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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (17/?)

October 27th, 2011 (01:34 am)
current song: mr. simple

Rating: PG13
Genre: Romance, angst, drama
Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.
Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KangTeuk, KyuMin, KiHae, EunHae, HoRella, SiChul and others....
Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren't stable as they expected them to be. It's not always you'll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end up with who when everyone is getting into each other's business??

YeSung stood at the doorstep of his 'home'. His heart beats real fast not knowing what to do. He knows what should be done and what he wants to do. He wants his hyung back, he needs him more than anything right now. He knocked a few times hesitantly still having a mental battle with himself. Every second felt like century for him. He doesn't know what will happen. Alot of things are going on in his mind. What if he doesn't want him back? What if his hyung is still too hurt. What if..
His train of thoughts was disturbed by the creaking of the door indicating someone had mercy and opened it. He slightly looked up. What he saw made him raise a questioning eyebrow
"Hey" that was all KyuHyun uttered due to the initial shock
Before YeSung could even ask of his hyung, that voice that he has been missing was heard
"KyuHyunnie~, what do you want for snacks later?" Heenim looked up to the supposed direction of the said dongsaeng. He was surprise and there is no denying that but there is something unreadable in his eyes at the same time. Understanding, or misunderstanding the situation(thinking that his HeeChul hyung replaced him with KyuHyun as his dongsaeng), he looked down with tears ready to stream down his eyes as he muttered a shaky-soft
"Sorry" he turned to his heel, ready to leave even though he doesn't know where to go next.
"YeSung!!" the mere sound of his name from his hyung made him forget every pain, overlook every misunderstanding, made him decide to stay. That's the only thing he wants. If only SiWon had muttered something, he could have done the same thing and stayed with him and love him, but he didn't even moved a muscle. He turned back and run to HeeChul, in just a few seconds they were suffocating each other with brotherly affections. KyuHyun closed the door slowly not wanting to disturb the two. He watched them with a smile
"Hyung, I'm so sorry for being stubborn. I'm sorry for everything I've done. I'm sorry for running away. I'm sorry for making you worry. I'm sorry. I promise that I'd never do that again. Whatever happens. And I promise to support you and SiWon from now on"
The name mentioned made the older pull away and stare at the turtle questioningly
"What? SiWon asked for me to support the two of you and not the other way around. You are confusing me"
His hyung's words surprised him
"But.. didn't he confessed to you earlier?"
"Eh? No such thing happened. Why would you think that?"
Trains of incoherent curses were streaming from HeeChul's mouth because of the heavy load he have in hands. He swore he wanted to burn those freaking piles of papers which were making his life hell for weeks now. But before he could do so a voice called out. He looked up to be greeted by the sunshine smile of his ex. Oh, how he missed that comforting smile. SiWon run toward him excitedly, panting when he stood in front of the princess. HeeChul put the papers aside and smiled. Without any formal greetings, SiWon's arms were around him once again, but not like before. It's not full of intimate warmth but just homey friendship feeling. SiWon is like an excited little kid.
"Hyung, he texted me. He said that he'll talk to you. Finally. Hyung!" they pulled away. SiWon was too happy for words as for Heenim, at first he couldn't process the over joyed SiWon just said but as it gets into him a smile started to form on his lips. For a few moments they were gazing at each other's eyes understanding the unsaid happiness both of them feels.
"Hyung" SiWon held HeeChul's hands and his eyes plead for him
"I want to tell you something, can we talk somewhere, more private??"
SiWon suddenly looked so serious and cautious so HeeChul just nod and let SiWon drag him to an empty room. SiWon finally let go of him. The Christian boy took a deep breath before looking straight into his hyung's eyes.
"HeeChul hyung, you know that I love you, right?"
Heenim raised an eyebrow at first but then smiled and said
"I know. I love you too wonnie. Do you want to tell me something important?"
"Hyung i think I found that person who is destined for me. That one you're telling me that I deserve and deserves me. Hyung I want you to give us your blessings." SiWon almost said that in single breath, he looked so serious that Chullie can't help but giggle a bit
"Of course I would"
"But hyung the thing is that, it's JongWoon. Iknowit'sprettybadtosee.YouarehisbrotherandI'myourex.Butpleasehyung,Ilovehimand.." SiWon spoke too fast and he was cut-off
"I know. I'll support YeWon." then Chullie winked
~and that's when SiWon heard the door creaked and he's wary to see that horrified look on his lovely turtle's face.

==The next morning
HanKyung is waiting for the others in the kitchen. Yes, he slept at Heenim's. HeeChul was too excited to tell YeSung about the two of them so he called him just to retell the story and prove that he's not joking. Someone suddenly pecked his cheek and took the seat beside his.
"Chullie.." the China man was stunned by his lover. The red hair he is just starting to get used to was gone.. It's now natural black and pony-tailed at the back with a few strands framing his beautiful face alongside his cute bangs.
"Love my new hair?" Heenim asked cutely, tilting his head a bit to the side.
HanKyung gave a soft smile before placing his lips feather-light on the other's forehead
"It's not the hair. It's you that I love the most." their lips were about to meet when
"Arghh! A love scene this early in the morning!" YeSung made his way to get some water followed by KyuHyun who sat across the lovers perking up an eyebrow
"You are just jealous. Just go find SiWon!" Chullie pouted as he cling to the Chinese prince who just smiled. Then he averted his eyes to the maknae
"You too!"
"I'm not saying anything!" the youngest raised his hands in defense
"Just go look for your boyfriend and introduce him to us already!" the Diva puffed his cheeks, acting pretty childish. KyuHyun can't hide the blush forming in his cheeks while mumbling inaudible things.
"Hannie~ I'm tired of making breakfast myself. And I wouldn't want to risk my life eating either of Sungie or KyuHyunnie's cooking." the princess said glancing at the said dongsaengs. He is giving his most irrisistible puppy eyes so of course it's no doubt that HanGeng just pecked his lips and got up. After just a few minutes HanKyung was setting the table. He sat beside the princess
"Wow. So fast! And it looks... edible.."
"Hey! I've been thinking of cooking for you so I woke up early then that's what you'll say?" it's the Chinaman's turn to pout. Heenim dig in his food and he looked so delighted
"Aww.. your Beijing fried rice is the best, Hannie!" and he gave his lover a sweet kiss.
"Aissh! Will you two get a room!"

++At school++
YeSung found a new brother and best tutor in Kyu. HeeChul is the best in academics, yes, but he have no patience and he really don't know how to teach. They walked to school together being oblivious of their surrounding because of the tutoring which is taking place. YeSung wanted to catch up. He's so caught up the last months because of his problem with his hyung while KyuHyun enjoys tutoring very much, especially in math. They were so caught up with their discussion that they weren't aware that they were already in their room and are currently on their way to their sits where a pair was waiting for them while watching them with quite amused looks.
"Aww! What is this? We never saw this one coming. We never noticed of KyuSung growing" EunHyuk teased them which woked them up. (HyukJae grew close to them since DongHae started sticking up to him and since he started helping fishy to put himself together)
Hearing that made SungMin look up from his notebook, he met eyes with KyuHyun. The pink prince smiled but the maknae, who looked somehow uneasy, immediately looked away. That wiped the Aegyo Prince's smile.
"You two are now keeping secrets from us. So cruel." DongHae pouted as he slung an arm around the monkey's shoulder to join in the teasing.
The scene before him made him clutch around his chest area. He could feel the surreal clenching in his heart. He has been watching silently by the door throughout since the KyuSung cat walk entrance.
"EunHae" he bitterly smirked to himself as he thought 'How foolish am I to think that you'll wait for the unworthy me. All my fault. I hope you'll be happy'.. He was about to walk away. He turned around but he stepped backwards when their teacher popped up in front of him, surprising him
"KiBum-sshi! Oh, so nice to see you back. I hope you're here to stay for good. I want one of my best students to be around till graduation. I really like watching all of my students on stage proud and complete" their history teacher started babbling excitedly, welcoming her favorite student
"Thank you Ms. Song" snow white was able to mutter. As much as he wanted to please the woman infront of him with his presence in class, he doesn't know if he could handle it. Maybe a little more time?
"Ummh, Ms. Song? Could I ask for permission to not attend your class today. I suddenly felt sick." KiBum asked biting back his guilt for lying, but not much because he really doesn't feel all well.
"Okay. Get a good rest. I'm hoping to see you again in class soon. Just ask DongHae-sshi for you to catch up" she cheerily said, giving a wink at the end. She knew about KiBum and DongHae and she totally supports them. After waving her last good bye she got inside the room leaving KiBum trying to keep that smile till the end.

_Student Council Room_
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look at her" HanKyung plead defensively as he trailed after the princess as they entered the room. On their way to school, HanKyung happened to turn his head to the direction of his favorite restaurant as a woman in mini skirt passed by and Heenim assumed the Chinaman was checking out the girl, so after glaring at his boyfriend he stomped his way to school totally ignoring HanGeng through out their walk.
"Why are you saying sorry then? You're cheking her out, aren't you? If you like her then go to her, I don't care. Tch." Heenim hissed
HanKyung grabbed his wrist and turned him to look at him
"I wasn't. Why would I look at others when I have the most beautiful person beside me? I would never look at others. These eyes are only for you" Geng said in a sultry tone as he buried his face on the crook of his lover's neck, kissing him lightly
"I haven't forgiven you" Heenim muttered softly, closing his eyes, feeling HanKyung's lips against his skin
The Chinaman's lips moved near the princess ear
"You would forgive me anyway, wouldn't you?" and he nibbled Cinderella's sensitive flesh
"Ummh" the older just groaned, smiling. They both know they'll end up making out on the couch with what's happening if someone didn't suddenly spoke, gaining both their attention
"If you're planning on continuing with your business, I'm telling you for the Nth time. Leave that couch alone" the angel's tone wasn't angry but it's firm with authority
Shock would be an understatement as to what the couple felt seeing their president sitting there with piles of his paperworks being juggled.
"Teukie" that was what the stunned HeeChul could only say
Eeteuk gazed up and then stood up when moments of silence followed. He tilt his head to the side quizzically, giving unnerving stare at his frozen friends
"Guys? What? Do I look like a ghost or any sort for you to react like this? Hello? Anybody there?" he walked in front of Heenim and waved his hand in front of the princess' eyes. The Diva snapped out of it. Their eyes met and the surprised looked was softened and a smiled appeared on Cinderella's pretty face. The angel smiled back and spread his arms open for the welcome hug he is expecting but suddenly the smile turned into a pout and what he got was a smack on his upper arm from the brat
"Ouch! What was that for?" EeTeuk said rubbing his arm with a hint of irritation caused by the action inflicted to him. Then arms were wrapped around him and his best friend's face was buried on his chest
"You jerk!! Where have you been all this time. We never heard a word from you when you disappeared! Why didn't you tell us where you are? You almost killed us worrying about you!"
The outburst made the angel's eyes widen for a moment then it melted into a longing smile and he hugged back, tightly. He didn't know why but he impulsely kissed Heenim's cheek. It is not a big deal to the cuddling adults but the boyfriend have a different say on the matter, but of course he wouldn't voice it out at that moment.

HanKyung's P.O.V.
When it finally reached my system that EeTeuk is actually infront of our eyes now, I couldn't deny the tugging of my lips upwards. I'm way too happy to move but when my princess hugged him and he comfortably hugged back, my feelings had a 180 degree turn. My eye brow twitched in their own accord and the side of my lips felt suddenly heavy that I've to let it fall into a frown. I turned my gaze to other things while taking deep breaths. I don't want to be questioned because this isn't right. LeeTeuk is our bestfriend. He's been a friend since I transferred here and he is the reason I met Chullie. I'm thankful of him and I do care alot about him. But why do I feel like this as he hold my princess? I'm okay with all their touchy-feely moments before. Why do I feel like this now? It's as if.... I'm jealous.


++Class 3-A++
*YeSung's P.O.V.*
I've been looking for him since I got here in school, but I've seen not a hint of his shadow. I've tried calling him numerous times but he wouldn't just answer my calls. Our second subject would start soon, still no sign of him. I really need to see him now. I need to clear things with him. Now that I know how he really feels for me and what ground HeeChul hyung stands in my relationship with SiWon, I could but announce to the whole world to whom my heart belongs to. And I have to apologize for leaving like that. I think I hurt him, alot. I want to see him, run to his arms, hug him and tell him I love him till I get tired. Where are you, SiWon?

*SungMin's P.O.V.*
I turned to the fidgetting turtle beside me. It bothers me alot that my bestfriend seems so worried and jumpy since morning. He would jerk up from his seat and turn to the door everytime he hears it creak, as if expecting for someone. I think I know who he.s waiting for, but I really need to articulate my obvious speculation. I slightly tugged onto his sleeve, making him almost jump from his seat in surprise. He threw a quizzical look to me and I muttered in a low voice
"Are you looking for SiWon?" that gained his full attention to me, his eyes widened a bit and ecpectations follows
"Do you know where he is?" I felt pain thinking I gave my poor friend false hope
I smiled at him with empathy and shook my head to answer his question. He looked down with that saddened expression murmured just to reach my ear
"I want to see him. I need to, but now I don't even know where to find him"
I somehow uncosnciously turned towards my tutor and enjoy the sight of one of the best student savoring their nap time while class is on-going. What's worst than not being with your love one? It's having them around but they just avoid you without explanation. Painful, isn't it??

TeukChul were doing their rounds for the day, checking out the students (the two of them are really hands on with the discipline, though it might seem that Heenim is just drag everytime). They were greeted happily, every student showing their warm welcome toward their beloved Student council president (they are so happy that the angel is back coz their days under the princess are just full of plain torment. He is so strict. They see the frustration he held and once someone pissed him off, he'll lash out that irritation by looking through the littlest misbehaviour. And once someone is caught, hell dawned his poor soul).
"Where is HanKyung? Why isn't he looking after his boyfr..." Heenim immediately covered their president's mouth with his hand to prevent him from uttering the words
"Our schoolmates don't know yet" the princess whispered, looking around cautiously checking the perimeter if anyone got a hint of EeTeuk's words
"My angel!" that voice that the angel would never mistaken for anyone else's made him automatically turn to the origin's direction, torn between excitement and anxiety, the fear of not being able to do the right thing is flooding his mind blocking the right thoughts. The man who called him out ran toward him, ignoring all the stares and murmuring around. Heenim, observing that the president is frozen for some reasons, grabbed Eeteuk's hand and pulled the angel a bit toward himself. The excited man launching toward them stopped on his tracks when Chullie wrapped his arm securely around the angel's shoulder and asked in a very gentle manner
"What's wrong Teukie?? Are you okay?"
The warmth and soothing imaginary circles that the princess' hand was trailing woke the angel up. He looked up just to see the worried expression the Diva is wearing. LeeTeuk pulled himself up. He beamed and tried to look cool
"Ah, yeah. I'm perfectly fine. It's nothing." he turned to the man and asked as if his appearance isn't a big deal
"YoungWoon-sshi, may I know what your presence here means?" he uttered in a very blunt almost cold tone
"I'm here for you of course" KangIn said that as he resumed his walk toward the angel with his arms wide spread. As impulse to avoidance of the younger's addicting warmth EeTeuk stepped back. HeeChul immediately pulled the angel back to his arms to secure him. He doesn't know the reason for their president's weird reaction but all Heenim knows is that he needs to protect EeTeuk. That seemingly gesture of affection made KangIn to once again halt and look at the pair with narrowed eyebrows. Everyone around started to buzz louder, turning their attention to their student body representatives.
"Who are you?!?" Chullie said reciprocating the intense glare KangIn is throwing toward him
"YOU! WHO ARE YOU TO HOLD MY ANGEL LIKE THAT!?" KangIn growled, his spoiled brat trait of possessiveness surfacing
"YOUR ANGEL?!!?? WHAT THE F--" before the princess could even curse, the coming exchange of harsh words were cut off by the angel
"HeeChul, don't, please.." EeTeuk said gently with pleading eyes, then he turned to the other, his expression quickly turning cold. He couldn't let any emotion show, he doesn't want his act to fail. He needs to chase away KangIn, before he himself forgets about his rationale. "...YoungWoon, we've talk about this. Don't call me your angel. I've told you everything there is. You should know when to stop" Eeteuk turned to Heenim again and tried to pull the princess away as he said "Let's go HeeChul"
"HeeChul? That name, that's the name you uttered when.." before the memory could flash in his mind LeeTeuk turned around and lost his temper as he yelled
"YES!! HE IS HEECHUL! HE IS THE ONE I WANT TO BE WITH THAT TIME!! THAT'S WHY I UNCOSCIOUSLY MUTTERED HIS NAME! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?" half lies, but it doesn't matter to Eeteuk as he was losing it. The mere sound of KangIn's voice makes his inner rebel to want to get out and tear the goody-two shoes image he is keeping up for years just to be with his happiness. Everyone had the shock of their lives, even HeeChul but he kept a straight face grasping the situation
"You think I'll easily accept that? Words could easily be uttered" the younger only smirked at the declaration
"You need proof?" Heenim asked then his arm snaked around the angel's hip. He pulled the president's body closer to his. So close, as if the princess wanted their body to mold as one. His eyes stared through the angel's as he leaned down. Their lips touched and all of the system in Eeteuk's body shut down. He didn't move until he felt Heenim's tongue probing his lips to permit him and that's when his body responded instinctively. The angel's arms wrapped around the Diva's neck, opening his mouth to initiate a battle for dominance. Heenim just did the tongue trick to make things seem real but he didn't expect the process to be as hot as his bestfriend responded like that. So carefree, though they are in the middle of a hoard of students. KangIn gritted his teeth and is getting ready for the kill when someone called out 'young master', he knew what's coming so he exited the scene with a simple "I'll get you back" as his threat. The scene was cut off by someone's familiar voice
"HeeChul.." it was not that loud but the pain in the tone used was enough for the two to wake up and pull away.
"HanKyung" the two said in unison before running after the said China man when he run off with obvious tears spilling from his eyes.

++Class 3-A++
Everyone's getting ready to get out and grab their lunch when simultaneously they received text messages and chattering filled the room to the hallway. SungMin flipped his phone open with YeSung peeking at the screen from behind

"Princess' new boyfriend revealed as the student council's President in a commotion at the hallway earlier. Even openly displaying affection in the middle of the crowd. Is the Perfect Prince really forgotten by the princess? Will an angel fit our precious princess better?? Another matter for us PETALS. Same time, same place"
"What the! Minnie, I have to get going. I gotta find hyung." YeSung hastily said as he almost run to the door, momentarily forgetting SiWon when his brotherly concern kicked in

The pink prince turned to the direction of the window for his eyes to get caught by the beautiful view of his sleeping tutor. KyuHyun moved his arm in his sleep and the notebook just beside him fell, the pages flipping open at some ramdom page. SungMin went to picked it up but as he was about to, a certain something caught his eyes and he muttered
"This is..."

++At the student council's office++
There they cornered the Chinese prince who looked at the two of them with pure despair in his eyes wanting explanations and expecting painful ones.
"Hannie, it's not like what it looks like" HeeChul said, stepping closer to his real boyfriend with a hand ready to reach out but the Chinese guy just step back feeling safe leaning back against the wall. HeeChul was hurt by the rejection but what pained him the most is the lost look on his beloved's face and knowing that he is the one who cast it upon the China man.
"Are you two.." Geng looked up as he spoke, he didn't finish for his gaze was immediately held captive by the burning determination in the Princess' eyes. The Diva held the eye contact firmly while he walk toward the other and until he cupped his boyfriend's face and tilt it to the right angle for their lips to meet in a tender kiss.
"I love you" Cinderella whispered to his tamed dragon's ear after the cut-short but meaningful kiss they shared
Just like the kiss, those words were said in simple way but they were powerful that they eased every doubt and broke HanGeng's hold to his tears which glide down his cheeks as he buried his face to the crook of Chullie's neck while pleading
"I love you, don't ever leave me, please."
"I'm sorry" the heavy drama was cut by that after a few moments. They both turned to the angel, still in each other's arms
"It's okay Teukie. But you have alot of explaining to do" Heenim demanded
The angel was about to talk when the phone rung. EeTeuk was about to get it but Heenim volunteered for he is just an arm length away from the said thing.
"Hello,how may I help you?...Yeah this is the student council office....Choi SiWon? Yes we know him. .... What?!? When?!?... ah.. is that so..Sorry.. okay.."
When the princess put the phone back down, he closed his eyes and started massaging his temples. He is trying to relieve the stress. He thought everything is starting to get better but he guess he was awfully wrong.
"What's wrong? Who called?" the Diva wasn't able to identify to whom the question came from. He was just going to answer when they heard knocks. Turtle's head popped out from the door and eyes darted toward his brother
"Sungie, good that you are here." HeeChul urgently stride toward his brother with such haste in his tone "Go find SiWon. He's dropping out of school. And he's gonna leave Korea for good"

..end of chapter 17...

Author's note: I'm totally annoying, neh?. It took me a month or something I think.. I hope my readers are still there.. I'm planning to end this a bit soon. though there would be alot more to happen. I'm thinking of some adjustments. Thanks for reading and please please please comment. I SUPER NEED THEM .. T.T .. comments are what I need the most right now... pretty please.. Thank you...


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: October 27th, 2011 11:39 am (UTC)
Finally you update

I am waiting ur update for so long.....
i really love it....
teukchul moment is just so cute, hannie surely will be jealous....he love chullie a lot..
i think he really deserve out chullieeee
kangin is so stubborn,cant wait what will happen to kangteul next...

why siwon has to drop school,i think becos of his dad...
poor yewon...
kyumin????? when.
thanks a lot for ur update...

Posted by: yuwe0819 (yuwe0819)
Posted at: October 29th, 2011 09:23 am (UTC)
Re: Finally you update

.. sorry for the long wait. but I'm happy that you still read this.. I'll update no matter how late it is and I'm assuring you that I'll finish this fic so please be patient and thanks.. XD

Posted by: phuheechul (phuheechul)
Posted at: October 27th, 2011 12:45 pm (UTC)

I am glad that you update finally...
i really love and miss ur story a lot..
teukchul kiss is so hot so hannie has to jealous of it...
hannie really adore chullie alot and i think he is the one who deserve our chullie...
kangteuk is cute too...
why siwon drop school becos of yesung or his father...
kyumin monent will be when???
thank for Ur update

Posted by: yuwe0819 (yuwe0819)
Posted at: October 29th, 2011 09:19 am (UTC)

aww.. thank you for the wait.. XD
.. who deserve chullie?? as of now there isn't really any reassurance who he'll end with.. there are still loose ends.. YunHo is still there and remember what happened to him and donghae?? *smirking*
why siwon dropped?? it's the first thing on the next chap.. XD
.. look forward please and thanks for always reading and waiting and I'm so touched.. tnx

Posted by: phuheechul (phuheechul)
Posted at: October 29th, 2011 10:43 am (UTC)
Cant wait anymoreeee

Really interesting and complicated....
love it
cant wait anymoreeeee
please update soonnnn

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