reading down. He leaned closer to look at the source of panic. He smiled seeing that it's too simple(for a genius, of course). His arm hooked around SungMin's shoulder, his hand holding the pumpkin's own to guide it as he taught the aegyo prince how to solve it. He was too focus on th paper to notice the tomato-red face of SungMin. Minnie bit his lower lip nervously. He's afraid that the younger would hear how loud his heart thumps. Little by little, he leaned against KyuHyun's body until he's in a fairly comfortable position. What he didn't know is that KyuHyun noticed what he's doing and smiled a bit for he is enjoying the attention. Adding to their little affection, Kyu pulled SungMin a little bit more by moving his arm which is around the bunny boy's shoulder, resulting to the pink prince heated ears and burning hot cheeks. They share each other's warmth in a considerable span of time. This little intimacies often happens but they don't talk about it or why they do it or if they should take it to the next level, both afraid to loose their friendship. What they are sure of is that they'd enjoy it as it last.

*YeSung's P.O.V.*
I barely noticed that I arrived at school, my mind is still around our little argument this morning. His outburst really surprised me. Maybe, just maybe I should really talk to hyung. Yes, I decided to do that. I can't give SiWon false expectation(I texted him awhile ago saying that I'll give a shot to talking things out with hyung), and this is for the good of everyone. To tell the truth I really miss my hyung. Thinking of going back to MY brother,MY HOME, OUR home, makes me smile. I looked up from my phone and the sight made me stop on my tracks. There he is, standing just a few meters from me. He looks busy with all the folders he's carrying and the papers he's trying to read all at once. It made me giggle a bit. I find it funny seeing him all disheveled. Ummh.. perfect way to approach him. I'll help him carry those papers then we'll start a conversation and it will all be okay. Not that hard. I was about to walk toward hyung when someone approach him first. HeeChul hyung smiled at him. Hyung put the papers down on the table near him then they were suddenly hugging. I stepped back a bit not wanting to disturb them. I could feel my heart sunk. It pained me so much. I though he said... ah!! Wait! I could be misjudging this scene. Right! I clearly heard SiWon that night. I shouldn't conclude right away just because they hug each other tightly with that sweet smile on both of their faces. No, I shouldn't think like that just because they stare at each other's eyes intimately while holding hands when they pulled away from the hug. Suddenly, SiWon pulled HeeChul hyung somewhere. I don't want to know what's going to happen next. It might just hurt me more, make me feel more broken than before but my body wouldn't listen to me. My legs moved by impulse, and the next thing I knew I was eavesdropping. SiWon dragged chul hyung in an empty classroom and closed the door. The first thing I heard shattered my heart
"HeeChul hyung, you know that I love you, right?" that's what he asked
I feel onto my knees as everything around me felt so heavy and suffocating. My senses shut down all at once. I don't know how to draw a breath. How could I? I feel like my heart was being clenched. Breathing became a pretty hard task. SiWon is every breath I take, so how would I live if he's taken away from me once more? I thought he said he love me? Was that just a dream after all? Was all I felt all my desperate imaginations' creation? Didn't he ever felt the same? For a couple of minutes I let myself on the floor. When I finally tried to get up I held onto the knob. I discovered it wasn't locked in the worst possible way. I accidentally twisted it and it swing open just a bit but enough for them to know that there is someone in there and I'm sure SiWon even saw me. I think it's adrenaline rush when I was able to get up and run. I could here SiWon calling me out but I didn't turn back or even slowed down. i can't face him right now. Not now that my tears are brimming on my eyes. If he ask, I wouldn't be able to explain why I'm crying without spilling what I truly feels for him.

++back to HeeChul++
SiWon just dashed out of the room, leaving a fairly confused princess. HeeChul didn't know that YeSung saw them(heard them) and that SiWon run after his brother. He just blinked a few times then shrugged as he got out of the room. As he stepped out of the room, he almost bumped against a certain someone. HeeChul smiled at the Chinaman who looked away in return. Without any real response to Heenim HanKyung started to stride away. The action wiped the smile out of the Diva's face. He followed HanKyung to the office. HanKyung compiled the papers he had in hand a while ago and was about to go out but Heenim blocked his way. HanKyung's eyes wondered all around the room avoiding to meet the other's eyes. This just made HeeChul's irritation level up.
"Yah! What's wrong with you?!?" he asked frustratedly, his eyes boring holes on HanKyung who just fiddled and smiled faintly as he tried to excuse himself
"Ahaha! Funny. Na..nothing's wrong wi..with me, silly. Ju..just let me through now." the Chinaman stuttered nervously
"YAH!! I tried avoiding you before, you questioned me and I complied. Now you avoid me and I can't ask? That's unfair"
HanKyung looked down with a bitter smile
"When did the word fair came out of your dictionary? As I know it's all about the perfect Kim HeeChul" the Chinaman thought that it would take the other in surprise with those words. He never spoke like that to the princess. But he was the one who was surprised with the other's next words.
"Yeah! It's all about me, so listen carefully, stupid." Heenim took a deep breath before he continued "I LOVE YOU! IF YOU DON"T FEEL THE SAME YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE KISSED ME BACK THEN BASTARD!" he shouted with closed eyes not wanting to be discourage by HanKyung's expressions. Right now, he doesn't care if anyone heard him. He waited for any kind of response but after a few minutes he didn't received any so he decided to take a peek. Heenim opened his eyes slowly and saw HanKyung who looked so hilarious with wide eyes and his mouth opened a bit while staring at him, unmoving. Chullie furrowed his eyebrows and gave his cute pout of annoyance.
"You could say anything you know" the princess informed the other but when he didn't get any reaction he got irritated and childishly stomped his way toward the door as he muttered oh-so-loudly
Before he could open the door he was pulled back and was turned to face the other
"What did you say again?" HanGeng asked, still stunned by the confession
"I wouldn't say it again. If you didn't hear it, then you should just forget it" Heenim said kinda irritated that the other didn't hear his confession which he promised he wouldn't do again. HeeChul tried to pull his arm away from HanKyung but the (we should now proclaim) Chinese prince just pulled him which resulted to Heenim getting caught in HanKyung's arms which the China man wrapped around him securely. HanKyung buried his face to the princess neck and uttered a soft
"I love you. I love you so much." which made the Diva smile and snuggle closer to his prince.
On the other side of the door, YunHo smiled and started to walk away as he thought
'I hope you'll find true everlasting happiness with him. Chullie, love truly and you would be loved more than what you ever thought. You kept your end of the deal, maybe I should too. Jae, I'm coming.' he strode out of school with a goal of finding a certain someone deciding to give the two their private time.

==Kim's Mansion in Busan==
LeeTeuk is reading the reviewers he'll give to KangIn later when a sudden weight rested on his shoulders. Lips connected to his luscious neck that made him shiver.
"Hey! Who told you you could do that. Let go of me now." he protested verbally but not physically reflecting his words. KangIn loosened his hold a bit and rested his chin on his angel's shoulder
"Why don't we go to the mall? I'm done with all the paperworks you left me. I want some lovey dovey alone time with my angel"
"Urgh, don't even.." he was cut off by a cough and he immediately pushed YoungWoon's arms away and stood nervously under those furrowed eyebrows of the man in front of them, AKA Kim YoungWoon's father
"Mr. Kim" EeTeuk bowed as respect and greeting
Good thing the angel found an interest toward the floor so he didn't caught the deadly glare the aged man threw at them but it unfortunately met KangIn's. The spark from all of their glaring almost set fire if Mr. Kim didn't turn to the other saying
"Don't you need to go home, young man??Your brother should be home any minute now, don't you want to welcome him home" LeeTeuk's face lightened up with he thought of his dongsaeng.
"He's done with his treatment. You could go back to school now. Thank you for tutoring my son. I'm giving you the permission to leave now"
EeTeuk smiled and bow turning to take his leave. KangIn was about to follow when they were stop in their tracks by his father's authoritative, questioning voice
"YoungWoon, where are you going? Come with me to my office"
KangIn turned to his father and said casually
"I'm gonna pack my bags. I'm going with LeeTeuk."
"No you are not. You won't attend his school. You're going with us in States next month." Mr. Kim said firmly
KangIn pulled the frozen angel by the waist and said
"I can't part with Teukie. He's my boyfriend."
Mr. Kim's eyes narrowed into slits of fury as he refrain himself from losing his cool with his son
"What?" he doesn't like joking around especially with things like this.
"I love him appa"
And that crossed the line
"Kim YoungWoon! Stop fooling around now and let go of JungSoo. Try to joke about you being gay again and I swear I'll disown you"
Hearing this KangIn decided to stand his ground but EeTeuk have a different idea. He pushed the younger one away, straightened his clothings and kept a straight face as he state
"I'm sorry for his behaviour Mr. Kim. Seems like I couldn't polish his manners. He's obviously just kidding. He's too manly and playboy to be gay. And I have a Fiancee so it would be impossible for us to be going out." the Kims were shocked with this revelation.It relieved the older kim but the younger was left too devastated to even react. The only person he love, the only person who made his heart beat wildly, that person who made him believe that there could be a happily ever after, this person... is engaged all this time and he just let the younger fall. He just played with his feelings, that's all that is running inside KangIn's head.
"Oh. Ummh, sorry for the commotion and accusations. And well, congrats I guess." Mr. Kim trailed off a bit at the end, not knowing how to react. But he smiled as LeeTeuk bowed and bid goodbye.
"I must go now Mr. Kim" he turned to KangIn, in depth in the other's eyes as if asking for forgiveness in silence.
As soon as he set foot to his mother land's soil, a smile never left KiBum's face. He miss everyone. And his anticipation of going to school again is growing every second, actually he is anticipating of seeing his beloved. No one was there because he asked the Kims to not tell his family of his comeback because he wants to surprise them (what he didn't know is that they told his brother). He knocked at the door. It was opened by his hyung, who's eyes grew wide along with his smile as he pounced on the boy to hug him with joy and excitement
"Oh my! You're so handsome! Did you had medical treatments there or a make over? You look more gorgeous now!" LeeTeuk was literally jumping with his arms still around his dongsaeng. He wasn't so over reacting. KiBum is good looking but now he seemed just like a gorgeous fine man. His hair was styled in a way that it emphasize the handsome contours of his face. His body wasn't warrior-like but he gained some weight and toned some muscle which is just proportional with his cuteness. There are no trace of baby fats now but a fine toned abs(not stoned). In just a month and a few weeks he grew from a wimpy cute boy to a handsome fine gentleman.
"Hyung, could we go in first" KiBum said with the his brother's smile reflected in his face. Now Leeteuk remembered that they were still standing at the door. He let the younger in and prepared foods for him. Their parents' were unfortunately out of town. They started chatting, they were never this close before, freely chatting with loose facial expressions. Maybe distance made their brotherly love surge for one another. They kept on talking till they reached a certain topic. Going back to school
"When will we..." before KiBum could even finish Eeteuk immediately countered knowing where the other is drifting into
"Tomorrow. Whatever happens, we will be back to school tomorrow. So don't unpack your things, we'll be leaving in a few hours." KiBum lit up instantly, Teukie gave him a warm understanding smile, knowing who his dongsaeng wants to immediately see. He knows how snow white feels because now, just thinking of not seeing KangIn again or not being with the brat is taking him to the peak. Every thought of the angel about KangIn feels like a thousand needles pricking his heart simultaneously. But he have to. He felt KangIn's sufferings as he listened to the younger's confessions of insecurities about his own family. He knows how he wanted his family to care for him, to turn to him, to look at him as a son and not a soon-to-be money maker. He can't have his beloved disowned by the father he longed to be loved by just because of his petty feelings, though they both know their heart beats don't lie. And he just said the truth, they can't be together. He is indeed engage. He almost forgot that fact. After graduation he have to marry this girl he just met once. What was her name again? Taeyeon? He have no choice. He is now in a dead lock. One wrong move, not only his life would be ruined but also his beloved's. 'It's better to part ways as early as possible' he thought to himself smiling sullenly inside not conscious that it shows outside too. KiBum saw him
"hyung" he muttered more to himself as LeeTeuk drowned himself with melancholic thoughts

~~At the Library
The KyuMin couple decided to distance a bit from each other when the librarian walked past them and cleared her throat, indicating that she could see them and she doesn't like what she sees. KyuHyun got back to reading the mysterious blue notebook. SungMin continued solving the problems given to him. The pink prince tried to focus but he can't help but avert his eyes once in a while to his handsome tutor. But he feels some tugging on his lips everytime he sees that smile on the younger's face. KyuHyun told him about that notebook. The gamer said that aside from starcraft, that notebook expels 'getting bored' from his daily routine. He said that it is someone's journal. The pink fluff kinda feel weirdly dismayed that someone else makes the younger smile like that.
"Who owns that notebook?" Minnie asked a bit annoyed
"Umh, can't tell you that" KyuHyun said with a smile without taking his eyes off the journal
SungMin doesn't know what got to his mind but he suddenly blurted out
"Do you like that person? Or in anyway, do you love that person?" his tone was alot of levels lower than usual with pain lacing it
KyuHyun who clearly heard that decor in the other's words snapped his head up and gaze intently at the other. The answer must be easy. He never met the person who wrote those things, how could he like that person that way? It should be an easy 'Of course not' but something's telling him that if he utter those words he would be lying. Lying? Does he feel something special toward the owner of that notebook?? How?? It's so illogical to fall for someone you haven't met in your lifetime and a genius like him doesn't belive in illogical phenomenas. He stared at the pink prince. He feels his heart ache. Why does the pumpkin look so sad?? Silence surrounded them. No word was said after that. For SungMin, he considered the younger's silence as a yes. KyuHyun, on the other side, couldn't say a word because he too was confuse and he's afraid of the aegyo prince's reaction.

~~That night at HyukJae's~~
DongHae immediately fell asleep as soon as they got in EunHyuk's room(DongHae often stay over night in his friends' place, like how he sleep at KiBum's, because he's not really fond of being all home alone. His parents are always out of town for their work). They spent almost the whole day rehearsing for the upcoming dance battle. HyukJae sat beside the sleeping fish and run his hand through the other's hair. He smiled sadly. He knew exactly what DongHae is doing. He is distracting himself. He drowns himself with studies and dancing. If he's not doing anything he'll just think of KiBum and fall silent for the whole day. EunHyuk is a bit happy that Hae is trying to be jolly and normal but what he doesn't like is the fact that the fishy is over doing it. He's tiring himself till he couldn't even walk or chat for long after practice. It's too much and the monkey is afraid that one day his bestfriend would just breakdown because of over fatigue. And what hurt him more, after a tiring day, when the fishy is in the depth of slumber he'll murmur one name over and over again.
"Why can't you just love me?" the question he always asked, he sighed and laid beside the fishy.
After a few moments when the snoring was heard from the monkey, Hae's eyes fluttered and he watched his bestfriend's sleeping face with sympathy and guilt.
"I'm sorry Hyukkie. I ask myself the same thing everyday but all I get for an answer is that because I love him too much. I love you too, but just as a friend. I care for you but I'll die for him. I'm sorry." he muttered before wrapping his arms around the monkey and pulling him closer. Hae kissed Hyuk's forehead lightly, apologizing over and over again. He couldn't fight his own feelings. He loves KiBum. He needs KiBum to keep breathing. KiBum is all he wants. He misses KiBum very much and each day his feelings just get a bit more stronger.

After the chase that morning YeSung suddenly disappeared and SiWon is getting nervous and desperate to find YeSung and explain. Explain? What does he need to explain? He doesn't know and doesn't care at the moment. All he wants now is to talk to the turtle. He's afraid of the reason why YeSung would run away like that. After school, the Christian boy rushed home to start looking for his beloved. It was a mixture of surprise, relief, worry and confusion when he pushed the door open. There stood his lovely turtle.....with baggage on his side. His eyebrows furrowed and the growing smile was tugged down.
"You are right, I should think of hyung. I would make up with him"
"Good for you. But do you really need to move now? As in now? It's pretty late and.." he was cut off
"I'm cutting our ties. I don't have any right to stay here now. Our trial is over. It wouldn't work out. Let's just break up to make everything formal if you want." YeSung said looking down not daring to watch the other's face.

^^YeSung's P.O.V.^^
What I heard this morning hurt very much. I couldn't stay under the same roof with SiWon anymore even for just another night. I lost it. I really thought that SiWon and I would have a happily ever after story but I guess I'm wrong and just being delusional all this time. He is just being kind. I misunderstood. Whatever pushed him to say those words that night, I wouldn't understand. And maybe I just misinterpretted it. He still loves hyung. I can't do anything about that and I don't want to make everything harder for him by clinging onto him. I started walking toward the door. The time I get out of this door it would be good bye. Deep inside I'm hoping, wishing that he'll stop me. Take a hold of my arm and ask me to stay for the night. Or even just a word. I single word signifying that he wants me to stay for a little longer would be enough. That would be enough to bend my decision. One word from him and I would turn around, run to him, hug him and confess and I would never let go.. One word... just one...

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