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yuwe0819 [userpic]

tables are turned (20/?)


Rating: PG13

Genre: Romance, angst, drama

Disclaimer: Owns no one. Just the story.

Pairings: HanChul, YeWon, KangTeuk, KyuMin, KiHae, HoRella, and others....

Summary: As teenagers their feelings aren't stable as they expected them to be. It's not always you'll meet, date and live happily ever after. Who will end up with who when everyone is getting into each other's business??


            HanKyung went straight home, what he heard hurt him so much. He knew he's not sleepy or anything and he couldn't mistake the princess' voice.

*HanKyung's P.O.V.*

            Were they.. ?? Obviously HanKyung, with all those noise they couldn't possibly be doing something innocent .. Yeah,, but... what if there is some sort of explanation. I need to know, I need to understand. I should ask him face to face.. I want to know  straight from my chullie.

            I quickly threw a jacket on and immediately made my way out heading to Heenim's house. With the lights all turned off, I'm pretty sure no one is there. I waited in a corner and just a few minutes passed, a motorbike is heading my way. I kind of felt the need to hide. Weird it is but proven right choice when the motorbike parked in front of Chullie's. They removed their helmets before the front man escorted the one behind him down, gently. YunHo looked all worried and I noticed the brief moment Chullie flinched. Damn it! I grit my teeth and held my own wrist. It's shaking due to too much want to punch someone right. What the f*ck have he exactly done to my princess.?


            He went there for a talk to clear things up. He'll hurt if his precious cat really cheated on him but he'll kill if the Diva gets hurt in anyway. He tried to calm himself and just watch. Heenim lowered his head as he spoke a few words before YunHo picked him up bridal style. Going inside the house, HeeChul's face is buried to the other's neck. HanKyung could mistake what he heard earlier but definitely not what he sees now. He could almost literally  hear his own heart breaking as he forced himself to step back and set foot to go home. He is suppressing tears to fall. He needs to cry, and he'll cry terribly hard so he needs to get home real fast.

----Lee's doorstep

            KyuHyun stood in front of the bunny boy's house, looking around he concluded that the other live a fancy life. A few of his knocks were followed by a lot of crashing sounds that made the maknae worry. He knocked once more and pressed his ear against the door to listen. He almost fell on the ground face first when the other party opened the door widely

"Oh! KyuHyun? Why are you here? Want to join the party? Kekeke! let's go inside"

            Every puff of air makes Kyu's face to crinkle. The smell of alcohol from the other's breath could intoxicate another. There is no doubt that he'll be spitting nonsense. The starcraft addict was pulled by a drunken aegyo master to the kitchen where empty bottles of soju are littered. One bottle was handed to him

"Yah! Let's drink!" SungMin said in a drunk tone, smiling but suddenly there were tears. KyuHyun almost left his chair to comfort his hyung when pink prince started crying on his own arms and spilling his melancholy

"Kyu, I shouldn't have trusted him. He broke his promise. He said he'll fix everything with mom and we would be a family again. He said we'd all be happy again. Why'd he left? Now, how will our family ever be complete?" pink prince was crying so much that KyuHyun can't take it anymore. He stood up and went to SungMin's side. He instinctively wrapped his arms around the older and caress his back, SungMin's face is buried on his chest.

"No one loves me!! They all leave me alone!! WHY??!!" came bunny's muffled shout

"Ssshh~ I won't leave you.." KyuHyun caressed his hyung's back affectionately as words glide down his tongue, unconsciously

"...I love you"

            With the continued action and whisper of comforts bunny boy was soon lulled to sleep. KyuHyun carried the pink prince to his room to tuck his to bed. He was about to get up but the sleeping one wouldn’t let go of his shirt. He sighed, deciding to just stay there for the night. He slid under the covers and as soon as he did arms secured him on his place. He just smiled at the man snuggling against him with a cute drunken pout. A thought bothered him though '.."I love you",, I said that. Do I mean it? Do I love you that way?' .. the younger closed his eyes as he let himself be engulfed by the other's warmth.


"So you mean.." SiWon can't make himself confirm his conclusion

"You could possibly be siblings.. Wait, aniyo, there's a big possibility that you are brothers. All the more reason for you to stop this affair" JinHo firmly said

"Dad, if this is how you take us apart, please stop it" SiWon sounded as if it's a plea

"You think I'll joke around regarding my own son? You think of me that low? JinHo turned to the still contemplating YeSung

"Son" JinHo said dearly, this made YeSung to shake a bit. He have never been called that, for a very long time in that manner(he doesn't even remember if HeeChul's parents' ever did). He have waited for this reunion but how come it hurts? His whole being just wouldn't want to register everything that was said. When he finally had the guts to confess and finally got who he loves for so long to love him, he have to discover they could never be anymore

"Son, you must stay for the night. I know you need time to cope up with everything. Even I am shock but I can't just take such a great possibility slowly. I've been yearning to meet my other son for years now.(Turns to SiWon) SiWon, if you ever need an explanation I'll be glad to give you one any day but now. I'll investigate some more but I'm encouraging you to start over with each other as early as now." then JinHo left and made a phone call on his way out, confident that the two wouldn’t do anything intimate after what they heard. They sat beside each other awkwardly. SiWon was about to move away but a hand stopped him. He turned to YeSung whose head is bowed

"I..I can't. This is too much! Why is everything so unfair to me?"

            SiWon saw droplets of tears fell. He cupped the turtle's face and wiped the tears that kept flowing. He kissed the turtle's forehead then his eyelids, his tear stained cheek, then his lips. When he pulled away he saw the surprise look on cloud's face

"I'll prove we're not related, we can't be. And even if we are, I don't give a damn, I love you too much to let you go now" SiWon smiled and continued showering his lover with soft kisses which now started to travel down to his neck. Simba's hand started playing with YeSung's shirt buttons

"Uhnn~ SiWon can we really do this? Won't you regret if you discover that I'm really your brother?" the turtle struggled which each word as he suppress moans

"Have you forgotten, my love? We've done this before so it really doesn't make that big of a difference" SiWon said with such tempting tone

            JinHo was dead wrong about these two. Their love couldn't be stopped with words of possibility. But will things really be that easy to be defy by love? Even truth and fate?

**KiBum an Eeteuk's living room**

"I missed this!" DongHae happily declared as he lay on the sofa with his head resting on KiBum's thighs.

"Hmh. So that's the only thing you missed, pillows huh" KiBum said feigning disappointment. Hae bolted up immediately, face all worried

"No! I missed you! So much! I missed being with you, that's what I meant!"

            A smile is inevitably showing on kiBum's face but he kept his eyes on the book he's reading in silence trying so hard to cover up his mischief. He is acting as if he's gonna start ignoring fishy. The oblivious fish just got more anxious, as expected

"Bummie-yah, my Bummie, honey Bummie don't ignore me. I really didn't mean it that way. I love you, I missed you. Please talk to me."

            KiBum is just keeping the act wanting to tease a bit more. Luckily for DongHae who is in the verge of crying, EeTeuk  walked by and noticed them

"KiBum-ah, don't torture your boyfriend anymore" he said with a smile

            KiBum put down the book and pecked Hae's lips before murmuring

"I know, I love and missed you too.." then he stood up and excused himself

"...I'll just change" on snow white's way to his room, DongHae launched himself and back hugged his lover as Eeteuk watched them with a smile. Their hug brought back such special memories. As he was just about to reminisce a bit more there were knocks on the door. He went to open it. The person knocking hastily walked past EeTeuk and locked the door

"Teukie, I need a place to hide"

"Didn't I told you to just go home?" the angel was trying to sound frustrated but it came out as worry.

            KangIn locked him with his eyes, the younger slowly put his hands on LeeTeuk's shoulders and pushed him gently against the door, trapping him a bit more. YoungWoon drew his face closer with his eyes closed until their lips met. He pulled away a bit, resting his forehead against the other's own as he spoke

"Teukie, please let me. I don't want to be sent to U.S. without even trying to make you love me. I know you feel something too, I just need to make you realize and want to fight for it too. We could make it work if you'll just accept. Just give me time. Please."

            All the angel could do was blink. He knows what he feels and yeah he doesn't have the courage, not to fight for love but the courage to ruin someone's dream. He knows what a family meant, especially to someone who's been longing for it. He can't ruin KangIn's chance with his father. The brat could find another lover but not another father. Despite this, the older also knew how stubborn the kid could be, especially when he is blinded by something so he just heaved a sigh and nod slightly as he murmured

"I'll give you a chance, but promise me you'll go home when it's over"

            KangIn smiled

"Yes, I promise" he hugged his angel as he kept repeating silent 'Thank you's

+++HeeNim's Room++

            YunHo sat on the bed with his back flat against the head board. His arms around Heenim who lie against his chest to share the book he's reading.

"Hey, Yun~ don't you think I should tell HanKyung? I mean he's my boyfriend after all. He cares for me a lot. I think he'll understand if I explain"

"Umhh.. Why not? If I'm your boyfriend I wouldn't want you hiding anything from me. And besides he'll surely know something's wrong"

            HeeChul sighed closing his eyes and totally relaxing his body giving all his weight to his ex

"I hope he'll understand"

            YunHo gave a weak smile and closed the book. He reached for the bedside light to turn it off. He slid down the covers and they snuggled their way to sleep


++SiWon's bedroom++

            A warm hand creeping up to his chest from its former place(which is apparently around his waist) greeted the turtle 'good morning'. He turned to SiWon whose eyes are still closed but he have such sunshine smile showing off his dimples. YeSung pecked the other's lips slightly which made Simba's smile to grow.

"I need to shower. We need to get ready for school or we're  gonna be late"

            The turtle stood up and flinch because of pain from his lower back, but he made his way to the bathroom. However when he locked the bathroom door and faced his reflection on the mirror, his smile fell and replaced by his melancholic inner doubt. He search for answers on his own eyes. He studied himself on the mirror, running his hand to places SiWon kissed him, as he remembered. His hand stop to a dark reddish mark on the lower base of his neck. He gulped at the thought that they made love, now twice

**YeSung's P.O.V.**

            What is this feeling? Is it guilt? Thinking that the Holy Christian Choi SiWon committed sins because of me doesn't really feel good. Or is it because of the possibility that we are siblings? I'm not like this whenever I tease HeeChul hyung before, though I thought we were real brothers. SiWon is a good Christian and a good son, before I came into the picture. Is this what I made of him?  What should I do? What if we really are siblings?

**END of P.O.V**


            SungMin's woke up because of the smell of something burning. He jumped out of bed and immediately searched for the cause. Even though his head is throbbing like hell, he couldn't let fire to deliver him to the exact place. He found his target in the kitchen. The frying pan was burning and there is KyuHyun who just extinguished it with wet towels. The fire left a burnt pan and nearly-ashen eggs on it. KyuHyun heaved a sigh. This kind of things always happen whenever he tries cooking. The kitchen really isn't a friendly place to him. SungMin snickered silently before walking toward the sink and stealing the pan from Kyu's hand

"Aissh, don't burn my kitchen" he washed it and started to cook as KyuHyun just stared with a slight pout.


"It's fine. But would you care to tell me why you are here so early in the morning? and how'd you get in?" SungMin was really wondering. He was too intoxicated the last night to remember

"Umh. I'm in here since last night, you are the one who let me in"

            The pink prince turned to the maknae with horror on his face

"What did I do? Did I say some really stupid things? What exactly happened last night" he started to panic

"Well, I went here because hyung said he's worried and I need to check on you. You were already drunk when you let me in and you started drinking again and you told me about you father.." his voice wavered at the end not wanting to remind the pink prince about the tragedy that much

"That's all?" he asked nervously. When KyuHyun nodded, he let out a relieved sigh. He's not really planning to hide or sulk that long about his father. He's worried about being completely honest about his feelings when he's drunk, especially to this guy who doesn't seem to harbor the same feeling or at least don't want to take a step forever. 


            HanKyung went to school without any spirit. He dragged his feet around campus not really searching for anyone. He can't face anyone, he can't talk. He might break down or just start a killing spree. He walked past the rooftop door

"Wait Yun! It hurts!"

            HanKyung heard it again. Yesterday they were in the clinic. Now, even here? He wanted to go but he was pinned to his place

"Don't move too much. Just bear with it. It would take a little long to heal." that statement made HanKyung to quirked his eyebrows. He gathered his strength and push the door open to see YunHo and HeeChul sitting on the bench, with Heenim only in his boxers. The Diva's legs is on his ex's lap, a wound being treated. The two stared at the Chinaman.

"HanKyung, I can explain this. It's not YunHo's fault." HeeChul defended the man currently attending his needs. YunHo doesn't want to look at HanGeng so he concentrated on his work

"You were doing this all along? Even last night? Your wounded and YunHo is treating you?" HanKyung asked slightly amused

"Umh.. yes. Sorry. Believe me, it's not YunHo don't blame him" the princess pleaded.

            HanKyung smiled and let out a heavy breath of relief. Then he laughed softly as he walked to the side of his boyfriend. He pecked Heenim's cheek and put a hand on YunHo's shoulder(who obviously stiffened).


            HeeChul and YunHo stared at the Chinaman confusedly. His reaction is totally different to what they expected. They thought HanKyung would get all panicky and a bit mad when he discovers that Heenim got hurt and he actually planned on hiding it. But it turned out it relieved HanGeng.


Authoir's note: Sorry. I'll try to write the next chap later. I'm sorry. My charger broke and I needed to wait for my allowance before I was able to buy a new one. When I was able to do so, my prof suddenly decided that I have much free time and I could do his presentation for the class. Bravo for that. Anyways, as always I'll try to compensate. COMMENTS PLEASE!! THANKS! I LOVE YOU ALL! :) … SORRY if the last part is SUPER RUSHED..


Posted by: phuheechul (phuheechul)
Posted at: February 15th, 2012 04:10 am (UTC)

I am also glad and reileved for chinaman though it will definitely so hot if things are really like this like he thought!!!
Love ur update!!!
Hope siwon and yesung are not related!!!
update soon
always waiting

Posted by: yuwe0819 (yuwe0819)
Posted at: February 15th, 2012 07:00 am (UTC)

Aww... I'm really touched.. you really wait and comment in this fic... I'm really sorry if I'm slow in updating but I'm really trying.. Must try harder I guess.. The end of this is near... But there are lots of stories next.. hope you'll read those too.. Thanks a lot.. :)

Posted by: xloveysx (xloveysx)
Posted at: February 15th, 2012 07:04 pm (UTC)

Oh my >.< I got wide imagination ab Yunho and Heechul's relationship and u just ended it with the last part T_T.
Ahhh my poor YeWon ;o; I know a DNA test will solve this but I'm scared the result won't be as I'm expected ;A; anyway, they did it twice. I don't mind if there's more of them before the fate comes! Dx

Posted by: yuwe0819 (yuwe0819)
Posted at: February 16th, 2012 10:43 am (UTC)

==Yes DNA test would make it easy,, but I wouldn't want to let go of the drama just like that.. XD hehehe! YeWon's fate is still undefined till now.. :)

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